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Graham Robins reports on the first round of the Wessex Cylo-Cross League on Saturday, 17th September

Photo: Graham Robins –

The Wessex League Cyclo cross season got underway at the newly named Oxford Spires Academy near Cowley. The course was spread out over a couple of football pitches and a very technical wooded section. Although the course was dry we did have a couple of small showers which managed to catch out a few riders who were willing to push on.

The morning got underway with the u12 race which once again was very well supported and only goes to prove that Cyclo cross in the Wessex area has a long future.  There were twenty eight young riders on the start line, some regular riders and a few new ones. They all rode a smaller course and completed 9 laps finishing just before the first large shower of the day.

Results (Provisional)
1st Sophie Taylor BDCS
2nd Oscar Ingham Chapel Tri Star
3rd Jay Allen Palmer Park Velo
4th Seren Jones Swindon RC
5th Conor Hutchinson Swindon RC
6th Matthew Thornton Oxonian CC

The next race was the youth race which was convincingly won by Harvey Lowe (Hargroves Cycles) from Robbie Bolwell (Wight Mountain). Harvey was involved in a crash at the start of the race but managed to get back on and then lap the whole field before taking the winning spoils.

1st Harvey Lowe Hargroves Cycles
2nd Robbie Bolwell Wight Mountain @1 lap
3rd Jack Saunders
4th Tom Sewell Swindon RC
5th Zoe Sheehan Swindon RC
6th Edward Gronbech Oxford City RC

Next was the combined Vet/Women/Jun race. The race was very well supported by sixty six riders with a large entry from the newly boosted Wight Mountain team coming across from the Isle of Wight. The team had brought in Sean Williams the winner of last season’s vet category and a couple of women new to Cross. The team will soon be added to by two other riders who were unable to race today.

The race started with the two junior Hargroves riders Matt Hargroves and new acquisition Matt Woods who rode for Swindon RC last season making all the early speed with Sean Williams just hanging on with Mike Groves (Stevens UK/Hargroves) a little way behind him. The two leaders were well matched and stayed together throughout the race although Woods did drop his chain at one point but managed to make up time to pick up the leader before too long. Sean was now dropping away from the younger leaders but not losing ground to Groves in their own race. Others close to the front were Will Girvan (North Hants RC) Pete Smith (Team Jewson) and Dave McMullen now riding in Team GWR colours this season.

1st Matt Hargroves Hargroves Cycles
2nd Matt Woods Hargroves Cycles
3rd Sean Williams Wight Mountain 1st Vet
4th Mike Groves Stevens UK/ Hargroves Cycles
5th Bill Girvan North Hants RC

The women’s race was won by Claire Smith Swindon RC who finished well clear of Nina French Wight Mountain. In fact Wight Mountain women finished 2nd 3rd and 4th with Nicky Volley finishing 6th.

1st Claire Smith Swindon RC
2nd Nina French Wight Mountain
3rd Karen Murphy Wight Mountain
4th Sarah Woods Wight Mountain
5th Hazel Jowett Chapel Tristars
6th Nicky Volley Wight Mountain

Last race of the day was the senior race. Last season’s league winner Michael Cotty fresh back from filming cycling videos abroad took up his position at the front of the grid with a strong presents of Hargroves riders and Lee Williams (Team Wiggle) Welsh National Mountain Bike Champion.  Michael had also coerced a couple of road riders across to the cross discipline, and the race also included Justin Hoy (Felt) riding a mountain bike and riding on the unfamiliar grass instead of his favoured tarmac.

The race soon split into two small groups at the front. First group contained Lee Williams, Steve James and Luke Gray (Hargroves Cycles), the second group a little way behind contained Michael Cotty, Dan Lewis (RAF CC) Crispin Doyle(Swindon RC) and Matt MacDonald(Stevens UK /Hargroves).

The leading group of three stayed together for almost the entire race until Luke dropped back with a couple of laps to go. This left Lee and Steve to take the bell running in tandem. Out of sight Steve attacked and he arrived into the finishing technical section first to solo to a win. Lee finished 7secs down and was full of praise for the winner saying he was “just too strong on the last lap”.

