BikePorn: Andy Tennant’s B52 Track Weapon

In the track centre for Revolution 34 was a brand new bike for Great Britain Team Pursuiter, Andy Tenant who rides for Rapha Condor Sharp. His bike, one of only two being done for the trade team’s track riders, was the first to get an airing. There was a rumour that Ed Clancy’s was done but all the bits had been used for Mark Cavendish’s bike! Only a rumour mind …

Andy explained that he’d only taken delivery of the bike that morning when the courier woke him up at 8am and Revolution 34 was its first outing. “I think the frame is a prototype that Condor are doing and Ed and I both have custom special sprays. Mine is off a B52 bomber.”

“It’s a bit jazzier than the normal paint job and it’s good to bring out the special bits for Revolution as it’s a good show event and you always want to look cool. It has been done by a guy in South Wales, Chris Grove, and its great. Ed was has got a screen one which will be at the next Revolution.”

“I said to them I wanted an attack fighter plane with a shark on the front but they said the tubes were not big enough so I ended up with a B52 bomber. I got a naked woman, Marilyn Monroe, on it, so it’s all good and I’m happy!

“We have Great Britain issue wheels on it and the rest is Dura Ace kit with Pro stem and bars and Fizik saddle”.

No mistaking who the bike belongs too…


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