Report: Lucy Garner – World Champion!

Lucy Garner of Great Britain is Junior Women’s World Champion! With a perfectly timed sprint, Lucy Garner not only showed at 16 how fast she is on a bike but also how smart she is when faced with the biggest sprint of her life.

After having spent a few kilometres off the front solo chasing the two leaders from Germany and Italy in the closing stages of the race, Lucy melted back into the wheels and on the uphill finish, waited for her moment before unleashing a sprint we have seen many times this year on the road and track in Britain.

Lucy didn’t just win the sprint, she streeted her rivals who were left floundering in her wake as she attacked down the right from six or seven lengths back and one by one, sprinted past her rivals who had misjudged their effort before there was only clear air for Lucy to cut through before raising her arms in victory.

The look of disbelief then took over as Lucy suddenly realised she was World Champion!

It was all a far cry from the early stages of the crash when Lucy, complete with GB colours on her fingernails, was caught up in a crash. Lucy managed to get back into the race whilst the Aussie World TT Champion (Junior women) was carted off in an ambulance.

Despite lots of attacks, nothing was sticking until a Dutch rider got away and was joined by six chasers including Britain’s Silver medallist from the Time Trial, Elinor Barker. The group however was not committed and as they were caught, two more riders escaped, Mieke Kroger (Germany) & Rossella Ratto (Italy).

At one stage with a lead of 30 seconds plus, they looked likely to be the ones fighting out the victory for the race but first the Belgium team and then Denmark took up the chase. Lucy Garner however didn’t think it was going to be enough and attacked solo and started to chase down the leaders who were by now playing games.

Whilst Garner stayed away for a few kilometres before being caught by the fast moving peloton, the Italian Ratto started to sit on and the German was forced to do all the work. This played into the hands of the peloton who didn’t catch the leaders until the finish straight.

The sprint for the line then began but unlike Lucy who had made a note of how tough it was, the others ran out of legs just as Lucy launched her bid to be World Champion and no-one had an answer to her blistering sprint which took her well clear of her rivals.

The East Midlands young lady was World Road Race Champion and better still, a first year junior at that which means she will get to ride in the jersey next year in Junior races.

Afterwards Lucy told the TV “There were two riders up the road and I didn’t think we were going to catch them. Our team did so well early on attacking and making all the moves and get them back. I had ridden the course before so I knew where the finish was and a lot of the girls went quite early. I knew if I went early, I’d blow, so I paced myself and managed to get it! Once I get going, I put the head down  and go straight for the finish line.”

“I didn’t expect this. The team really worked hard, went in early breaks while I just stayed sheltered. On the last lap, with the two riders (Ratto and Kröger) in front, I still tried to go with 5 km to go, but I did not manage to cross to them. I was quite surprised that we caught the two in front as the chase was not very organised, but as soon as we had them in sight ,I knew then that we would catch them which we did at the bottom of the finishing hill.”

“In the sprint a few riders went early but I just sat in because I knew that if I went early I would blow. I think that I timed it just right and went with 150 metres to go and then I just kept my head down all the way to the line. Even if you can see the finish from the bottom, it is still is a long finish and you have to be careful not to go too early. There are quite a few uphill finishes in UK races, so I am quite used to this. I have also been training for this, as I had heard that it was an uphill finish.”

Jessy Druyts (BEL) Silver medallist – “It was a race with a lot of attacks but no one really getting away. When Ratto went, I thought that the race was over, but then with less than one kilometre to go I realised that it was going to be a sprint so I just tried to be in front.”

Christina Sigaard (DEN): “It was a typical Junior womens race, sometimes very fast, other times very slow. We had Sofie Valin to do the hard work, and Fie to protect me in the sprint. I thought it would be a shorter sprint, but it was already going into the corner before the hill! It is an unbelievable course, great fans, I could not even feel my legs on the hill with all the people there!”


