2011 UCI Track Cycling Masters World Championships – Day 6

The final night of racing at the Manchester Velodrome saw a mix of title races and special events for various trophies associated with the World Championships such as the Muratti Cup and the Brian Cossavella Memorial Trophy.

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Men’s 135+ Team Sprint

A popular event around the world, the Team Sprint sees three riders, generally sprinters, go flat out for a lap before handing over to the rider behind them to do their lap. With the boards rumbling with the speed of the riders, it’s one cycling’s high octane events and this was no exception.

Each team was made up of three riders with a combined team age of 135 plus but don’t think for one second that means these guys are not fast. The final for the Gold between teams from Australia (the record holders) and Britain, saw the teams so evenly matched, the race finished with only four thousandths of a second separating them!

1.    Aus – Team Brennan 48.395
(Gavin White/David Wilmott/Geoff Stoker)

2.    Britain – 5 Lungs & 5 Hamstrings 48.442
(Dave Legrys/Neil Campbell/Neil Potter)

3.    USA #1 49.389
(Richard Voss/Todd Hayes/Sky Christopherson)

4.    Britain – English Welsh Alliance  49.701
(Steve Cronshaw/Leuan Williams, Philip Houlton)

Men’s 40-44 Points

David Stevens (Australia), the defending champion, dominated the 2011 edition of the Men’s 40-44 Points race and won the Gold medal with a great display of points race riding. Stevens had a great start to his race winning the opening sprint before going on to score in all but two of the sprints that followed.

His margin of victory however was not huge and his win was never assured with Oliver Davies riding out of his skin to post a very formidable challenge. Davies was part of a two man breakaway after the first two sprints had been and gone and with Guiseppe Ravasio (Ita), they looked good for a lap take until the peloton thought otherwise and reeled them in.

The spell off the front though saw them gain valuable points in a race where no lap takes ever looked likely and getting away for a sprint or two was a good move to get in the medals. The lead at the top of the table was changing almost as quickly as the faces of the riders going off the front of the race.

Breaks came and went with Stevens, Guiseppe Ravasio (Ita),  Alejandro Rozie (Arg), Gerry Bowditch (Gbr)  and Graziano Guerra (Ita) were amongst the riders trying to get away and
Oliver Davies timed a move well to get another five for sprint 6 and go into the lead, one point ahead of Stevens.

That didn’t last though and the Australian Stevens was soon scoring more points in the sprints ten laps later and then to top it off, won the last one as well, to win the race by four points from Davies with Alejandro in third.

1. David Stevens (Aus)
2. Oliver Davies (Gbr)
3. Alejandro Rozie (Arg)
4. Guiseppe Ravasio (Ita)
5. Daniel Del Barco (Arg)
6. Gerry Bowditch (gbr)
7. Joseph Wentzell (USA)
8. Guy Tucker (USA)
9. Graziano Guerra (Ita)
10. John McClelland (Gbr)

Men’s Points 35-39

Every now and then in the Points race, a rider comes along and completely dominates it and in this event, that is exactly what Mickael Dhinnini of France did. Taking no less than two laps on the rest of the riders, his 55 points total was made up of the 40 points from the two lap gains and three sprint wins he gathered while on the attack.

The other standout rider from the competition, besides Graeme Lackford who was the only other rider to gain a lap, which he did like Mickael Dhinnini on his own, was Boyd Roberts. He scored in every sprint of the race, winning six of the twelve and doing so well in the sprints that he managed to deny Lackford the Silver medal simply by continuing to score highly in the sprints.

The race between Lackford and Roberts was the main highlight of the race because it was always going to be Dhinnini on the top step and Lackford, not as quick as Roberts, certainly didn’t roll over and let the South African have the Silver medal. He attacked again and again and scored in a few sprints as well but while Roberts scored 15 points in the final three sprints, Lackford was unable to score any so Roberts took the Silver and Lackford the Bronze.

