Report: Day 4 British Track Championships

Latest results, reports and pictures from Day 4 of the Track Champs in Manchester

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British National Track Championships roundup – Day 4 (by Peter Maxwell of British Cycling)

Sir Chris Hoy continued his supremacy in the Men’s Sprint events as he picked up his second Gold medal of the week on Day 4 of the British National Track Championships in Manchester. Hoy qualified fastest in the morning session and eased his way through to the final to meet Dave Daniell, who was in top form himself having beaten Jason Kenny by 3cm to win an epic semi final 2-1. The final itself was a close affair against a rampant David Daniell, who was riding at a level he hasn’t shown in recent times, but it was the Scotsman who had the final say in affairs as he powered his way round the final bend to win his second gold in two days.

Photos from the Fourth Day of Competition

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Hoy was happy with his performance and said he was now focused on the season ahead: “You want to win all the time, this is the first of five races between now and the Games, and each one becomes more important the closer you get but I want to start out the way I intend to continue, to win the last two nights has really set me up well for the start of the season and given me confidence going in to the European championships in two weeks time. It’s a long time to London still, but also not a long time in the context of things.”

The second podium for David Daniel, the second title for Chris Hoy and a win for jason Kenny to end the day.

The Olympic Champion was quick to pay tribute to Dave Daniell afterwards, saying: “I think when you get that morale boost and that confidence boost, it does you a lot of good, it’s really good for him, I don’t think he was expecting that, he got left out of the Under 23 team for the European Championships a couple of months ago, but that was his big target for the season, and he’s bounced back very well from that, I’m really pleased for him, he worked very hard.”

Jess Varnish continued her good form of the week as she became a National Team Sprint Champion alongside Victoria Pendleton. They were in a class of their own from the outset and Varnish in particular will be delighted with her form from the outset having set a 19 sec first lap in qualifying.

Jess Varnish screams encouragement for Victoria Pendleton in the final of the Team Sprint (Women)

City of Edinburgh’s Jenny Davis and Kayleigh Brogan were comfortably the second best outfit, deserving their silver medal ahead of XRT Elmy Cycles’ Janet Birkmyre & Cassie Gledhill. Pendleton announced afterwards it was to be her last National Championships meaning she has just a hatful of competitions left before she makes her cycling bow at the Olympics in August. Asked how many medals she’d won at National events, she said: “It could be something around 30, I don’t actually know, it weighs about 5 kilos in medals, so yeah, it’s a reinforced shopping bag, hidden away somewhere at the bottom of the wardrobe.”

In an entertaining Women’s Scratch race which again contained some of GB’s best endurance riders, Lizzie Armitstead narrowly beat off competition from Team Pursuit World Champions Dani King and Laura Trott. Going into the final lap, Armitstead timed her sprint perfectly on the line to take the gold medal, adding to her win from the points race on Friday.

Another title for Lizzie Armitstead as she sprints to win Gold in the Scratch race.

Hargroves Cycles won an epic Team Pursuit final in the stunning time of 4:16.202 edging out Science in who recorded 4:19.202. Hargroves led for much of the race, but the gap was small right up until the last three laps. Remarkably, when they went down to three men at the half way point, Hargroves were left with three Juniors, Owain Doull, Alistair Slater and Jon Dibben to bring them home – something they did in real style.

Hargroves Cycles line up for the Team Pursuit. Peter Dibben was recovering from an injury and had no track training and Ali Slater, Junior National Series Winner had done no preparation either. And yet, they still did a time, three juniors and an under 23, that some countries would be happy with! Well done to L-R, Peter Dibben, Ali Slater, Jon Dibben and Owain Doull. We understand it was enough to bring tears to the eyes of team owner Peter Hargroves!

A pulsating Youth Male Madison went to the pairing of Chris Lawless Maxgear RT & Jacob Ragan Teamwallis CHH RT who celebrated long and hard at the end of a class race put on by some top young talent. Amy Hill and Emily Nelson pulled off a sensational win in the Youth Female Madison, winning the final sprint to put themselves level and with it the Gold medal.

Key break – Laura Trott leads Dani King, Lizzie Armitstead and defending champion Corrine Hall.

Gary Admason swings up the track in the qualifier. Tim Lawson came into the team for Gary for the final.

Bronze for Cycle Premier Metaltek.

Chris Hoy was in superb form and didn’t look like being beaten but he was pushed hard by a rider who has come out of a tough period to show that he is a contender for the London 2012 team. David Daniell.

