Report: Day 5 British Track Championships

Latest results and pictures from the final of the British Track Championships at the Manchester Velodrome.

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British National Track Championships roundup: Day 5 (By Peter Maxwell of British Cycling)

Sir Chris Hoy sealed his third Gold medal of the week in the Team Sprint alongside Jason Kenny and 41 year old former Olympic Champion, Jason Queally on the final day of action at the National Track Championships in Manchester. The final saw them pitted against GB compatriots Ross Edgar, Pete Mitchell and Dave Daniell, who secured his third silver medal of the championships. It was a breathtaking display of speed and power from both teams, but it was Hoy who had the last say, as he brought the team home in the final lap to take the title and cap an outstanding start to his season.


Speaking afterwards he said: “My performances have been better than I expected bearing in mind that none of us are really fresh, we have a couple of weeks to the Europeans where we will be looking to progress and again you would expect the performances to improve so it’s a really good starting point. [The Championships] have been at the top end of my expectations.  In terms of the overall plan this is right up there with as good as I could have expected.”

Becky James produced a dominant display in the Women’s Keirin race to take Gold, making her a double National Champion following her victory in the sprint event on Friday. Going into the final two laps, James powered to the front and held off the rest of the field to take the win with ease. She said afterwards: “Friday was awesome, I was so happy with the flying sprint, a PB on a 250m track and a 11:22. All the sprints went how I wanted them too and today I had my head screwed on, I kept my gap and no one wanted to come round so I kept watching and then with a lap and a half to go I just hit it hard and controlled the pace.”

In the Team Pursuit race, Gold went to Horizon Fitness who caught a young Motorpoint outfit after less than 100 seconds of the final, having set off at a scorching pace. Team Pursuit World champion in the team pursuit Dani King said: “We are going well at the moment but we’ve had a week’s racing in our legs so I think our times are getting better and better. We went out with a plan and it worked.”

Jason Kenny screams out of the starting gate for his lap 1 of the track with Jason Queally and Chris Hoy in tow.

Arguably the highlight of these championships has been the long list of young riders on show. Newly crowned Junior Road Race Champion Lucy Garner was on the podium again as she joined Harriet Owen to  win gold in the Junior Women’s Madison. The pairing came back from an eight point deficit after two sprints to win three of the next four and catch and overtake the defending champions Hannah Walker and Hannah Barnes. A small but high quality field produced some compelling racing, with Barnes and Walker really going off well, only to be pegged back by Garner and Owen who came at them hard in the final four sprints.

Jonathan Mould is the National Omnium Champion after a very consistent performance across the four events: he won the flying lap and the elimination race, and was second in the scratch and third in the points race.

Hargroves Cycles duo Jon Dibben and Owen Doull continued their strong form they’ve shown throughout the week, after they completely dominated the Junior Men’s Madison taking all the intermediate sprints along the way to another Gold medal.



1. Lucy Garner/Harriet Owen, Motorpoint
2. Hannah Walker/Hannah Barnes, Motorpoint
3. Amy Roberts/Hannah Manley  For Viored Brookvex
4. Hannah Layland/Ella Hopkins, VC ST Raphael
5. Charlene Joiner/Kayleigh Brogan, City of Edinburgh
6. Lisa Day/Anderson, Maxgear RT


Jason Queally back in the saddle in Team Sprint! Man 3 in the semi final and Man 2 in the Final …


North West Region A (Jason Kenny,  Jason Queally, Chris Hoy) 44.262
North West Region B (Ross Edgar, Peter Mitchell, David Daniell) 44.678

North West Region C (Kian Emadi, Philip Hindes, Liam Phillips) 45.019
beat (Andrew Kelly, Matthew Rotherham, Miles Stovold) 47.113

Semi Finals

North West Region  44.096
(Jason Kenny, Chris Hoy and Jason Queally)

VC St Raphael
(Rowan Elliott, Dave Heald, Adam Welch)

North West Region B 44.888
(Ross Edgar, Peter Mitchell, David Daniell)
Team Terminator A 49.986
(Miles Annon, Tom Baker, Lee Povey) 47.279
(Andrew Kelly, Matt Rotherham, Miles Stovold)
City of Edinburgh 48.019
(Kenneth Ayre, Bruce Croall, Johnn Paul)

