Results: ESCA Hill Climb Results

Pete Tadros of In Gear QuickVit Trainsharp RT fails to break his own record but still wins ahead of teammate Will Mangar

ESCA Hill Climb – Saturday 16 October 2011 – GH84
Another great event with on going unseasonal weather, Peter Tadros (In Gear Quickvit RT) pulled his foot out at the start so his course record remains with only teammate Will Mangar (In Gear Quickvit RT) able to run Peter close for overall glory.  Natasha Fuller (Lewes Wanderers CC) got the better of Deborah Percival (34 Nomads) for the Ladies prize by just .6 of a second.  A great ride by Dan Gardner (Lewes Wanderers CC) saw him fastest junior by almost a minute.

1    Pete Tadros    In Gear QuickVit Trainsharp RT    03:51.7
2    Will Mangar    In Gear QuickVit Trainsharp RT    03:57.6
3    Andrew Comben    Lewes Wanderers CC    04:13.4
4    Gareth Elks    In Gear QuickVit Trainsharp RT    04:24.3
5    Iain Brogden    Eastbourne Rovers    04:28.1
6    Dan Gardner    Lewes Wanderers CC    04:28.3
7    Sholto Haggart    Brighton Mitre CC    04:29.8
8    Chris Watson    Hastings & St Leonards CC    04:39.8
9    Rob Pelham    Lewes Wanderers CC    04:53.5
10    Duncan Fuller    Lewes Wanderers CC    04:58.5
11    Jason Hucklesby    St Ives CC    05:10.5
12    Joseph Jenner    Hastings & St Leonards CC    05:24.3
13    Natasha Fuller    Lewes Wanderers CC    05:26.2
14    Deborah Percival    34 Nomads CC Gem Hygiene    05:26.8
15    Jason LeGoff    In Gear QuickVit Trainsharp RT    05:31.1
16    Malcolm Daly    Hastings & St Leonards CC    05:32.3
17    Michael Turner    Lewes Wanderers CC    05:53.0
18    Tamar Vanderhaas    Brighton Mitre CC    05:58.8
19    Roy Instrall    Morden CRC    06:27.2
19    John Percival    34 Nomads CC Gem Hygiene    06:46.9
21    Doug Gardner    Lewes Wanderers CC    06:49.2
22    Charlie Carder    Hastings & St Leonards CC    06:52.0
23    Chris Parker    Hastings & St Leonards CC    08:17.0

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