1. Lucy Garner, Great Britain
2. Jessy Druyts, Belgium
3. Christina Siggaard, Denmark
4. Manon Soutris, France
5. Christina Perchtold, Austria
6. Sheyla Ruiz, Spain
7. Lisa Kullmer, Germany
8. Beatrice Bartelloni, Italy
9. Markus Kelly, Holland
10. Silvija Latozaite, Lithuania

31. Amy Roberts, Great Britain
51. Hannah Barnes, Great Britain
52. Elinor Barker, Great Britain



1  GARNER Lucy GBR 1:46:17 +0
2  DRUYTS Jessy BEL ” ”
3  SIGGAARD Christina DEN ” ”
4  SOUYRIS Manon FRA ” ”
5  PERCHTOLD Christina AUT ” ”
7  KÃœLLMER Lisa GER ” ”
8  BARTELLONI Beatrice ITA ” ”
9  MARKUS Kelly NED ” ”
10  LATOZAITE Silvija LTU ” ”
11  RATTO Rossella ITA ” ”
12  KASHIRINA Svetlana RUS ” ”
14  KIRSCHENSTEIN Katarzyna POL ” ”
15  VAN SEVEREN Céline BEL ” ”
16  DREXEL Ingrid MEX ” ”
17  BRÃœHWILER Larissa SUI ” ”
18  WILLIAMSON Sophie NZL ” ”
19  PILOTE-FORTIN Gabrielle CAN ” ”
20  VANNUCCI Chiara ITA ” ”
21  MUNDY Jessica AUS ” ”
22  ZEMAITYTE Ruta LTU ” ”
23  KOSTER Anouska NED ” ”
24  SKJOLDEN Marthe Emilie NOR ” ”
25  NIEWIADOMA Katarzyna POL ” ”
26  FISCHER Lisa GER ” ”
27  BONDARENKO Alina RUS ” ”
28  TALEN Rebecca NED ” ”
29  CHAUMET Oriane FRA ” ”
30  ORTMÃœLLER Madeleine GER ” ”
31  ROBERTS Amy GBR ” ”
32  KYVA Anna UKR ” ”
33  WILKOS Katarzyna POL ” ”
34  CONFALONIERI Maria Giulia ITA ” ”
35  RICE Allison AUS ” ”
37  NESSMAR Alexandra SWE ” ”
39  DE JONG Thalita NED 1:46:26 +9
40  LARSEN Fie Degn DEN 1:46:27 +10
41  ALBERSHARDT Addyson USA ” ”
42  DOBRYNINA Kseniya RUS ” ”
43  RYAN Alexis USA ” ”
44  WINTGENS Marlene BEL 1:46:30 +13
45  IMSTEPF Rita SUI ” ”
46  LODEWIJKS Steffi BEL ” ”
47  CHEKINA Alexandra RUS ” ”
48  KRÖGER Mieke GER ” ”
49  VALIN Kamilla Sofie DEN 1:46:36 +19
50  EWART Annie CAN ” ”
51  BARNES Hannah GBR 1:46:48 +31
52  BARKER Elinor GBR ” ”
53 MUCCIOLI Dalia ITA 1:46:52 +35
54  ERIKA Varela MEX 1:47:35 +1:18
55 MORIN Valentine FRA 1:47:37 +1:20
56  NGUYEN Thi That VIE 1:54:11 +7:54
57 POSKAITE Egle LTU ” ”
58  LAIZANE Lija LAT 1:54:19 +8:02
59  FERNER Felicia SWE 1:54:21 +8:04
60  RODRIGUEZ GUTIERREZ Carolina MEX 1:54:28 +8:11
61  BRIEN Alizee CAN 1:54:37 +8:20
62  AHLSTRAND Emma SWE 1:57:58 +11:41
63  FERENCIC Antonela CRO 2:00:25 +14:08
64  TIGANOVA Iana UKR ” ”
65  SHMAYANKOVA Marina BLR 2:01:37 +15:20
66  KOMOS Alicja POL ” ”
67  MATTER Pia Charlotte NOR 2:01:40 +15:23

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