News: Overshoes from Prendas Ciclismo for when it gets chilly….

The oversock is one item of clothing that comes out of the drawer when it gets cold and Prendas Ciclismo are not short of some good value items

Prendas Ciclismo is well known in the UK for providing quality cycle clothing whilst pegging their prices in the realms of everyday people. Their accessory range is all made in Italy, and can often be spotted on the hands or feet of some serious hitters in the UK peloton in addition to some ultra keen weekend warriors.

2010 saw Prendas dip their toe into official team sponsorship, by providing all clothing for the men’s Wilier team. For 2011 they upped their commitment to the successful Horizon team and once again provided Santini clothing along with their own-brand accessories to the team that included Great Britain pursuiters Sarah Storey (multi paralympic champion), Dani King (World & European Champion) and Jo Rowsell (former world Champion and current European Champion).

Annie Simpson wearing the Prendas overshoes in the Women’s Johnson Health Tech Tour Series

With the global recession hitting many people hard, it is important to spend your money wisely and what better way to do some that items that will help you through the Winter training. Of the many items available on the Prendas website are the oversocks made from the versatile Merakalon fabric offer the perfect intermediate solution for this time of year.

With temperatures in the UK yet to hit zero, Merakalon fabric provides good insulation whilst remaining breathable, quick to dry and durable. Team the oversocks up with a suitable pair of Autumn socks and you will keep your feet even warmer!

Not your normal sock with cuts out for the cycling shoe bits underneath …

Wearing oversocks also allows you to keep the dirt, spray and dirt off expensive road shoes and can also provide an extra layer of insulation under a pair of overshoes when the weather really turns bad. In fact, Sarah Storey is well known for her feet getting cold and often has multiple layers on during the Winter months!

By buying direct from the factory, Prendas keeps the price down. In fact the price of two pairs when purchased together as part of their multisaver deal (link;    ) is still less than a single pair from the competition!

Add to this, the fact that the Prendas oversocks already come with stitched heel and cleat cut outs, this helps prevent fraying in these areas therefore extending their usable life. Oversocks are available in black, white, red or blue and on occasions some special edition versions are available. Matching arm warmers are also available.

Dan Fleeman of Raleigh spotted wearing the Prendas arm warmer …

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