2011 UCI Track Cycling Masters World Championships – Day 5

There were no less than thirteen World champions crowned on the fifth night of racing at the Manchester Velodrome in age categories ranging from 35 years to over 70’s.

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Evening Session

Men’s 45-49 Sprint

Round 3
The evening’s racing was kicked off with round 3 of the Men’s 45-49 Sprint where there were three heats. In the first, Italy’s Fabio Alberti (Ita) dived underneath the favourite Bernhard FranzPotter (Den) who had Alberti pinned to the fence for much of the match sprint before the Italian won the drag race to the line.

Heat 2 was an easy one for Kirk Whiteman (USA) as one of the favourites, Wilhemus Zegers, (USA), withdrew from the competition and as per the rules, all Whiteman had to do was present himself to the start line and he was awarded the heat.

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The third and final heat saw Matthew Diefenbach (USA) lead the sprint out after coming from behind his Japanese rival as the bell rang but despite winning the sprint to the line, a protest by Kenji  Yano of Japan saw Diefenbach relegated and Yano awarded the heat.

The final race for round 3 was the repechage where Bernhard FranzPotter  beat Matt Difenbach in a very close finish between two of the fastest men in qualifying.
Bernhard FranzPotter continued his winning streak when he got his revenge over Fabio Alberti by beating him in two straight rides in his semi final while it took three matches for Yano to win his semi final against Whiteman.
And so to the finals where Bernhard FranzPotter showed he was the best sprinter in the competition by easily defeating Yano of Japan in two straight rides. The battle for the bronze was just as straight forward with Fabio Alberti of Italy beating Kirk Whiteman two rides to nil and clinching the bronze medal in the process.

1.    Bernhard FranzPotter (Den)
2.    Kenji Yano (Japan)
3.    Alberti Fabio (Italy)
4.    Kirk Whiteman (USA)
5.    Matthew Diefenbach (USA)

Men’s 50-54 Sprint

Round 3
If ever there was  a sprinter who was dominating his rivals it was Australian Geoff Stoker who breezed through his heat in the third round of the sprint, beating Daniel Zicavo (Arg) so easily, it was contemptuous …

The other Aussie in the competition Michael Popplewell didn’t have such an easy time against France’s Dominque Sioul but the Australian astride a Dolan bike still carved out a win to proceed to the semis.

The final heat was an awesome piece of sprinting from the veterans with Italian Ferruccio Veschetti  beating Phillipe Vernet (Fra) in a photo finish with only centimetres in it after the two had drag raced each other down the home straight before it took the photo finish camera to decide who had won.

The repecharge for round 3 was won by Daniel Zicavo (Arg) who took a flyer with two to go and won by the length of the straight from  Dominque Sioul and Phillipe Vernet.

Semi Finals
The domination by Geoff Stoker continued in the semi finals as he cruised through his two heats against Daniel Zicavo (Arg) while the other Australian Michael Popplewell (Aus) wasn’t so lucky against Italian Ferruccio Veschetti, the defending champion, who won both his heats against Popplewell.

Geoff Stoker (Aus) continued to make the winning look easy in the final against  Ferruccio Veschetti, winning both Match A and B as he liked. The other contest for the Bronze saw the other Australian, Michael Popplewell, back to winning ways against Daniel Zicavo (Arg) with Popplewell winning two rides to nil.

1.    Geoff Stroker, (Aus)
2.    Ferruccio Veschetti (Ita)
3.    Michael Popplewell (Aus)
4.    Daniel Zicavo (Arg)
5.    Dominque Sioul (Fra)
6.    Phillipe Vernet (Fra)

Women’s 35-39 Sprint

This contest resumed with the semi finals where Scotland’s Alison  Chisolm saw off the challenge from Australian Lee Johns while in the other semi, another Australian, Sandra Bletchley, was more successful than her teammate by winning her semi against Elisa Gianchino (RSA) in two straight rides although neither were easy for Bletchley.

The final between Bletchley and  Chisolm was as good as it gets, with each rider winning a match each and it took a third and final match for the title to be decided. In that final match c winner takes all, Chisolm took the inside run from the front while Bletchley had a really good go at her round the outside but in the narrowest of wins, the victory went to the rider from Scotland, Chisolm.

The bronze medal ride off was even more exciting and in the first heat, it took a photo finish to separate Lee Johns who won from  Elisa Gianchino (RSA). The South African rider Gianchino levelled it at one all in match B and then in match C, in contrast to the first match, Gianchino just had too speed for Johns and the medal went to the South African.