1. Mickael Dhinnin, Fra 55
2. Boyd Roberts, RSA 40
3. Graeme Lackford, Gbr  32
4. Jason White, Gbr 26
5. Andrew Gerber, Aus, 17
6. James Taylor, Gbr 10
7. Mario Nell, RSA 9
8. Ralph Lugo (Pur) 2
9. Richard Prince, (Gbr) 1
10. Martyn Harris (Gbr)

The day saw a lot of individual pursuits where the riders first had to race against the clock to record a time to try and make it into the top four, and if they did that, then they would race against their opponent over 2,000 metres . Here are the results of these events:

Men’s 65-69 Individual Pursuit

1.    Michael Williams (USA) 2.36.036
2.    Michael Allen (Gbr) 2.38.822

Bronze medal
3.    Steffan Hansen (Den) 2.36.108
4.    Michael Briat (Fra) 2.38.001

Women’s 45-49 Individual Pursuit

1. Clare Newland (Gbr) 2.34.082
2. Jayne Payne (Gbr) 2.38.96

3. Janet Birkmyre (Gbr) 2.40.849
4. Orla Hendron (Ire) 2.43.160

Women’s 40-44 Individual Pursuit

1. Dana Walton (USA) 2.38.2622
2. Christine Philips (USA) 2.41.774

3. Clara Lopez (Col) 2.45.341
4. Alison Holmes (Gbr) 2.47.546

Women’s 35-39 Individual Pursuit

1. Mindy Simmons (USA)  2.39.184
2. Sandra Bletchly (Aus) 2.39.510

3. Siobhan Mullan (Gbr)
4. Elisa Gianchino (RSA)

Men’s 75+ Individual Pursuit

1. Pelle Raymond (Fra) 2.52.749
2. Thomas O’Rouke (USA)  2.54.815

Bronze Medal
3. Roy Savery (Gbr) 3.05.237
4. Owen Duffy (Nzl) 3.17.150

Men’s 70-74 Individual Pursuit

1. Guido Lupo (Ita) 2.40.897
2. Peter Robertson (Scotland) 2.49.191

Bronze medal
3. Derrick Woodings (Gbr) 2.50.915
4. Gordon Johnstone (Gbr) 2.51.892

Women’s Team Sprint

1. Britain – Double Tops (Janet Birkmyre/Alison Chisolm)  38.703
2. Britain – Sister Act (Deborah Capewell/Julie Cooper) 40.4
3. Australia (Lee Johns/Lise Benjamin) 38.305

The fourth team,   Argentina France (Adriana Perino/Bernadette Leinenweber) had to withdraw for the final as one of the riders had to leave to catch a flight home.

Special Events

Greggs Cycles Scratch Race

This race, for over 50’s, was 10 kilometres or 40 laps of the track and the riders were quickly up to speed and the field was splitting after only six laps.

Soon the lead group had only eight riders with the rest either behind in the group of five that brought up the rear or they’d retired one by one. The pace continued to get ever quicker as the finish drew closer and in the big sprint for the line, Simon Schmidt was the quickest to the finish ahead of Francisco Lombardo and Steve Davies.

1. Simon Schmidt
2. Francisco Lombardo
3. Steve Davies

Muratti Cup

This very exclusive and valuable trophy is one of the most sought after and has a rich history attached to it and more of that was made today in Manchester. The race was 10 miles (16 kilomtres) and for a long time none of the digs off the front were going anywhere.

Jimmy Rutherford got away with a US rider who was clearly unsure what to do, so much so he said as much as he came past the finish line. He wasn’t about to commit to the break the way that Rutherford wanted him to and so the duo came back to the peloton only for another to quickly go as John McClelland got away with former Brit Shaun Wallace (USA).

Both strong riders in such a situation, they inched their way across the 250 metres that separated them from the peloton but eventually made the junction to seal at least a top two position in the race. With the bell ringing, John McClelland and Wallace made sure they were at the head of the bunch and in the charge for the line, McClelland saw off the sprint from Wallace to change his fortunes around from a week of what might have been.

David Stevens meanwhile clipped off in the closing laps to seal third place on his own.

1. John McClelland
2. Shaun Wallace
3. David Stevens

Brian Cossavella Memorial Trophy

This event is dedicated to the man who organised the World Masters from 1995 to 2006 and
who died unexpectedly in 2008. A fast paced race which saw more riders being dropped than going off the front, it was won in a bunch kick while Brian’s favourite band, the Rolling Stones, played in the background.

