Newcastle Track Cycling Association Presentation

Newcastle Track Cycling Association celebrated a successful year at their Prize Presentation evening which took place at St John Fisher High School last Friday.

A large crowd assembled at the venue where part of the evening included a programme of roller racing for the under 16’s with some very spirited riding by all with some very close finishes. There then followed the awarding of this year’s trophies and medals. This year has been the best year at the league ever with 108 riders registered for the main competition and an amazing 64 riders in the youth freewheelers league.

The Association has also organised two open meetings this year which included the National Tandem Championship and rounds of the National Youth Omnium, Sprinters League and Endurance League. Next Season the league starts on Thursday 26th April running through on every Thursday evening for a further 20 weeks in to September. The Freewheelers events will start next year at 6.10pm in order to give the riders the chance to compete in four event each. The main league will start as usual at 7.20pm.

The Association will also be promoting the two open meetings next year and also the national Youth Omnium final is also scheduled to take place at the Lyme Valley venue.
Thank You to everyone who competed, officiated and supported the league this year and let’s hope that 2012 year will be even more successful. There is also a special thank to the leagues sponsors in Tony Brooks of Brooks Cycles for the main league, Lyme Rc for the Freewheelers league and to Neil Potter for the 500m Handicap competition.

Prize Winners were as follows;
A Class Endurance League
1st    Robert Lambton        Brooks Cycles
2nd    Adrian Adgar            Balanced Performance
3rd    Paul Whatmough        Shepherd Cycles

A Class Sprinters League
1st    Barney Swinnerton        Science in
2nd    Ryan Whatmough        Shepherd Cycles
3rd    Sean Mayer            Lyme RC

B Class League
1st    Alex Webb            Lyme RC
2nd    Neil Cummins            PM
3rd    George Edwards        Lyme RC

Ladies League
1st    Christine Higgs        Macclesfield Wheelers
2nd    Lauren Quenby        Newcastle RC 2001
3rd    Ellie Coster            Bush Healthcare.

Neil Potter 500m handicap League
1st    Joffie Houlton            PM
2nd    Louis Preston            Lyme RC
3rd    Ryan Whatmough

Keiren League
1st    Barney Swinnerton
2nd    Ryan Whatmough
3rd    Sean Mayer

Youth League
1st    Joel Partington        Eastlands Velo
2nd    James Risk            Weaver Valley
3rd    Sallie Birchall            Lyme RC
Paige Millward        Lyme RC
Freewheelers League
Group 1
1st    Megan Williams        Lyme RC
2nd    James Duncalf            Lyme RC
3rd    Brandon McMillan        Lyme RC

Group 2
1st    Ambrose Morris        Lyme RC
2nd    Sam Hall            Lyme RC
3rd    Andrew Williams

Group 3
1st    Edward Mulroy        Congleton CC
2nd    Natasha Sandbach
3rd    Cameron O’Neil        Lyme RC

Under 16’s Girls Trophy        Sallie Birchall and Paige Millward
Under 14’s Boys Trophy        Joel Partington
Team Trophy                Brooks Cycles
Best Newcomer            Barry Charlton
Morris Robinson Trophy        Dave and Sue Smith
Junior Trophy                Robert Lambton
Veterans Trophy            Adrian Adgar

Rollers Competition Results
10 years and Under 150m Scratch
1st    Harrison Barber        NTCA
2nd    Ambrose Morris        Lyme RC
3rd    Sam Hall            Lyme RC

12 years and Under 250m Scratch
1st    James Duncalf            Lyme RC
2nd    Megan Williams        Lyme rC
3rd    Bradley Hill            Lyme RC

Girls 250m Scratch
1st    Paige Millward        Lyme RC
2nd    Ashleigh Williams        Lyme RC

16 years and Under 500m Scratch
Race 1
1st    Joel Partington        Eastlands Velo
2nd    James Risk            Weaver Valley
3rd    Conner Fearon        Weaver Valley

Race 2
1st    Ryan Whatmough
2nd    George Edwards

10 years and under 250m Scratch
1st    Harrison Barber
2nd    Ambrose Morris
3rd    Brandon McMillan

12 years and Under 350m Scratch
1st    James Duncalf
2nd    Megan Williams
3rd    Bradley Hill

Girls 500m Scratch
1st    Paige Millward
2nd    Ashleigh Williams

16 Years and Under 500m Scratch

Race 1
1st    Ryan Whatmough
2nd    Joel Partington

Race 2
1st    George Edwards
2nd    James Risk
3rd    Conner Fearon

10 years and under 500m Scratch
1st    Sam Hall
2nd    Ambrose Morris
3rd    Harrison Barber

12 years and Under 500m Scratch
1st    James Duncalf
2nd    Megan Wiliams
3rd    Bradley Hill

Girls 750m Scratch
1st    Paige Millward
2nd    Ashleigh Williams

16 years and Under 1000m Scratch
Heat 1
1st    Ryan Whatmough
2nd    George Edwards
3rd    Joel Partington

Heat 2
1st    James Risk
2nd    Conner Fearon

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