1.    Alison Chisolm (Scotland)
2.    Sandra Bletchly (Aus)
3.    Elisa Gianchino (RSA)
4.    Lee Johns (Aus)

Women’s 40-44 Sprint

This competition resumed with the semi finals as well and in the best of three heats,  Kimberly Edwards (USA)  won through in two straight rides against Cynthia Vargas (USA) while Dana Walton was similarly dominant against Britain’s Julie Cooper, winning their heat two rides to nil.

The final started with a slip up by Kimberly Edwards who mis-counted the laps and after sprinting hard for the line as the bell rang, she sat up, leaving Walton to cruise round to the win in match A.  The Match B contest was a much closer one with Edwards pushing Walton for the whole distances but Dana was simply too fast and too strong for Kimberely.

Likewise in the Bronze medal final where Julie Cooper sealed a medal for herself by beating Cynthia Vargas (USA) two rides to nil to prevent a USA 1-2-3 in the competition.

1.    Dana Walton (USA)
2.    Kimberly Edwards (USA)
3.    Julie Cooper (Gbr)
4.    Cynthia Vargas (USA)

Men’s 65-69 Points Race

This race was over 40 laps with sprints every ten laps and 14 riders took to the track where Michael Williams attacked from the gun but was brought back quickly enough. The peloton then gathered speed for the first sprint where Lance Ravenhill (Gbr) saw of the challenge from Steffan Munch Hansen (Den), Robert Wilson (RSA) and Heinz Bandener (Ger).

The Danish rider Steffan Munch Hansen then tried to go it alone but the rest didn’t let himj stay out front for long before he was reeled in and the next sprint was won by Michael Williams ahead of  Enrique Moyano and Steffan Much Hansen. Britain’s Max Pendleton then spent a few laps off the front of the peloton before Lance Ravenhill continued to pile up the points ahead of Kevin McComb of New Zealand who was making a big challenge for the Gold.

The final dash for the line saw McComb win the five points and move up to second overall but Ravenhill was already assured of the Gold and he was duly crowned champion from McComb and Steffan Much Hansen.

1. Lance Ravenhill (Gbr)
2. Kevin McComb (Nzl)
3. Stefan Hansen (Den)
4. Enrique Moyano (Arg)
5. Michael Williams (USA)
6. Bill Cotton (gbr)
7. Heinz Bandener (Ger)
8. Max Pendleton (Gbr)
9. Michael Briat (Fra)
10. Robert Wilson (RSA)

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Mens 60-64 Scratch Race

Some times you just have to be daring to be successful and Graham Truelove was certainly that with a  lone attack that no-body else wanted to be the one that chased. Truelove almost lapped the field on his way to a spectacular lone victory, the second such victory in a scratch race in the championships. Behind him, the peloton sprinted it out for second which went to Patrick Gellineau (USA) from Eduardo Gualtieri (Arg).

1.    Graham Truelove (Gbr)
2.    Patrick Gellineau (USA)
3.    Eduardo Gualtieri (Arg)
4.    4. Carlos Reybaud (Arg)
5.    Malcolm Clasohm (Aus)
6.    Steve Davies (Gbr)
7.    Thomas Demery (gbr)
8.    Mark Rodamaker (USA)
9.    David Mulica (USA)
10.    Patrick Samson (Fra)

Women’s 45-49 Time Trial

Janet Birkmyre continued her dominance of this category with yet another title and also a Worlds best for the distance and category.
1.    Janet Birkmyre (Gbr)  37.429 (World best for category)
2.    Deborah Capewell (Gbr) 38.891
3.    Jayne Payne (Gbr)  40.463
4.    Hamada Makiko (Jpn) 40.591
5.    Susan Temple (Gbr)  41.305
6.    Orla Hendron (Ire) 41.541
7.    Elizabeth Clayton (Gbr) 42.933
8.    Bernadette Leinenweber  (Fra)  46.530

Women’s 50-54 Time Trial

In this Women’s Time Trial for women aged 50 to 54, like Birkmyre, Australia’s Lise Benjamin also rode to a World’s best for the distance and category as she won the Gold medal from Japan’s Emi Wachi.
1.    Lise Benjamin (Aus) 38.188
2.    Emi Wachi (Japan) 38.506
3.    Donna Meehan (Aus) 40.325
4.    Marita Box (Aus) 42.280
5.    Jayne Chateaubriand (USA) 43.276
6.    Chrissie Higgs (Gbr) 43.523
7.    Louise Burman (gbr) 43.810

Women’s 55 Plus Time Trial

In this category, no less than three riders broke the old world’s best for the distance and category with South Africa’s Sue Taverner breaking the record in the final ride of the category and with it clinching the title from Finland’s Arja Scarsbrook.