The Flickr Live Slideshow Album (over 100 photos of the days racing)



1. Lizzie Armitstead, Garmin Cervélo
2. Laura Trott, 100% ME
3. Dani King, Horizon Fitness
4. Harriet Owen, Motorpoint
5. Corrine Hall, Team Corridori
6. Hannah Mayho, 100% ME @ 1 lap
7. Ella Hopkins,  VC St Raphael
8. Amy Roberts, For Viored Brookvex
9. Kayleigh Brogan, City of Edinburgh
10. Lucy Garner, Motorpoint
11. Donna Williams, Team Terminator
12. Lisa Daly, Sport City Velo
13. Hannah Rich, Horizon Fitness
14. Hannah Manly For Viored Brookvex
15. Caroline Harding AW Cycles
16. Hannah Walker Motorpoint
17. Charline Joiner City of Edinburgh RC


Qualifying (flying 200m Time Trial)
1.    Chris Hoy  10.045
2.    David Daniell 10.212
3.    Jason Kenny 10.283
4.    Matthew Crampton  10.285
5.    Peter Mitchell  10.321
6.    Kian Emadi  10.350
7.    Lewis Oliva 10.351
8.    Philip Hindes  10.540
9.    Matt Rotherham  10.599
10.    Miles Stovold  10.801
11.    Jody Cundy  10.805
12.    Thomas Baker 11.011
13.    Kenneth Ayre  11.113
14.    Adam Welch 11.125
15.    Andrew Kelly 11.170
16.    Lee Povey  11.290
17.    Sassan Emadi  11.532
18.    Barnaby Swinnerton  11.550
19.    Rowan Elliott  11.644
20.    Adrian Dent  11.651
21.    John Bagnall  11.757
22.    Miles Annon  11.818
23.    Stephen Pulford CRT 11.893
24.    Andrew Stuart 12.008
25.    Jack Webb  12.038
26.    Ian Henderson 12.049
27.    John Coolahan  12.400

1/8th Final
Chris Hoy beat Tom Baker
David Daniell beat Jody Cundy
Jason Kenny beat Miles Stovold
Matt Crampton beat Matt Rotherham
Lewis Oliva beat Kian Emadi
Pete Mitchell beat Philip Hindes

A) Matt Rotherham beat Kian Emadi and Tom Baker
B) Philip Hindes beats Miles Stovold and Jody Cundy

1/4 Finals
Chris Hoy beat Philip Hindes (2 – 0)
David Daniell beat Matt Rotherham (2 – 0)
Jason Kenny beat Lewis Oliva (2 – 0)
Peter Mitchell beat Matt Crampton (2 – 0)

Minor Final
5. Matthew Crampton, Sky
6. Lewis Oliva, Bristol Cycling Development Squad
7. Philip Hindes
8. Matthew Rotherham, Science in Sport

Semi Finals
Match A
Chris Hoy beat Peter Mitchell
Jason Kenny beat David Daniell

Match B
Chris Hoy beat Peter Mitchell
David Daniell beat Jason Kenny

Match C
David Daniell beat Jason Kenny


1. Sir Chris Hoy beat
2. David Daniel 2:0

3. Jason Kenny beat
4. Peter Mitchell  2:0

B Competition

B Sprint 1/8th Final
Kenneth Ayre beat Andrew Stuart
Adam Welch beat Stephen Pulford
Andrew Kelly beat Miles Annon
Lee Povey beat John Bagnall
Adrian Dent beat Sassan Emadi
Barnaby Swinnerton beat Rowan Elliott

A) Rowan Elliott beat John Bagnall & Andrew Stuart
B) Miles Annon beat Sassan Emadi and Steve Pulford

1/4 Finals
Miles Annon beat Kenneth Ayre (2:1)
Adam Welch beat Rowan Elliott (2:0)
Barnaby Swinnerton beat Andrew Kelly (2:0)
Lee Povey beat Adrian Dent (2:0)

Semi Finals
S/F A            Match A    Match B
1st    ANNON Miles    Team Terminator    11.741    11.781
2nd    POVEY Lee    Team Terminator

S/F B            Match A    Match B    Match C
1st    SWINNERTON Barnaby        11.479    11.420
2nd    WELCH Adam    VC St Raphael    11.333


1st & 2nd Places        Match A    Match B
1st        SWINNERTON Barnaby    11.548    11.819
2nd        ANNON Miles    Team Terminator

3rd & 4th Places        Match A    Match B
3rd        POVEY Lee    Team Terminator    11.658    11.52
4th        WELCH Adam    VC St Raphael

WOMEN’S TEAM SPRINT (2 laps, 500 metres)

Silver medal winners, Kayleigh Brogan & Jenny Davis (City of Edinburgh)