Quickest to the line was Mark Zaschke from Gerado Gomez and David Mills and after the race had finished, the trophy was awarded to Zaschke by the Manager of the 2012 Olympic Track Events in London, and a close friend of Brian’s, Martin Bridgewood.


The morning session at the Manchester Velodrome saw lots of qualifying Individual Pursuiting taking place as well as some Team Sprints and qualifying  heats for a Points race as well a record attempt where a Worlds Best was recorded.

Men’s 75+ Individual Pursuit

1. Pelle Raymond (Fra) 2.52.417 (world best for category)
2. Thomas O’Rouke (USA) 2.56.728
3. Roy Savery (Gbr) 2.59.677
4. Owen Duffy (Nzl) 3.14.989
5. Andre Beaufils (Fra) 3.20.025

Men’s 70-74 Individual Pursuit

1. Guido Lupo (Ita) 2.41.607
2. Peter Robertson (Gbr) 2.46.721
3. Gordon Johnstone2.48.824
4. Derrick Woodings (Gbr) 2.48.824
5. Alan Rowe (Gbr) 2.52.172
6. John Mason (Gbr) 2.53.070
7. Brian Newton (Gbr) 2.53.368
8. Roland Crayford (Gbr) 2.56.648
9. Michael McDonald (USA) 2.57.358
10. David Sankey (Gbr) 3.05.658
11. Denis Robinson (Aus) 3.05.831

Men’s 65-69 Individual Pursuit

The final for Gold in this event will be contested by Michael Williams (USA) and Britain’s Michael Allen after they qualified fastest. With over a second between Williams and Allen, the rider from the USA will be the favourite for Gold while Steffan Hansen from Denmark is the favourite for the Bronze after racing to a time of 2.35.890 to France’s Michael Brat’s time of 2.36.864.

1. Michael Williams (USA) 2.34.526
2. Michael Allen (Gbr) 2.35.805
3. Steffan Hansen (Den) 2.35.890
4. Michael Brat (Fra) 2.36.864
5. David Rutherford (gbr) 1.22.168
6. Leo Menestrinia (USA) 2.42.399
7. Sandy Wallace (Gbr) 2.43.229
8. Marcel Lequere (Fra) 2.44.210
9. Enrique Moyano (Arg) 2.53.145
10. Barry Ferguason (Gbr) 2.53.824
11. Roger Langlois (Fra) 2.55.998
12. George Grant (Gbr) 2.58.365

Women’s 45-49 Individual Pursuit

Britain’s Clare Newland was less than a second off the Worlds Best time for this category when she recorded a time of 2.32.770 for the 2,000 metres.

Newland will meet fellow Brit Jayne Payne in the final and with almost five seconds between their qualifying times, Newland is the favourite for the Gold.  Multi-Gold medallist Janet Birkmyre will race for Bronze against Orla Hendron and with five seconds between their times, another medal for the sprinter is on the cards.

1. Clare Newland (Gbr) 2.32.770
2. Jayne Payne (Gbr) 2.37.212
3. Janet Birkmyre (Gbr) 2.37.243
4. Orla Hendron (Ire) 2.42.294
5. Makiko Hamada (Japan) 2.46.743
6. Susan Semple (Gbr) 2.47.802
7. Bernadette Leinenwebber (Fra) 3.20.542

Women’s 40-44 Individual Pursuit

Christine Phillips of the USA lead her compatriate Dana Walton to a USA 1-2 in this categories pursuit qualifying with both of them set to face ecah other in the final for Gold. In the race for Bronze, Clara Lopez will go in as favourite against fourth fastest qualifier Alison Holmes who was half a second slower.

1. Christine Philips (USA) 2.42.131
2. Dana Walton (USA) 2.42.567
3. Clara Lopez (Col) 2.44.482
4. Alison Holmes (Gbr) 2.44.970
5. Kimberely Edwards (USA) 2.49.068
6. Vicki Wade (Gbr) 2.50.531
7. Cheryl Owens (Gbr) 2.52.521
8. Cynthia Vargas (USA) 2.57.057

Men’s 135+ (combined ages x 3) Team Sprint

The Australian’s who have the world’s best time for this event were fastest by two tenths in the qualifying and will face the British team of LeGrys, Neil Campbell and Neil Potter in the final for Gold.


