Result: Barnoldswick Cyclo-Cross

Junior Tom Armstrong wins the Barnoldswick cross, beating the towns favourite son, Ian Wilkinson. The race was part of the North West Cyclo-Cross League.

Cycle Sport Pendle ran their first ever cyclo-cross race on Sunday at Craven sports centre Barnoldswick and judging by rider reaction, it will become a great fixture and venue. Race organiser Mark Turner says of it “the course turned out fantastic and very tough, from a spectators point of view much of the race was within view and commentary from Ivor Armstrong really set the scene”.

Thomas Armstrong leading the main race all the way in Barnoldswick…

The day kicked off with a Go-Race event and races for all youth categories, fields of 40 in both under 16s and under 12s. Promoting club Team CSP almost pulling off a double with Nathan Hawthorne first over the line in the Under 12 and Oliver Payton doing battle with Robert Rogers, Birkenhead NE in the Under 16, Robert taking the win by ten seconds. Jessica Wilkinson,  Birkenhead North End CC also did a great ride to win the first Girl award.

In the Senior event, from the off, 100 riders were immediately into ‘dig deep’ mode. The predominantly flat course had everything, wooded areas, run ups, sand pit and strength sapping grass sections. The only respite was the short tarmac detour through the adjacent school grounds. Rumour had it local Wilko (Ian ‘Superman’ Wilkinson, Endura Racing) was going to tear himself away from post road season DIY and be on the start line which he did, adding a little X factor to the race.

Superman Wilko didn’t have it all is own way though. In fact, although always in contention, he never hit the front. For the first half of the race, first year junior Tom Armstrong (Wheelbase), Giles Drake (team Elite), Wilkinson (Endura Racing), Robert Smail (Cycle Premier) and Martin Woffindin of the promoting club Team CSP had the rest at arms length with Armstrong never relinquishing first spot.

The Preston rider started to pull away and stayed clear to the end, Wilko never threatening Drake and so a great scalp for the two NW riders. First vet home in 8th was roadman Adrian Lawrence (Team Bglobal) after a race long battle with ever green Roy Hunt (Dutch-Wolf) in 9th. Roy complaining he is old enough to be Adrian’s Dad! Ian Wilkinson said it was his first time on a bike for a few weeks, a great blow out and a change from painting the kitchen! He didn’t disappoint, crossing the line in ‘Superman mode’ and wife Jayne Wilkinson presenting the prizes and for once, presented her own man with flowers.

A great day and great sponsorship from HOPE Technology, NCS Computing and  Physio Fusion on hand for post race leg rubs. Judging by the amount of HOPE (Sh1t Sh1fter) bike wash handed out, there should be some sparkling bikes ready to do battle next week.

Local hero ‘Wilko’ presenting winner of the under 12s Nathan Hawthorne Team CSP (home win!)

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1 Thomas Armstrong Herbalife Wheelbase J
2 Giles Drake Team Elite S
3 Ian Wilkinson Endura S
4 Robert Smail Cycle Premier S
5 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle U23
6 Paul Bethell Team Elite S
7 Jerrod Hartley Horwich CC S
8 Adrian Lawrence Team Bglobal V40
9 Roy Hunt Dutch-Wolf V55
10 Roy Davies Team Elite S
11 Scott Wilson Manchester Wheelers S
12 Anthony Morris Evans Cycles S
13 Alex McNicol Velo Club Moulin S
14 John Shaw Dutch and Wolf V40
15 Nick Shaughnessy S
16 Peter Wilbraham Team Elite S
17 Luke Beswick Buxton CC S
18 Adam Palmer Horwich CC S
19 Mark Ferguson Oldham Ruffians V45
20 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC V40
21 Sean Beswick Zepnat V45
22 Mick Style Manchester Wheelers V45
23 Stef Chandler Horwich CC V40
24 Mark Solomon Here Come the Belgians S
25 Dean Smith St Helens CRC V40
26 Stuart Green Oldham Century V40
27 Dave Headon Horwich CC V45
28 Ashton Payne Hope Factory Racing S
29 James Warren Bill Nickson / Raleigh S
30 Duncan Stuart Keswick RC V50
31 Mark Horrocks Cycle Sport Pendle V45
32 Greg McNally GMC Fire Service V40
33 Tony Sowden Northlancs RC V45
34 Chris Belsham York Cycleworks S
35 John Hopkinson Aire Valley Cycles S
36 James Walker University of Manc S
37 Alex Kinvig Columbia Bikefood S
38 Adam Newall Horwich CC S
39 Sean Hoban VC Cumbria V45
40 Martin Tongue Rossendale Road Club V40
41 Marcus Fielden Macclesfield Wheelers S
42 Dennis Mason Horwich CC S
43 Jason Ragg Manchester Wheelers S
44 Ben Stacy University of Manc S
45 Phill Graker Ambleside AC S
46 Kevan Underhill Weaver Valley CC V50
47 Ashley Holt Rossendale Road Club S
48 Ian Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle V40
49 Ray Pugh Liverpool Mercury ( Dolan) V55
50 Craig Steventon NA V50
51 Richard Barrett Ride On / Rossendale RC V40
52 Dean Harwood 0 S
53 Jody Warrington Manchester Wheelers S
54 Graham Kennerley Lancaster CC V50
55 Phil Winksill 0 S
56 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century V40
57 Stephen Cooke Harry Middleton CC S
58 P Hesketh Clayton Harriers V45
59 Simon Cunningham Manchester Wheelers V50
60 Adrian Watts Rossendale Road Club V50
61 Chris Oldham Hope Factory Racing V60
62 David Ryder UA S
63 Steve Wood Oldham Ruffians V45
64 David Lewis High peak Cycles V45
65 Clive Wilkinson BNECC V45
66 Pat Rowland UA V45
67 Nick Budworth St Helens Wollybacks S
68 Anna Buick University of Manc W
69 Martin Sackfield Leigh Premier RC V40
70 John Rutter Cycle Sport Pendle V40
71 Niel Evans Manchester weelers V45
72 Peter Payton Cycle Sport Pendle V50
73 Andy Harwood UA V40
74 Martin Brass Cycle Sport Pendle V50
75 Steven Simpson UA S
76 Rich Wood Bike Treks Thursday Night S
77 Mike Cleary Manchester Wheelers V40
78 Simon Dean 17 Back Lane V45
79 Gus French Hayfield Hub V50
80 Phil Braybrooke Sportcity Velo V45
81 Martin Rogers BNECC V50
82 Simon Moore Horwich CC V45
83 John Gillmore East L’pool Whlrs V50
84 Tom Frazer 0 S
85 Paul Warrener Ride On / Rossendale RC V45
86 Alan Cook BNECC V45
87 Jack Cooper Red Rose Olympic U23
88 Charles Gray Manchester Wheelers V45
89 Paul Wilson Stockport Clarion CC V40
90 Phil Haygarth Here Come the Belgians V45
91 David Smith Horwich CC V40
92 Stuart Blackburn Red Rose Olympic V40
93 Giles Perkins North Cheshire Clarion V45
94 Darren Palfreyman Oldham Century V40
95 Neil Welsh Cycle Sport Pendle V40
96 Eric Taylor Horwich CC V60
97 Nick Coombes Adequate Riders V40
98 Peter Reid Manchester Wheelers V40
99 Andrew Bernard Lancaster CC V45
100 David Hollingworth Red Rose Olympic V45
101 Bernard Corfe UA V45
102 Kevin Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle V45
103 Peter Watson Horwich CC V65
104 Anthony Little 0 V40
105 Duncan Smith CRC U23
106 Karen Payton Cycle Sport Pendle W
107 Alan Shuttleworth Altrincham RC V60
108 Eleanor Underhill Weaver Valley CC W
109 Barry Schofield Oldham Century V40
110 Peter Fairclough Red Rose Olympic V45
111 Mike Plant North Cheshire Clarion S
112 Brian Clayton 0 V60
113 Gary Tumilty UA S
114 Mike Duviau Horwich CC V45
115 Jenni Rowlands Liverpool Mercury ( Dolan) W
116 Stephen Booth 0 S
117 Bill Smith Cleveleys RC V60
118 Ian Small Zodiac CRC V70
119 Bob Duckworth Bury Clarion V65
120 Andy Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle V40