North West Region  45.181
(Kian Emadi, Philip Hinds, Liam Phillips)
Para T Paracycling Team  48.880
(Jon-Allan Butterworth, Terry Bryne, Jody Cundy)

North West Region A 44.372
(Jason Kenny, Chris Hoy, Matt Crampton)

North West Region B 45.142
(Ross Edgar, Peter Mitchell, David Daniell)

North West Region C  46.123
(Phillip Hindes, Lewis Oliva, Kian Emadi)

City of Edinburgh RC  47.802
(John Paul, Kennenth Ayre, Bruce Croall) 48.673
(Andrew Kelly, Matt Rotherham, Miles Stovold)

Para T Paracycling Team 48.711 (Paracycling world record)
(Jody Cundy, Terry Byrne, Jon-Allan Butterworth)

Team Terminator A  48.962
(Miles Annon, Tom Baker, Lee Povey)

VC St Raphael  49.546
(Rowan Elliott, Dave Heald, Adam Welch)

Team Terminator B  51.648
John Coolahan, Adrian Dent, Dave LeGrys)

Blazing Saddles Cycles  56.415
Mike Brampton, Rob Mortlock, Richard St Pierre)


1. Hargroves Cycles (Jon Dibben/Owain Doull) 28
2. Planet X/Cult Racing (Chris Latham/ Josh Papworth) 16
3. Raleigh/Hargroves Cycles (Sam Lowe/Ali Slater) 14



1. Horizon Fitness caught
(Dani King, Joanna Rowsell, Sarah Storey)

2. Motorpoint
(Hannah Barnes, Lucy Garner, Harriet Owen)

3. For Viored Brookvex caught
(Amy Roberts, Rohan Battison, Hannah Manley)

4. VC St Raphael A
(Marrianne Britten, Ella Hopkins, Hannah Layland)

5. VC St Raphael B 3.53.829
(Eleanor Jones, Harriett Whenwell, Adel Tyson-Bloor)

Lichfield City CC 4.03.440
(Liz Claton, Helen Clayton, Alison Holmes)

AW Cycles 4:04.665
(Cheryl Owens, Nicci Meadows, Caroline Harding)

Horizon Fitness 3:25.235
(Dani King, Joanna Rowsell, Sarah Storey)

Motorpoint 3:42.945
(Hannah Barnes, Lucy Garner, Harriet Owen)

For Viored Brookvex 3:49.648
(Amy Roberts, Rohan Battison, Hannah Manley)

VC St Raphael A 3.53.468
(Marrianne Britten, Ella Hopkins, Hannah Layland)

VC St Raphael B 3:54.635
(Eleanor Jones, Harriett Whenwell, Adel Tyson-Bloor)

Lichfield City CC 4:03.753
(Liz Claton, Helen Clayton, Alison Holmes)

AW Cycles 4:04.888
(Cheryl Owens, Nicci Meadows, Caroline Harding)

After a crash on the first lap and a restart, Becky James made no mistake in the straight off Women’s Keirin.

1. Becky James Abergavenny RC
2. Jess Crampton, Sportcity Velo
3. Vicky Williamson, Welwyn Wheelers
4. Emma Baird, City of Edinburgh
5. Cassie Gledhill, XRT Elmy Cycles
6. Lauren Quenby, Newcastle RC 2001
7. Jessica Anderson, Maxgear RT


Simon Yates (Silver), Jon Mould (Gold) and Adam Yates (Bronze) after what proved to be a very exciting and close tussle for the title in the Omnium.

