Results: Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League RD 1

Latest results from the first round of the The Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League on Sunday, September 25th, promoted by Sleaford Wheelers at the Ancaster Karting Circuit.

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Under 12
1.    Matthew Ellis        Spalding CC
2.    Bradley Sprogis        VC Lincoln
3.    Jacob Sawtry        Spalding CC
4.    Robert McAndrew    Spalding CC
5.    Archie Lewis        Sherwood Pines
6.    Kerrigan Robb        Witham Wheelers
7.    Abigail Armstrong    VC Lincoln (1st Girl)
8.    Megan Kendall        Spalding CC (2nd Girl)
9.    Alex Armstrong        VC Lincoln (3rd Girl)
10.    Molly Peel        Spalding CC (4th Girl)
11.    James Broughton    VC Lincoln
12.    Jake Kennedy        VC Lincoln
13.    Dan Galpin        Bourne Wheelers
14.    Carenza Robb        Witham Wheelers (5th Girl)
15.    Daniel Turner        VC Lincoln
16.    Caitlin Langford        Spalding CC (6th Girl)

1.    Jack King        Langdale Lightweight RT
2.    Henry Thompson    Sleaford Wheelers
3.    Harry Lewis        Sherwood Pines    (1st Under 14)
4.    Ollie Fensom        Spalding CC
5.    Sam Bentley        Spalding CC
6.    Karl Baillie        Witham Wheelers
7.    Elliot Dudley        Sherwood Pines (2nd Under 14)
8.    Jake Peel        Spalding CC
9.    George Baker        Kings Cliffe Flyers (3rd Under 14)
10. Alex Poole        Heanor Clarion
11.    Jennifer McAndrew    Spalding CC (1st Girl)
12.     Max Williamson        Lincsquad (4th Under 14)
13.    Reece Moradkhan    Spalding CC (5th Under 14)
14.    James Armstrong     VC Lincoln (6th Under 14)
15.    Harriet Moore        Spalding CC (7th Under 14)
16.    Thomas Webster     Spalding CC
17.    Joseph Collins        Bourne Wheelers (8th Under 14)

1.     Jim Bryan        Zepnat RT (1st Vet)        11 laps in 58:07
2.     Mark Cotton        Bycka Sport Racing        @0:55
3.    Steve Lampier        Sigma Sport Specialized        @1:08
4.    Matt Denby        Zepnat RT (2nd Vet)        @1:42
5.    Richard Lister        Gabby Day Cyclesport RT    @2:24
6.    Jon Wells        VC Lincoln
7.     Graham Clarke        Time RT (3rd Vet)
8.    Darryl Hewson        Alford Wheelers
9.    David Perry        Gabby Day Cyclesport RT (4th Vet)
10.    Duncan Walmsley    Zepnat RT (5th Vet)
11.    George Thompson    Sleaford Wheelers (1st Junior)
12.     Charlie Porter        Boston Wheelers        @ 1 lap
13.    Adam Ellis        Spalding CC (6th Vet)
14.     Martin Kennedy        VC Lincoln
15.    Jordan Gell        VC Lincoln (2nd Junior)
16.    Richard Hamblin    Sleaford Wheelers CC
17.    Ivan Oxborough        VC Lincoln
18.    Martin White        Boston Wheelers (7th Vet)
19.    Asa Elkington        Hawkins Conservation (1st Lady)
20.    Martyn Gammidge    N/A (8th Vet)
21.    Andy Barnard        Gabby Day Cyclesport RT (8th Vet)
22.    Mervyn Dudley        Sherwood Pines (1st Vet 50+)
23.     Martin Smith        Yello Velo
24.    D Smith???        Boston Wheelers
25.    Philip Heyes        Skegness Wheelers (2nd Vet 50+)    @ 2 laps
26.    Glen Allison        Serwood Pines (3rd Vet 50+)
27.     Jason Clark        VC Lincoln
28.     Glenn Palmer        Alford Wheelers
29.     Henry Heyes        Skegness Wheelers
30.     Craig Thursby        Hawkins Conservation
31.     Ian Broadley        N/A (9th Vet)
32.     Dean Booth        N/A (10th Vet)
33.     Richard Baldwin    Dinnington RC
34.     Josh Asquith        N/A
35.     Karl Fraser        Sleaford Wheelers (11th Vet)
36.     Simon Sawtry ?        Spalding CC (12th Vet)
37.     Jimmy Armstrong    VC Lincoln (13th Vet)

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