1. Victoria Pendleton & Jess Varnish (Great Britain) 33.743
2. Kayleigh Brogan & Jenny Davis (City of Edinburgh) 36.653
3. Janet Birkmyre & Cassie Gledhill (XRT Elmy Cycles) 37.441Victoria
4. Victoria Garrad & Eleanor Richardson (Swinnerton Cycles) 37.489
5. Marianne Britten & Adel Tyson-Bloor (VC St Raphael A ) 39.814
6. Rusine Heald & Eleanor Jones (VC St Raphael B ) 40.108
7. Lisa Daly & Charlotte Lunt (Sportcity Velo) 40.769
8. Heather Bamford & Marianne Britten (VC St Raphael C) 44.310

2nd Round

Heat 1
VC St Raphael A    39.401
BRITTEN Marianne    VC St Raphael A
TYSON-BLOOR Adel     VC St Raphael A

VC St Raphael B    39.678
HEALD Rusine    VC St Raphael B
JONES Eleanor    VC St Raphael B

Heat 2

XRT-Elmy Cycles    37.530
BIRKMYRE Janet    XRT Elmy Cycles
GLEDHILL Cassie    XRT Elmy Cycles

Sports City Velo    40.548
DALY Lisa    Sport City Velo
LUNT Charlotte    Sport City Velo

Heat 3

City of Edinburgh RC    36.419
BROGAN Kayleigh    City of Edinburgh RC
DAVIS Jenny    City of Edinburgh RC

VC St Raphael C    44.166
BAMFORTH Heather     VC St Raphael C
LAYLAND Hannah     VC St Raphael C

Heat 4

North West Region    33.836
PENDLETON Victoria    North West Region
VARNISH Jessica    North West Region

Swinnerton Cycles    37.064
GARRAD Victoria    Swinnerton Cycles
RICHARDSON Eleanor    Swinnerton Cycles

Gold and Silver Medal Ride

North West Region    33.541
PENDLETON Victoria    North West Region
VARNISH Jessica    North West Region

City of Edinburgh RC    36.311
BROGAN Kayleigh    City of Edinburgh RC
DAVIS Jenny    City of Edinburgh RC

Bronze Medal Ride

XRT-Elmy Cycles    37.457
BIRKMYRE Janet    XRT Elmy Cycles
GLEDHILL Cassie    XRT Elmy Cycles

VC St Raphael A    39.782
BRITTEN Marianne    VC St Raphael A
TYSON-BLOOR Adel     VC St Raphael A


1. HILL Amy/Emily Nelson 15pts
2. Alice BArnes/Melissa Lowther 15pts
3. Rebecca Hunt/Emily Kay 5pts
4. Grace Garner/Abby-Mae Parkinson 5pts
5. Paige Milward/Lauren O’Brien 1pt
6. Abigail Dentus /Lucy Harper
7. Bethany Hayward /Keira McVitty
8. Charlotte Broughton/Megan Lewis @ 1 lap
9. Megan Boyd /Victoria Kinrade
10. Emily Barnes/Kimberley English 3pts @2 laps
11. Chloe Evans/Emily Haycox @4 laps
12. Jessie Ansell /Isabelle Clarke
13. Henrietta Colbourne/ Amy Gornall @7 laps


Heat 1
1. Chris Lawless/Jacob Ragan 10pts
2. Tom Arnstein / Mark Stewart 3pts
3. Jacob  Scott /Jake Kelly 3pts
4. Gabriel Cullaigh/Ryan Whatmough 3pts
5. Leon Gledhill /Charlie Tanfield 3pts
6. Joseph Fry / Jack Hoyle
7. Fabio Close/Joe Evans
8. Joseph Crolla / Maximilian Stedman @ 2 laps
9. David Bolland/James Thompson
10. David Dallan /Joel Partington @4 laps

Heat 2
1. Tao Geoghegan Hart/ Luc Hall 4pts
2. Adam Lewis /& Rob Westwood 4pts
3. Christian Braybrooke / William Thomas
4. Harry Crew / James Shaw
5. Owen Thomas / Joseph Wiltshire
6. James Ireson / PHILLIPS Ryan 0pts @1 lap
7. Torin Cannings/ Tristan Robbins
8. Henry Dawson / Jack Escritt