1 Robert Rogers Birkenhead North End CC U16B
2 Oliver Payton Cycle Sport Pendle U16B
3 Matthew Walls Velocity U14B
4 Jessica Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC U16G
5 Adam Hartley Eastlands Velo U14B
6 Max Spedding Birkenhead North End CC U16B
7 Tom Figgins Birkenhead North End CC U16B
8 Bill Cooper Red Rose Olympic U16B
9 Archie Stewart Mossley U14B
10 Martha Gill Bolton Hotwheels U16G
11 Harry Paige Clitheroe BC U16B
12 Sam Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set U14B
13 Will Lewis High Peak Cycles U16B
14 Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U14B
15 Joseph Armstrong Border City Wheelers U14B
16 Tyla Loftus Salt Ayre Cog Set U14B
17 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle U14B
18 Connor French Cycle Sport Pendle U16B
19 Jack Bailey Bolton Hot Wheels U16B
20 Harry French Cycle Sport Pendle U14B
21 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle U14B
22 Sam Hollingworth Red Rose Olympic U14B
23 Thomas Payton Cycle Sport Pendle U14B
24 Lewis Gartland 0 U14B

1 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U12B
2 Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo U12B
3 Craig Rogers BNECC U12B
4 Jack Barlow Cycle Sport Pendle U12B
5 Jack Dorrington Cycle Sport Pendle U12B
6 Dexter Sparrow BYCA U12B
7 Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle U12B
8 Lucy Horrocks Cycle Sport Pendle U12G
9 Anna Armstrong Border City Wheelers U12G
10 Alfie Payne Cycle Sport Pendle U12B
11 Georgia Savory Cycle Sport Pendle U12G
12 Dominic Rutter Cycle Sport Pendle U12B
13 Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hotwheels U12B
14 Nicole Clarke Port Sunlight Wheelers U12G
15 Charlie Paige Clitheroe Bike Club U12B
16 Ben Peatfield Bolton Hotwheels U10B
17 Aiden Lawrence MK Cycles U10B
18 Chris Sackfield Leigh Premier U10B
19 Angus Haygarth Unattached U10B
20 Matthew Turner Cycle Sport Pendle U12B
21 Shannon Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U10G
22 Chloe Loftus Salt Ayre Cog Set U12G
23 Olivia Braybrooke Eastlands Velo U10G
24 Jake Hexlings UA U12B
25 Harry Thomas 0 U12B
26 Thomas Wood 0 U10B
27 Sam Kendall Liverpool Century R. C. U8B
28 Caitlin Welsh Cycle Sport Pendle U10G
29 Tilly Barlow Cycle Sport Pendle U8G
30 Andrew Clarke Port Sunlight Wheelers U8B
31 Jade Sumner 0 U12G
32 Evan Welsh Cycle Sport Pendle U8B
33 Ephrahim Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle U8B
34 Isobel Ware St. Helens U8G
35 Isabel Winskill 0 U8G
36 Charlotte Kendall Liverpool Century R. C. U8G

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