Report: Ciclos Uno LVRC ‘Last of the Summer Series’

Report and results from the 5th round of ‘The Last of The Summer Wine’ circuit races held on 25th Sept 

Fred Little writes … The fifth and penultimate event in the Ciclos Uno Last of the Summer Wine Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 25 September and there were a total of 51 riders on the start line for the two age related races. The races were run on the lower circuit over 1 hour plus 5 laps for the A/B/C/D categories 1 hour plus 3 laps for the E/F/G categories.

The race for Categories A/B/C/D (40-59yrs) attracted 36 starters and after 15 minutes Antony Wallis (Private) sprinted off the front of the bunch in his usual style and after the next two laps, he had a 15 seconds lead. A serious attempt to join up with Antony was made by Damien Foy (Eagle) but after getting to within 50 metres, he gave up and was swallowed up by the bunch.

Antony Wallis (Private) increased his lead and was never to be seen by the bunch again finishing on his own 1 minute and 30 seconds ahead. The remainder of the field broke into three groups by the end of the race with Damien Foy (Eagle) none the worse for his earlier efforts winning the bunch sprint from Martin Meads (Ciclos Uno) for second place.

In the Category E/F/G/H (60yrs plus) race there were 15 starters and after 30 minutes of racing, Dave Brown (CC Luton) sprinted away from the bunch to soon gain a lead of 20 seconds. Terry Devine (Ciclos Uno) and Chris Gunter (Virgin Active) then broke clear from the bunch and after chasing for four laps joined up with Dave Brown. The three riders worked together until the finish when Terry Devine took the honours outsprinting Dave Brown with Chris Gunter in third place.

Leading riders in the series with one event to go are: Cat.’A’ Antony Wallis 20pts, Cat.‘B’ Craig Stevens 11pts, Cat.‘C’Angelo Christides 11pts, Cat ‘D’ Dave Dickie 11pts, Cat.’E’ Terry Devine 9pts,
Cat.’F’ Roger Hornsby 13 pts, Cat ’G’ Fred Jefcoate13pts, Cat.‘H’ Roy Godbeer 16pts.

The next and final event in the series will be held on Sunday 2 October starting at 10.00 a.m.


A-B-C-D Overall
1.  Antony Wallis PVT A
2. Damien Foy Eagle RC B
3.  Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
4.  David Farrow Eagle RC A
5.  Paul Canton Anders TMG Horizon B
6.  Andrew Elderfield VC Revolution A
7.  Keir Apperley CC Hackney C
8.   Barry Neal Ciclos Uno B
9.  Mark Abela Kent Cycles A
10.  Graig Stevens Ciclos Uno B
11.  Clive Cheek PVT B
12.  Steve Barnsley Ciclisti Vecchi D
13.  Simon Hewins Eagles RC C
14.   Steve Smith Redbridge CC D
15.  Dave Dickie Finchley RT D
16.  Andy Ballentyne Easterley CC B
17.  Carlito Rendora Eagle RC C
18.  Peter Arden Victoria CC B
19.  Paul Bird Glendene CC D
20.  Ben Brewerton Dulwich Paragon CC A
21.  Kevin Jeffries Velo Schils Interbike RT B

Prime Winners:-
Antony Wallis PVT
Damien Foy Eagle RC

A Category Winners:-
1. Antony Wallis PVT
2. David Farrow Eagle RC
3. Andrew Elderfield VC Revolution

B Category Winners:-
1. Damien Foy Eagle RC
2. Martin Meades Ciclos Uno
3. Paul Canton Anders TMG Horizon

C Category Winners:
1. Keir Apperley CC Hackney
2. Simon Hewins Eagle RC
3. Carlito Rendora Eagle RC

D Category Winner
1. Steve Barnsley Ciclisti Vecchi
2. Steve Smith Redbridge CC
3. Dave Dickie Finchley RT

Result of the  E-F-G-H Overall
1.  Terry Devine Ciclos Uno E
2.  Dave Brown CC Luton E
3.  Chris Gunter Virgin Active E
4.  Richard Fraczek Essex Roads CC E
5.  John Leitch Redhill CC F
6.  Roger Hornsby GS Avanti F
7.  Trevor Mills Ford CC F
8.  Dave Smith GS Avanti F
9.  Dave Wybrow Southend Wheelers F
10.  Roy Godbeer Southend Wheelers H
11.  Dick Wall Lampard RC G
12.  Ken Evans Ciclos Uno G
13.  Del Stacey Unity C.C. H

Prime Winners:-
Dave Brown  (3) CC Luton
Richard Fraczek Essex Roads CC

E Category Winners:-
1. Terry Devine Ciclos Uno
2. Dave Brown CC Luton
3. Chris Gunter Virgin Active

F Category Winners:-
1. John Leitch Redhill CC
2. Roger Hornsby GS Avanti
3. Trevor Mills Ford CC

G Category Winners:-
1. Dick Wall Lampard RC
2. Ken Evans Ciclos Uno

H Category Winners:-
1. Roy Godbeer Southend Whleers
2. Del Stacey Ciclos Uno

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