1    LAWLESS Chris    Maxgear RT    18pts
RAGAN Jacob    Teamwallis CHH RT

2    WOMERSLEY Jake    Aire Valley RT    11pts
WOOD Oliver    Aire Valley RT

3    SCOTT Jacob    Planet X    5pts
KELLY Jake    Tm Royal London 360 IoM

4    ARNSTEIN Tom    Equipe Velo Ecosse    2pts
STEWART Mark    Discovery Junior CC

5    CULLAIGH Gabriel    Aire Valley RT    2pts
WHATMOUGH Ryan    Shepherds Cycles

6    GEOGHEGAN HART Tao    CC Hackney    2pts
HALL Luc    Kuota – Spinergy – GSG

7    CROSS Mathew    Towy Racing CC    2pts
JAMES Owen    Towy Riders

8    GLEDHILL Leon    Planet X    1pt
TANFIELD Charlie    Velo29 CT

9    FRY Joseph    Welwyn Whls CC    1pt
HOYLE Jack    Team Terminator

10    LEWIS Adam    Wolverhampton Whls    0pts
WESTWOOD Rob    Cwmcarn Paragon RC

11    BRAYBROOKE Christian    Velocity RT    0pts
THOMAS William    Velocity RT
Race time 24 mins 8 secs

Team Pursuit(4,000 metres)

Qualifying 4:20.094
(Adam Duggleby, Alistair Rutherford, Adam Yates, Gary Adamson)

Hargroves Cycles: 4:20.751
(Jon Dibben, Owain Doull, Alistair Slater, Peter Dibben) 4:24.177
(Simon Wilson, Tony Gibb, Matt Rowe, Jason White)

GWR: 4:30.271
(Llewellyn Kinch, Douglas Dewey, James Hawkins, David Sinclair)

Agiskoviner CT:  4:31.960
(James Holland-Leader, Jack Kirk, McMClelland, Alex Wise)

Cottingham Coureurs 4.34.360
(John Brearly, David Brearly, Matt Fenton, Kohn Hooper, Richard Lambert (only 4 to start)

Planet X:  4:35.871
(Ian Cooper, Oliver Davies, James Notley, Richard Prince)

AW Cycles A: 4.38,522
(Stephan Bradbury, Neil Cooper, Nicholas English, Rob King, Alex Peterson)

AW Cycles (Juniors): 4:39.256
(Stephen Bradbury, Cameron Swarbrick, Frazier Carr, William Macke)

Team Tor 2000: 4:43.629
(Joshua Yetman, Elliott Davis, John Hollier, Graeme Lackford)

Birmingham University CC: 4:44.957
(Xavier Disley, Mark Brown, Andrew Robbins, William Rudgard

Team Swift: 4.45.065
(Simon Beldon, Blair Buss, Andrew Jackson, Alastair Wareham)

VC ST Raphael B:  4.45.076
((Jason Streather, Simon Winston, Alan Peet, Neil Withington)

Welwyn Wheelers: 4:50.471
(Alex Anderson, Joshua Maynard, George Farrell, Sam Gilzean)
2nd Round — 5th – 14th Place
VC St Raphael A    4.29.405
23    BUSH Chris    55    ELLIOTT Ben
72    HEALD David    312    GREEN  Jack

Agiskoviner CT    4.31.244
77    HOLLAND-LEADER James    94    KIRK Jack
108    MCCLELLAND John    183    WISE Alex

Cottingham Coureurs    4.33.795
13    BREARLEY John    301    BREARLEY David
310    FENTON Matthew    322    LAMBERT Richard

AW Cycles    4.35.577
34    COOPER Neil    59    ENGLISH Nicholas
320    KING Rob     333    PETERSON  Alex

AW Cycles Junior    4.36.583
12    BRADBURY Stephen    218    SWARBRICK Cam
303    CARR  Frazier     326    MACKE William

Team Tor 2000    4.38.910
188    YETMAN Joshua    307    DAVIS  Elliott
316    HOLLIER John     321    LACKFORD Graeme

VC St Raphael B    4.43.038
158    STREATHER Jason    211    WINSTON Simon
332    PEET  Alan     347    WITHINGTON  Neil

Team Swift    4.44.442
299    BELDON Simon     302    BUSS Blair
319    JACKSON  Andrew     345    WAREHAM  Alastair

Welwyn Wheelers    4.44.626
201    ANDERSON  Alex    202    MAYNARD Joshua
203    FARRELL George    207    GILZEAN Sam

Birmingham University CC    4.47.267
17    BROWN Mark    46    DISLEY B Xavier
337    ROBBINS Andrew     340    RUDGUARD  William


Hargroves Cycles    4.16.249
45    DIBBEN Jonathan    49    DOULL Owain
216    SLATER Alistair    309    DIBBEN Peter

SILVER    4.19.145
51    DUGGLEBY Adam    146    RUTHERFORD Al
185    YATES Adam    323    LAWSON Tim

Bronze Medal
Cyclepremier.comq    4.22.904
182    WILSON  Simon    311    GIBB Tony
339    ROWE Matt     346    WHITE Jason

GWR Team    4.27.098
92    KINCH Llewellyn    308    DEWEY Douglas
313    HAWKINS James    341    SINCLAIR David

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