Result: CDNW Youth League Round 7 – Salt Ayre

Results from the final round of the CDNW Youth League at Salt Ayre (Lancashire)

Message from organiser Matt Winston, “As I announced at the race today, after 5 years of organising the CDNW Youth League I will be stepping down after the event today due to work commitments. The league started in 2007 to enhance youth racing in the North West of England as at the time there was very little. In that first season we had 105 riders come along to the league altogether which in itself was a great success. In 2011 we have had over 235 riders race at least one event in the league and the standard has improved massively.”

“Some of the riders that raced in that first season are now off winning pro – races as part of the Great Britain academy and hopefully many more will follow. Thank you to all the officials that have supported me over the years and for Cycling Development North West (Ivor) for backing my idea when I first came up with it.”

“Finally a massive well done to all 238 riders who have made the CDNW Youth League a massive success and one that other regions can only hope for.”


Under 16
1st  Matt Flynn Velocity 3 in 1 C.N.P
2nd  Henry Hunter Southport CC
3rd  Robert Richardson Bolton Hot Wheels CC
4th  Jake Cowen Border City Wheelers
5th  Mitchell Cross
6th  Fabien Brennan Salt Ayre Cog Set
7th  Ashley Clitheroe red rose olympic
8th  Oliver Payton Cycle Sport Pendle
9th  Aaron Adamson bolton hot wheels
10th  Zack Williamson Mossley CRT
11th Jess Atkinson Salt Ayre Cog Set
12th  Amy Gornall Cycle Sport Pendle
13th  Connor French Cycle Sport Pendle
14th  Sam Baldwin Salt Ayre Cog Set
15th  Gareth Williams Bolton Hot Wheels CC
16th  Dean Tallentire Beacon Wheelers

Under 14
1st  Sam Ross beacon wheelers
2nd  Ryan McGillick Mossley CRT
3rd  Ellis Kirkbride Border City Wheelers
4th  John Didsbury Salt Ayre Cog Set
5th  Eleanor Dickinson beacon wheelers
6th  Oscar Williamson Mossley CRT
7th  Thomas Figgins Bolton Hot wheels CC
8th  Archie Stewart Mossley CRT
9th  Adam Hartley BY
10th  Martha Gill Bolton Hot Wheels
11th  Reece Player Mossley CRT
12th  Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle
13th  Alex Foster Border City Wheelers
14th  Sam Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set
15th  Harry French Cycle Sport Pendle
16th  Caitlin Flynn Salt Ayre Cog Set
17th  Harry Lynagh BYCA
18th  Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle
19th  Rosa Martin BYCA

Under 12
1st  Brad Dransfield North Midlands Youth Squad
2nd  Joseph Armstrong Border City Wheelers
3rd  Alistair Lievers BYCA 2nd
4th  Simon Howlett Border City Wheelers
5th  Stephen Dent West Highland Wheelers
6th  Tyla Loftus Salt Ayre Cog Set
7th  Thomas Humphrey Wakefield Junior Tri
8th  Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle
9th  Dexter Sparrow BYCA
10th  Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo
11th  Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels cc
12th  Samuel Rathbone EASTLANDS VELO
13th  Bailey Johnson Salt Ayre Cog Set
14th  Corinne Side Bolton Hot Wheels CC
15th  Karl Richter Mossley CRT
16th  Ben Barlow Salt Ayre Cog Set
17th Georgia Savory Cycle Sport Pendle
18th  Oscar Holden New Brighton
19th  Jack Tallentire Beacon Wheelers
20th  Belinda Lamb Bolton Hot Wheels CC

Under 10
1st  Matthew Egglestone Beacon Wheelers
2nd  Johnny Bouch Border City Wheelers
3rd  Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
4th  George Elliott Liverpool Century
5th  Anna Armstrong Border City Wheelers
6th  Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels cc
7th  Tyler Koch Bolton Hot Wheels cc
8th  Alfie Payne Cycle Sport Pendle
9th  Nicole Clarke Port Sunlight Wheelers
10th  Thomas Bates BC Private Member
11th  Ffion Ashton Salt Ayre Cog Set
12th Max Weston Bolton Hot Wheels CC
13th Alexander Dent West Highland Wheelers
14th Eve Martin BYCA
15th  Cameron Bates mossley crt
16th  Alex Lamb Bolton Hot Wheels
17th  Matthew Wearing BYCA
18th  Ben Hamilton Salt Ayre Cog
19th  Noah Egan BYCA
20th Jack Tidmas mossley crt
21st  Chloe Loftus Salt Ayre Cog Set
22nd  Joseph Rathbone EASTLANDS VELO
23rd  Chris Barlow Salt Ayre Cog Set
24th  Abby Trowse Salt Ayre Cog Set

Under 8
1st Benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
2nd Adam Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set
3rd Aimee Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set
4th Mia Johnson Salt Ayre Cog Set
5th Rhys Ashton Salt Ayre Cog Set
6th Tilly Percy Salt Ayre Cog Set
7th Jack Holiday Salt Ayre Cog Set


1. Matt Flynn
2. Ashley Clitheroe
3. Henry Hunter

Under 16 Girls
1. Amy Gornall
2. Jess Atkinson
3. Melissa Lowther

Under 14
1. Ryan McGillick
2. Ellis Kirkbride
3. John Didsbury

1. Martha Gill
2. Caitlin Flynn
3. Rosa Martin

Under 12
1. Brad Dransfield
2. Joseph Armstrong
3. Alistar Lievers

1. Kim Baptista
2. Georga Savory
3. Corinne Side

Under 10
1. Matthew Egglestone
2. Johnny Bouch
3. Addam Hathaway

1. Anna Armstrong
2. Nicole Clarke
3. Eve Martin

Under 8
1. Matthew Baptista
2. Benjamin Peatfield
3. Sam Kendall

1. Mia Johnson
2. Louise Didsbury
3. Aimee Hodgson

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