Report: 2011 British Derny Championships

After Motorpoint’s Hannah Walker won the Women’s title from Claire Newland, Jack Kirk beat the in form Adam Duggleby and James Holland-Leader to the Men’s title

Report from Graham Bristow

Womens National Derny Championship
Hannah Walker was a worthy winner of one of the most exciting Womens Derny championships ever.

To the credit of all the riders, the high speed race stayed together until the last few laps when gradually riders slipped off the pace, which rarely dropped much below the high 50+kph, leaving Hannah to beat Claire and Corrine to the line and become the first National Champion on the newly resurfaced Herne Hill Track.

1 Hannah Walker,    Motorpoint Pro Cycling, paced by Peter Bauerlein
2 Claire Newland, Welwyn Wheelers, paced by Dave Scott
3 Corrine Hall, Team Corridori, paced by Derek Marloe
4 Harriet Owen, Motorpoint Pro Cycling, paced by Clive Sturgeon
5 Janet Birkmyre, XRT –Elmy cycles, paced by Graham Bristow
6 Estelle Rogers, Rollapaluzza, paced by Tony Hibbert
7 Nicci Meadows, AW cycles, paced by Doug Pinkerton

Mens National Derny Championship
When the twelve finalists from the heats lined up for the start of the race down the home straight, it looked an awfully long way from the front to the back and so it proved.

When the gun went, Adam Duggleby, starting in first position and Jack Kirk in second position, started hard and within no time at all, James Holland-Leader, starting in 12th position was half a lap down with the rest of the field in 3’s and 4’s in between.

For several laps, James maintained his position until Duggleby and Kirk started to gain ground on him. Already lapping at over 60kph, Holland-Leader gradually lifted his pace and started to pick off some of the riders in front of him but the leading riders, Kirk and Duggleby, were on a mission and just before half distance they lapped him.

Unperturbed, Holland-Leader upped his speed and latched on to the leading duo to catch all the remaining riders in front of him, putting him in 3rd spot. Having lapped all but the leading pair, Holland-Leader maintained the pressure long enough to know that unless one of the leading pair cracked, he was unlikely to get his lap back so he eased the pace slightly, still at well over 60kph.

Riders were spread out all over the track and being lapped but still Duggleby and Kirk continued to fight each other until within the last few laps, Duggleby momentarily lost his Derny which allowed Kirk to get away, lapping Holland-Leader one more time, to take the title.

All in all, two fantastic races won by two worthy champions paced by the master pacer from Germany, Peter Bauerlein.

1 Jack Kirk, Agiskoviner Cycling Team, paced by Peter Bauerlein
2: Adam Duggleby, Science in Sport, paced by Alex Wharton

@ 2 Laps
3: James Holland – Leader, Agiskoviner Cycling Team, paced by Graham Bristow

@ 4 Laps
4: Dale Appleby, Cyclepremier – Metaltek, paced by Simon Layfield
5 John McClelland, Agiskoviner Cycling Team, paced by Derek Marloe
6: Oliver Davies, Planet X RT, paced by Tim Read
7: Jack Hibberd, Halesowen C&AC, paced by Doug Pinkerton
8: Richard Prince, Planet X
9: Matt Rowe, Cyclepremier – Metaltek, paced by Courtney Rowe
10: David Martin,, paced by David Urquhart


Heat 1
1st Alex Wise
2nd Jack Hibberd
3rd Oliver Davies
4th Jack Kirk
5th Symon Lewis, Elite Edwardes Cycling
6th Trevor Burke, Finchley RT
7th Derek Timmins, Musselburgh RCC

Heat 2
1st Ian Cooper
2nd Adam Duggleby
3rd Dale Appleby
4th James Holland-Leader
5th Robert Cox, Cambridge CC
6th Ian Young, Scunthorpe Poly CC
7th David Jack, Twickenham CC
8th Mike Brampton, Blazing Saddles

Heat 3
1st John McClelland
2nd Matt Rowe
3rd David Martin
4th Richard Prince
5th Sam Sturgeon, Team Terminator
6th Johannes Roux, Giant CC
7th James Notley, Planet X
8th Daniel Rudd, Arctic Premier RT

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