1.    Sue Taverner (RSA) 42.480 (world best for category)
2.    Arja Scarsbrook (Fin) 43.403
3.    Bonnie Woodbury (USA) 43.838
4.    Liz Randall (Aus) 44.715
5.    Sue Smith (Gbr) 44.446
6.    Jenni Nicholson (Gbr) 46.145
7.    Julie Shuttleworth (Gbr) 49.281

Men’s 40-44 Scratch Race

Like Graham Truelove, Joseph Wentzell (USA) also made everyone sit up and take notice as he won this categories title by lapping the field on his own.

It was quite an aggressive race, brutal even, with lots of breaks going but nothing was sticking until Joseph Wentzell went on his own. Being solo, he was given some rope to sit out there and fry but the thing is he didn’t fry and by the time the others realised how strong he was, Wentzell was close to taking the lap which he did.

So while he sat in the bunch and cruised to the line the winner, a small group got away to sprint it out for the minor placings with Eduardo Leguizamon (Arg)  getting the Silver and David Stevens (Aus) the Bronze.

1.    Joseph Wentzell (USA)
2.    Eduardo Leguizamon (Arg)
3.    David Stevens (Aus)
4.    Edgardo Giovannini (Arg)
5.    Oliver Davies (Gbr)
6.    Alejandro Rozie (Arg)
7.    John McClelland (Gbr)
8.    Gerry Bowditch (gbr)
9.    Ian Cooper (Gbr)
10.    Alan Sheldon (Gbr)
11.    Matt Beeton (Gbr)
12.    Guy Tucker (USA)
13.    Graziano Guerra (Ita)
14.    Rick Mcardle (Aus)
15.    Jon Lewis (Gbr)
16.    Jean Paul Benveuto (Fra)
17.    Brendan Wheelan (Ire)
18.    Chris Bush (Gbr)
19.    Eddie Labrador (Pur)
20.    Giuseppe Ravasio (Ita)
21.    David Kirby Gbr)
22.    Andrew James (Gbr)
23.    Aderito Dacruz (Fra)
24.    Daniel Del Barco (Arg)

Men’s 35-39 Scratch Race

As expected from this age group, the riders quickly got up to speed and the attacks kept on coming and even those that looked promising, were soon being reeled in as riders one by one crossed to them, and filling the  gap between break and bunch.

Jason White was one of those having a real go as was Graeme Lackford and it was a break by Lackford who was quickly joined by Richard Prince that quickly gained ground on the peloton. With the field fragmenting in the chase, other riders came across to it such as Michael Dinnini and Martyn Harris and Jason White too. Nell of South Africa was also amongst it.

With 11 laps to go, the lap was taken and while there was a small break off the front trying to unlap themselves which was never going to happen, the riders who had lapped the field had to try and keep tabs on the other contenders amongst all the other riders they had just lapped.

It was Martyn Harris who managed this best, crossing the line first and clinching his first World Masters title from Jason White with Richard Prince in third. A British 1-2-3!

1.    Martyn Harris, (Gbr)
2.    Jason White (Gbr)
3.    Richard Prince (Gbr)
4.     Michael Dinnini (Fra)
5.    Graeme Lackford (Gbr)
6.    Mario Nell (South Africa)
7.    Andrew Gerber (Aus) @ 1 lap
8.    Boyd Roberts (RSA)
9.    Alessendro Picco (Ita)
10.    Brent Stein (USA)
11.    James Taylor (Gbr)
12.    Richard St Pierre (Gbr)
13.    Jean Claude Voegeli (Sui)
14.    Jose Santiago (Pur)
15.    Ralph Lugo (Pur)
16.    Jason Streather (Gbr)
17.    Theirry Forler (Fra)
18.    Cyrille Santerre (Fra)
19.    John Hollier (Gbr)
20.    Dario Ayala (Pur)

55-59 Scratch Race

Seven riders in this race took a lap and in the sprint for the line, it was Holland’s Mass van Beek who had the speed to see off his rivals and win the title ahead of Britain’s Chris Davis and Jimmy Rutherford.