1. Aus – Team Brennan 48.596
(Gavin White/David Wilmott/Geoff Stoker)

2. Britain – 5 Lungs & 5 Hamstrings 48.703
(Dave Legrys/Neil Campbell/Neil Potter)

3. USA #1 49.343
Richard Voss/Todd Hayes/Sky Christopherson)

4. Britain – English Welsh Alliance 49.581
(Steve Cronshaw/Leuan Williams, Philip Houlton)

5. USA – Greegs Specialised 50.125
(Stan Greeg/Wesley Peirce/Andrew Weathers)

6. USA – Dutch Express 50.183
(Gill Hatton/Matt Diffenbach/Whilhelmus Zegers)

7. Argentina A 50.665
(Daniel Zicavo/Javier Ardana/Mario Vegetti)

8. England 51.558
(Adrian Dent/Lee Povey/Martin Stephens)

9. Italy 51.071
(Ferrucio Veschetti/ Fabio Alberti/Alessandro Picco)

10. USA Oregan 51.078
(Aron Sieken/Kirk Whiteman/Per Bjesse)

11. South Africa/Australia 51.663
(Michael Popplewell/Tim Abbot/Roald Sogna)

12. USA House of Pain and Horror 52.093
(Michael Paulin/Amaury Hernandez/James Theile)

13. France 52.442
(Jacques Suire/Dider Leinenwebber/Dominque Sioul)

14. USA Two 52.824
(Francisco Aleman/Humberto Pages/Guy Tucker)

15. USA Team TPT 53.572
(Patrick Larabee/Ted Kicey/Timothy Montagne)

16. Britain – The Fat Brits 56.009
(Mike Brampton/John Horton/Paul Gittins)

17. USA PJW Racing 56.140
( Patrick Whelan/Mark Stewart/Daniel Schueller)

Women’s Team Sprint

Janet Birkmyre & Alison Chisolm combined to record the fastest time for this event and will ride for Gold in the evening where they will be the favourites.

1. Britain – Double Tops (Janet Birkmyre/Alison Chisolm) 36.641
2. Britain – Sister Act (Deborah Capewell/Julie Cooper) 38.243
3. Aus – Australia (Lee Johns/Lise Benjamin) 38.554
4. Arg/Fra – Argo Franco (Adriana Perino/Bernadette Leinenweber) 43.163


Women’s 35-39 Individual Pursuit

1. Mindy Simmons (USA) 2.38.993
2. Sandra Bletchly (Aus) 2.40.953
3. Siobhan Mullan (Gbr) 2.42.377
4. Elisa Gianchino (RSA) 2.45.364
5. Cheryl Huskamp (Aus) 2.46.024
6. Caroline Harding (Gbr) 2.48.135
7. Kate Abbot (RSA) 2.52.219

Men’s 40-44 Points

Heat 1
1. Eduardo Leguizamon, (Arg)
2. Michael Nash, (Can)
3. Oliver Davies (Gbr)
4. Sean Curtis (Ire)
5. Matt Beeton, Gbr
6. Alejandro Rozie (Arg)
7. Guiseppe Ravasio (Ita)
8. Andrew James (gbr)
9. Alan Sheldon (gbr)
10. Joseph Wentzell (USA)
11. Jon Lewis (Gbr)
12. Paul Cheetham (Gbr)

13. Mark Kiely (Ire)

Heat 2
1. Paul Wain (gbr)
2. John McClelland (Gbr)
3. David Stevens (Aus)
4. Ian Cooper (Gbr)
5. Rick McArdle (Aus)
6. Brendan Wheelan (Ireland)
7. Graziano Guerra (Ita)
8. Daniel Del Barco (Arg)
9. Gerry Bowditch (gbr)
10. Chris Bush (Gbr)
11. Guy Tucker (USA)

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