Final Overall
1 Jon Mould 100% ME 7 points
2 Simon Yates 100% ME 8
3 Adam Yates 17
4 Alistair Rutherford 18
5 Joe Kelly 100% ME 20
6 Richard Prince Planet X 35
7 Chris Nicolson Lotto-Predictor 36
8 Mark Christian 100% ME 37
9 Erick Rowsell 100% ME 37
10 Adam Duggleby 37
11 Tom Moses 100% ME 39
12 John McClelland Agiskoviner CT 48
13 Symon Lewis Edwardes 50
14 Chris Bush VC St Raphael 62
15 Courtney Rowe Cardiff JIF 70
16 James Rutherford 70
17 James Holland-Leader Agiskoviner CT 73
18 Callum Watson City of Edinburgh RC 74
19 Andrew Stuart VC St Raphael 75
20 John Brearly Cottingham Coureurs 79
21 Iain Cook VC Londres 80
22 Jason Streather VC St Raphael 85

Flying Lap (250 metres) Points awarded from 1 for the winner down 25 for the final rider

  1. Jon Mould 14.249
  2. Simon Yates 14.345
  3. Richard Prince 14.524
  4. Adam Yates 14.555
  5. Joseph Kelly 14.557
  6. John McClelland 14.628
  7. Adam Duggleby 14.703
  8. Alistair Rutherford 14.806
  9. Erik Rowsell 14.852
  10. Simon Lewis 14.908
  11. Andrew Stuart  15.044
  12. Mark Christian 15.052
  13. Scott Burns 15.055
  14. Alex Wise 15.243
  15. Chris Nicholson 15.244
  16. Tom Moses 15.342
  17. Callum Watson, 15.366
  18. Iain Cook 15.484
  19. Ian Cooper 15.529
  20. Chris Bush 15.731
  21. Jason Streather 15.749
  22. James Holland-Leader 15.809
  23. John Brearley 15.816
  24. Courtney Rowe 15.830
  25. James Rutherford 15.896

Event 2 Points Race
1. Simon Yates, 100%ME 33
2. Alistair Rutherford, Science in Sport 30
3. Jon Mould, 100% ME 30

@ 1 lap
4. Adam Yates, Science in Sport 29
5. Joseph Kelly, 100% ME 22
6. Chris Nicholson, LPR 21
7. Erik Rowsell, 100%ME 20
8. Adam Duggleby, Science in Sport 8
9. Tom Moses, 100%ME 5
10. Mark Christian, 100%ME 2
11. Ian Cooper, PlanetX 2
12. Richard Prince, PlanetX 2
13. Alex Wise, Agiskoviner 1
14. John McClelland, Agiskoviner 1

Event 3 Devil
1. Jon Mould, 100% ME
2. Alistair Rutherford, Science in
3. Adam Duggleby, Science in
4. Adam Yates, Science in
5. Simon Yates, 100% ME
6. Mark Christian, 100% ME
7. Joseph Kelly, 100% ME
8. Chris Nicholson, LPR
9. Tom Moses, 100% ME
10. James Rutherford, Science in
11. Erik Rowsell, 100% ME
12. Simon Lewis, Edwardes
13. Richard Prince, Planet X
14. John McClelland, Agiskoviner
15. Chris Bush, VC St Raphael
16. Iain Cook, VC De Londres
17. Callum Watson, City of Edinburgh
18. Courtney Rowe, Cardiff Jif
19. John Brearley, Cottingham Couriers
20. Ian Cooper, Planet X
21. Jason Streather, VC St Raphael
22. James Holland-Leader, Agiskoviner
23. Andrew Stuart, VC St Raphael

Event 4 Scratch Race
1 Simon Yates 100% ME
2 Jon Mould  100% ME
3 Joe Kelly 100% ME
4 Adam Yates
5 Tom Moses 100% ME
6 Alistair Rutherford @ 1 lap
7 Chris Nicolson Lotto-Predictor
8 Richard Prince Planet X
9 Mark Christian 100% ME
10 Erick Rowsell 100% ME
11 Courtney Rowe Cardiff JIF
12 Chris Bush VC St Raphael
13 James Hollad-Leader Agiskoviner CT
14 Symon Lewis Edwardes
15 John MCCLELLAND Agiskoviner CT
16 John Brearly Cottingham Coureurs
17 James Rutherford
18 Callum Watson City of Edinburgh RC
19 Adam Duggleby
20 Jason Streather VC St Raphael @ 2 laps
21 Andrew Stuart VC St Raphael
22 Iain Cook VC Londres @ 3 laps

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