1. Maas Van Beek, Hol
2. Chris Davis, Gbr
3. Jimmy Rutherford, Gbr
4. Mark Zasche (Gbr)
5. Ian Humphries (Gbr)
6. Scott Russell (NZL)
7. Andrew Donaldson (Gbr)
8. Brian O’Kelly (Gbr)
9. Bernhard Kluender (Ger)
10. Dider Ramet (Fra)

70 Plus Points Race

Guido Lupo was just far too good for the rest in this race, winning the sprints at will and building up a points tally that was twice as much as the next rider, Clive Walmsley.
1. Guido Lupo (Ita)
2. Clive Walmsley (Gbr)
3. Michael McDonald
4. Derek Woodings (Gbr)
5. Victor Posse (Gbr)
6. Alan Whitworth (gbr)
7. John Wynne (Gbr)
8. Raymond Pelle (Fra)
9. Denis Robinson (Aus)
10. Roland Crayford (Gbr)

Morning Session

Day 5 began with a morning of sprinting for both Men and Women with the early rounds of the Men’s 45-49 Sprint, Men’s 50-54 Sprint, Women’s 35-39 Sprint and the Women’s 40-44 Sprint. There were also heats for the Men’s 40-44 Scratch race.

In the Women’s  40-44 Sprint, the USA’s Kimberly Edwards was in great form, qualifying a lot faster than her opponents and now favourite for the title in the evening. In the Women’s 35-39 Sprint meanwhile, it looks like being a Britain versus Australia final with Alison Chisholm qualifying fastest ahead of Australian Sandra Bletchley. Both riders were the only ones under 13 seconds for flying 200 and if the form guide proves to be correct, they should meet in the final.

In the Men’s Sprint event for riders aged 45-49, there were no less than three riders from the USA in the top six but the fastest qualifier came from Denmark with Bernhard FranzPotter recording a time of 11.115 to the 11.228 of Wilhemus Zegers (USA). Riders from the USA filled the spots from second down to fourth with Kenji Yano of Japan in 5th and Philip Houlton of Britain in 6th.

A few rounds into the competition and it looks like Bernhard FranzPotter, Wilhemus Zegers,  Matt Difenbach and Kenji Yano are the ones to beat.

In the Men’s 50-54 Sprint, the Australians are on top with the fastest two qualifiers in Geoff Stoker and Michael Popplewell. Stoker’s time is three tenths clear of his rivals however and after the early rounds, he’s looking quite dominant in this category.

The final event on the morning’s schedule was the Men’s 40-44 Scratch race heat where the first 12 riders from each heat will go through to the final this evening with the two winners being Gerry Bowditch (Gbr) and Aderito Dacruz (Fra).

Results of the events follow:

Men’s 45-49 Sprint

1. Bernhard FranzPotter (Den) 11.115
2. Wilhemus Zegers, (USA) 11.228
3. Kirk Whiteman (USA) 11.355
4. Todd Hayes (USA) 11.430
5. Kenji Yano (JPN) 11.443
6. Philip Houlton (Gbr) 11.520
7. Matt Difenbach (USA) 11.543
8. Fabio Alberti (Ita) 11.544
9. Martin Stephens (gbr) 11.579
10. Mario Vegetti (Arg) 11.650
11. Douw Grundling (RSA) 11.754
12. Brian Abers (Fra) 11.901

First Round
Winners from the first round included Bernhard FranzPotter (Den), Wilhemus Zegers, (USA), Matt Difenbach (USA), Kenji Yano (JPN), Mario Vegetti

(Arg), Fabio Alberti (Ita), Kirk Whiteman (USA), Philip Houlton (Gbr).

First Round Repecharges
Heat 1
Dider Leinenweber (Fra) beat Patrick Larabee (USA), Andrew McKay (NZL) and Markus Imhof (Ger)

Heat 2
Robert Bodamer (USA) beat Brian Abers (USA) Humberto Pages (USA) and Luis Zayas (Pur)

Heat 3
Bruno Mery (Fra) beat Douw Grundling (RSA), John Burger (Ned) and Andres Cardona (Col)

Heat 4
Martin Stephens beat Geoffrey Baxter (Aus), Grant Powell (NZL) and David Gulich (USA)

Heat 1
Bernhard FranzPotter (Den) beat Mario Vegetti (Arg), and Martin Stephens

Heat 2
Wilhemus Zegers, (USA) beat Fabio Alberti (Ita) and Bruno Mery (Fra)

Heat 3
Matt Difenbach (USA)beat Kirk Whiteman (USA) and Robert Bodamer (USA)

Heat 4
Kenji Yano (JPN) beat Philip Houlton (Gbr) and Dider Leinenweber (Fra)


Men’s 50-54 Sprint

1. Geoff Stoker (Aus) 11.128
2. Michael Popplewell (Aus) 11.435
3. Ferruccio Veschetti (Ita) 11.440
4. Phillipe Vernet (Fra) 11.476
5. Tim Abbot (RSA) 11.663
6. Adrian Dent 11.717
7. Daniel Zicavo (Arg) 11.783
8. Simon Schmidt (Gbr) 12.228
9. Denis Champagne (Can) 12.233
10. Steve Wilkinson (gbr) 12.240
11. James Thiele 12.280
12. Abel Luna (Arg) 12.287


