Report: Ottershaw Series (Road)

The Ottershaw Series, now in its 24th year, had its first round last weekend with a win for Adam Cotterell

On a fine sunny Autumn day, a full field entered the Twickenham CC/Surrey league race over a distance of 90 km using three courses around Chobham, notably the finishing circuit on Staple Hill which did not entirely split the field.      However, there was a very early breakway in the first five kilometres of Andy Betts (Sigma Sport) and Adam Cotterell (WyndyMilla) who stayed clear for 35 km and held the peloton at around a minute. It finally came down to a bunch sprint up Staple Hill and in spite of Adam Cotterell’s early break, he had the strength to win comfortably from Lewis Atkins, last year’s overall winner, and Italian celebrity Fabio Zappi of Team Zappi.

1. Adam Cotterell, Team Wyndy Milla  90 km in 2 hours 17 minutes
2. Lewis  Atkins, Twenty 3 Obrea
3. Fabio Zappi, Team Zappi
4. Chris Snook,
5. Sam Humpheson, Look Mum No Hands
6. Ashley Holding, GB MSTINA
7. Martin Smith, Primal Europe
8. Matt Myers, In Gear Quickvit R.T.
9. Anthony Moye, C.C. Luton
10. Peter Wager, Felt-Colbornes r.t.
11. James Gray, Gillingham & District
12. Chris Morrison, London Dynamo
13. Giorgios Crouch, V.C. MEUDON
14. Paul Edwards, CorbonSports
15. David Morrell, London Phoenix
16. Iain Palmer, Twickenham C.C.
17. Mark Ottaway, Wyndymilla
18. Mark Workman, Festival R.C.
19. Graham Hills            In Gear Quickvit R.T.
20. Dean Corney            V.C. Meudon
21. no. 19 is a query
22. Nick Abraham, Private member

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