1st Steve James Hargroves Cycles 54mins 59secs
2nd Lee Williams Team Wiggle @7sec
3rd Luke Gray Hargroves Cycles @51 secs
4th Michael Cotty Wheelbase/ Cannondale @1min 39secs
5th Dan Lewis RAF CC @1min 43secs
6th Crispin Doyle Swindon RC @1min 44secs

The next round of the Wessex League is on Sunday 2nd October at Swindon


1    Steve James    Hargroves Cycles    54:59:00
2    Lee Williams    Team Wiggle    55:06:00
3    Luke Gray    Hargroves Cycles    55:50:00
4    Michael Cotty    Wheelbase/cannondale    56:40:00
5    Dan Lewis    RAF CC    56:44:00
6    Crispin Doyle    Swindon RC    56:45:00
7    Matt Macdonald    Stevens UK    57:50:00
8    Andrew Baum    Cwmcarn    58:17:00
9    Matt Steven    VC 10    58:46:00
10    Peter Kench    GWR Team    59:45:00
11    Dan Smith    GWR Team    01:00:36
12    Jamie Norfolk    Pedalon    01:00:41
13    James Cotty    Wheelbase/cannondale    01:00:56
14    Nick Onslow    Pedalon    01:00:59
15    Phil Gough    Red Kite Cycles    At 1 Lap(s).
16    Jason Blann    Team Rose Blann    At 1 Lap(s).
17    Adam Morris    ACU    At 1 Lap(s).
18    Steve Golla    High Wycombe    At 1 Lap(s).
19    Jamie Shearer    Andover Whs    At 1 Lap(s).
20    Frank Lebon    Giant    At 1 Lap(s).
21    Andy Powell    Hargroves Cycles    At 1 Lap(s).
22    Elst Manuel    Spartaan CC    At 1 Lap(s).
23    Justin Hoy    Felt    At 1 Lap(s).
24    Mike Holborow    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
25    Harry Bulstrode    Wheelbase/cannondale    At 1 Lap(s).
26    Michael Raven    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
27    Michael Warner    Wheelbase/cannondale    At 1 Lap(s).
28    Jason Painton    Ride on Air    At 1 Lap(s).
29    Gavin Spiggs    Aw cycles    At 1 Lap(s).
30    Ian Dow    Ride on Air    At 1 Lap(s).
31    Simon Smith    Adeo Cadence    At 1 Lap(s).
32    Jay Bradley    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
33    Vit Javorik    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
34    Julian Mann    Stevens UK    At 2 Lap(s).
35    Neil Dayus    Southampton RC    At 2 Lap(s).
36    Berni Charlick    CC Basingstoke    At 2 Lap(s).
37    Malcolm Rose    Oxonian CC    At 2 Lap(s).
38    Greg Mook    Didcot Phoenix CC    At 3 Lap(s).
39    Andre Pollard    Not Known    At 3 Lap(s).
40    Petein Sven    Spartaan CC    At 3 Lap(s).

