Result: Withington Wheelers’ Hill-Climb

Lee Baldwin wins the Jim Forbes Memorial Hill Climb on the Peaslows Hill (J9/1) to make it two victories for the weekend

1. Lee Baldwin    Buxton CC    2min32.65s
2. Charles Taylor   South Pennine RC   2min41.37s
3. James Coleman  Witham Wheelers   2min50.00s
4. Joshua Ferguson   2min59.00s
5. Andrew Leigh   Manchester Wheelers  3min06.63s
6. Andrew Steel   Wills Wheels    3min07.90s
7. Darren Maironis  Withington Wheelers   3min10.70s
8. Robert Richardson  Bolton Hot Wheels CC  3min10.98s
9. Jacob Peatfield  Bolton Hot Wheels CC  3min21.66s
10.Stuart Baker   Buxton CC    3min22.83s
11. Sam Mansfield  Manchester Wheelers  3min25.64s
12. Rob Pollen   Ashley Touring CC   3min29.64s
13. Daniel Gee   Ashfield RC    3min34.14s
14. Mike Irvine   Withington Wheelers   3min35.88s
15. Paul Targett   Pendle Forest CC   3min37.80s
16. Paul Brierley   Huddersfield RC    3min45.51s
17. Michael Allcroft  Buxton CC    3min49.04s
18. Kristian Spreckley  Withington Wheelers   3min49.27s
19. Joe Smalley   Ashley Touring CC   3min54.07s
20. Chris Peatfield  Bolton Hot Wheels CC  4min00.61s
21. Adrian Jones   Westmead Team 88   4min10.43s
22. Joseph Peatfield  Bolton Hot Wheels CC  4min17.63s

1st  Lee Baldwin  Buxton CC   2min 32.65s (Jim Forbes Memorial Trophy for 1 year)
2nd  Charles Taylor South  Pennine RC   2min 41.37s  £15
3rd James Coleman Witham Wheelers  2min 50.00s  £10
4th Joshua Ferguson  2min 59.00s  £5

U18 Joshua Ferguson  2min 59.00s  £5

Fastest Team    Buxton CC   9min 44.52s  to hold the
(Lee Baldwin; Stuart Baker, 3min 22.83s; Michael Allcroft ,3min 49.04s) Tom Frith Shield for one year

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