Result: Witham Wheelers Cyclo-Cross

Big solo win for Mark Cotton in round six of the Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League 6 on Oct 30 at Stroxton

1st Mark Cotton Bycka Sport Racing
2nd Jon Wells VC Lincoln
3rd Steve Halsall VC Moulin
4th Richard Lister Gabby Day Cyclesport RT
5th Leigh Andrews Zepnat RT
6th Darryl Hewson Alford Wheelers
7th Adam Ellis Spalding CC  (1st Vet)
8th Peter Cocker Witham Wheelers  (1st Junior)
9th Mark Preston VC Lincoln
10th Richard Hamblin Sleaford Wheelers
11th Jordan Gell VC Lincoln (2nd Junior)
12th Martin Kennedy VC Lincoln
13th Aaron Tuplin Cherry Valley RT ‐
14th Ivan Oxborough VC Lincoln
15th Anthony White Cannondale Mount Zooom (2nd Vet)
16th Charlie Porter Boston Wheelers
17th Asa Elkington Hawkins ConservaTon
18th Martin Smith Yello Velo
19th Chris Pratt Spalding CC ‐
20th Martin White Boston Wheelers (3rd Vet)
21st Shane Norton Spalding CC
22nd Bart Kieres Bourne Wheelers
23rd Jason Clark VC Lincoln
24th Paul Parker Heanor Clarion
25th Henry Heyes Skegness Wheelers
26th Philip Heyes Skegness Wheelers (1st 50+)
27th Mark Robbinson Sheffrec CC (2nd 50+)
28th Simon Crowther VC Lincoln
29th Paul Andrews VC Lincoln (3rd 50+)
30th Paul Bonne( Skegness Wheelers ‐
31st Eddy Lo]us Lincsquad
32nd Sean East Witham Wheelers
33rd Alistair Parker Heanor Clarion
34th Louise Day Gabby Day Cyclesport RT (1st woman)
35th Steve Porter Lindsey Roads
36th Chris O’Rourke Alford Wheelers
37th Graham McAndrew Spalding CC
38th Jody Be( VC Lincoln
39th Phil Galpin Bourne Wheelers ‐
40th Ian Fensom Spalding CC
41st James Gelsthorpe Bourne Wheelers
42nd Paul Dann Lincoln Wheelers
43rd Chris Crawford Witham Wheelers

1st   Sam Bentley
2nd   Jake Peele
3rd   Henry Thompson
4th   Karl Baillie
5th   Jennifer McAndrew
6th   Max Williamson
7th   Reece Moradakhan
8th   Aaron Bateman
9th   James Armstrong
10th Daniel Burton
11th Maddie Gammons
12th Joseph Collins
13th Thomas Webster
14th Tom Everton
15th Eleanor Crawford
16th Jack Bunn
17th Isabel Dann

1st   Matt Ellis
2nd   James Swalding
3rd   Jake Norton
4th   Kerrigan Robb
5th   Robert McAndrew
6th   Bradley Sprogis
7th   Cameron Neilson
8th   Jacob Santry
9th   Warren Eve
10th Abigail Armstrong
11th Alex Armstrong
12th James Broughton
13th Daniel Turner
14th Megan Kendall
15th Jake Kennedy
16th Alex Galpin
17th Dan Galpin
18th Luke Armstrong
19th Alex Gammons
20th Ben Lams
21st Byron Bett

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