1    Matt Hargroves    Hargroves Cycles    41:19:00
2    Matt Woods    Hargroves Cycles    41:19:00
3    Sean Williams    Wight Mountain    43:20:00
4    Mike Groves    Stevens UK    43:40:00
5    Bill Girvan    NHRC    45:43:00
6    Pete Smith    Team Jewson    45:53:00
7    Dave Mcmullen    Team GWR    47:09:00
8    David Phillips    Swindon RC    47:42:00
9    Jason Hawkins    Coventry RC    45:50:00
10    Dave Wadsworth    Beeline Cycles    45:53:00
11    Kevin Blann    Team Rose Blann    46:14:00
12    Pete Hutchinson    Swindon RC
13    Lee Edmonds    Welland Valley
14    Steve Proud    Mike Vaughan
15    Steve Taylor    Sherwood
16    William Macke    AW Cycles
17    Keith Sheridan    Hargroves Cycles
18    Duncan Mellish    Team Zappis
19    Joe Broadhead    Summit
20    Scott ?????    Swindon RC
21    Andy Smith    Swindon RC
22    Ray Robson    Team Rose Blann
23    Jordan Wade    Poole Whs
24    Gareth Dridge    Southdown Velo
25    Stuart Gough    Portswood
26    David Hobbs    Corinium
27    W Buchanan    Ride on Air
28    Tony Turner    Oxonian CC
29    Chris Smith    Team MK
30    Leon Mander    Chapel Tristars    At 1 Lap(s).
31    Peter Bolke    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
32    Ashley Reles    Wheelers    At 1 Lap(s).
33    Chris Cook    PB Science    At 1 Lap(s).
34    Jeremy Mulkern    Aylesbury    At 1 Lap(s).
35    Gareth Walker    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
36    Steve Dines    Wight Mountain    At 1 Lap(s).
37    Richard Bremner    NHRC    At 1 Lap(s).
38    Andy Pond    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
39    Mat Rowley    Oxonian CC    At 1 Lap(s).
40    Claire Smith    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
41    Geoff Booker    Oxonian CC    At 1 Lap(s).
42    Anthony Dyment    NHRC    At 1 Lap(s).
43    Darren Chappell    Behind The Bikeshed    At 1 Lap(s).
44    Simon Meadwell    Bournemouth Jubilee    At 1 Lap(s).
45    Simon North    Summit    At 1 Lap(s).
46    N Adnitt    Andover Whs    At 1 Lap(s).
47    S Hodgson    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
48    Phil Sherbert    NHRC    At 1 Lap(s).
49    Mitch Purvis    Didcot Phoenix CC    At 1 Lap(s).
50    Keith Allam    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
51    Colin Bates    Reading CC    At 1 Lap(s).
52    Phil Chinn    Fareham Whs    At 1 Lap(s).
53    Nina French    Wight Mountain    At 1 Lap(s).
54    Clive Seabrook    Abingdon Vale    At 1 Lap(s).
55    Karen Murphy    Wight Mountain    At 1 Lap(s).
56    Tony Jackson    Not Known    At 2 Lap(s).
57    D Corrigan    Pedalon    At 2 Lap(s).
58    Steve Warwick    Mountain Mania    At 2 Lap(s).
59    Sarah Woods W    Wight Mountain    At 2 Lap(s).
60    Dave Wade    Poole Whs    At 2 Lap(s).
61    Hazel Jowett    Chapel Tristars    At 2 Lap(s).
62    Jo Gundle    Aylesbury    At 2 Lap(s).
63    Nicky Volley    Wight Mountain    At 2 Lap(s).
64    Laura Holborow    Swindon RC    At 3 Lap(s).
65    John Burrow    Poole Whs    At 3 Lap(s).
66    Pete Martin    Team Zappis    At 3 Lap(s).

Under 12
1    Sophie Taylor W    BCDS    11:56
2    Oscar Ingham    Chapel tristars    12:00
3    Jay Allen    Palmer Park Velo    12:02
4    Conor Hutchinson    Swindon RC    12:50
5    Matthew Thornton    Oxonian CC    12:53
6    Harry Dridge    Southdown Velo    13:03
7    D Dawson    IVA    13:05
8    Ryan Hodkyns    Poole Whs    13:15
9    Anna Wadsworth W    Beeline    13:20
10    Natalie Moore W    Swindon RC    13:30
11    Harvey Jackson    Team Zappis    14:11
12    Maddie Wadsworth W    Beeline    At 1 Lap(s).
13    Ellis Jones    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
14    Seren Jones W    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
15    Tyler Smith    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
16    Harrison Phillips    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
17    Hayden Gray    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
18    Ben Wright    Oxford City RC    At 1 Lap(s).
19    Kieran Rose    Oxonian CC    At 1 Lap(s).
20    Isabel Phillips W    Swindon RC    At 1 Lap(s).
21    Mack Mellish    Team Zappis    At 1 Lap(s).
22    Izzy Buckingham W    Not Known    At 1 Lap(s).
23    Oliver Thornton    Oxonian CC    At 2 Lap(s).
24    Alex Long    PB Science    At 2 Lap(s).
25    Lui Buckingham    Not Known    At 2 Lap(s).
26    Lewis Jones    Swindon RC    At 2 Lap(s).
27    Jayden Blann    Team Rose Blann    At 2 Lap(s).

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