Heat 1
Geoff Stoker (Aus) beat Daniel Schueller (USA) and John Horton (Gbr)

Heat 2
Michael Popplewell (Aus) beat Dominique Sioul (Fra) and Steven Linden (USA)

Heat 3
Ferruccio Veschetti (Ita) beat Paul Jefferies (gbr) and Paul Swenarton (Ire)

Heat 4
Phillipe Vernet (Fra) beat Michael Eastwood (Fra) and Gary Lawrence (USA)

Heat 5
Tim Abbot (RSA) beat Abel Luna (Arg) and Neil Stanthorpe (Gbr)

Heat 6
Adrian Dent (Gbr) beat James Thiele (USA) and Andrew Immelman (RSA)

Heat 7
Steve Wilkinson beat Daniel Zicavo (Arg) and Ray Box (Aus)

Heat 8
Simon Schmidt (Gbr) beat Denis Champagne (Can) and Ted Kicey (USA)

Round 1 Repechages

Heat 1
Luna Abel beat Ted Kicey, Daniell Schueller

Heat 2
Dominque Sioul beat Ray Box, James Thiele and Paul Swenarton

Heat 3
Daniel Zicavo beat Paul Jefferies, Steven Lindell

Heat 4
Denis Champagne beat Michael Eastwood, Neil Stainthorpe and John Horton


Heat 1
Geoff Stoker (Aus) beat Simon Schmidt (Gbr) and Simon Schmidt (Gbr)

Heat 2
Michael Popplewell (Aus) beat Daniel Zicavo (Arg) and Steve Wilkinson

Heat 3
Ferruccio Veschetti (Ita) beat Dominque Sioul and Adrian Dent (Gbr)

Heat 4
Phillipe Vernet (Fra) beat Tim Abbot and Abel Luna


Women’s 35-39 Sprint

1. Alison Chisholm (Gbr) 12.573
2. Sandra Bletchley (Aus) 12.795
3. Lee Johns (Aus) 13.140
4. Elisa Gianchino (RSA) 13.360
5. Susie Mitchell (Ire) 13.849
6. Julie Dominguez (Gbr) 13.975

Round 1

Heat 1
Alison Chisholm (Gbr) beat Julie Dominguez (Gbr)

Heat 2
Sandra Bletchley (Aus) beat Susie Mitchell (Ire)

Heat 3
Lee Johns (Aus) beat Elisa Gianchino (RSA)

Round 1 repechage
Elisa Gianchino (RSA) beat Julie Dominguez (Gbr) and Susie Mitchell (Ire)

(Note: this is provisional and need to be amended.


Women’s 40-44 Sprint

1. Kimberly Edwards (USA) 12.690
2. Dana Walton (USA) 13.148
3. Julie Cooper (gbr) 13.329
4. Adriana Perino (Arg) 13.403
5. Cynthia Vargas (USA) 14.052
6. Cheryl Owens (Gbr) 14.150

Round 1

Heat 1
Kimberly Edwards (USA) beat Cheryl Owens

Heat 2
Dana Walton beat Cynthia Vargas (USA)

Heat 3
Julie Cooper beat Adriana Perino (Arg)

Round 1 Repechage
Cynthia Vargas (USA) beat Cheryl Owens (Gbr) and Adriana Perino (Arg)


Men’s 40-44 Scratch Race

Heat 1
1. Gerry Bowditch (gbr)
2. John McClelland (Gbr)
3. Rick Mcardle (Aus)
4. Eduardo Leguizamon (Arg)
5. Guy Tucker (USA)
6. Jean Paul Benveuto (Fra)
7. Alan Sheldon (Gbr)
8. Alejandro Rozie (Arg)
9. Graziano Guerra (Ita)
10. Brendan Wheelan (Ire)
11. Eddie Labrador (Pur)
12. Matt Beeton (Gbr)

Heat 2
1. Aderito Dacruz (Fra)
2. Daniel Del Barco (Arg)
3. Edgardo Giovannini (Arg)
4. David Stevens (Aus)
5. Giuseppe Ravasio (Ita)
6. Chris Bush (Gbr)
7. Oliver Davies (Gbr)
8. Joseph Wentzell (USA)
9. Ian Cooper (Gbr)
10. Jon Lewis (Gbr)
11. David Kirby Gbr)
12. Andrew James (Gbr)

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