Brief Results: Western League Round 8

Charles Coleman wins round 8 of the Western League in Cheltenham

1. Charles Coleman, Adeo Cadence RT
2. Joe Griffiths, Dream CC
3. Ben Davies, Cheltenham Cycles
4. Scott Chalmers, Dream CC
5. Richard Fairholme, Kenilworth Wheelers
6. Craig Denning, Dream CC
7. Deacon Cuttech, VCR
8. Nic Burridge, Cheltenham & County CC
9. Steve Brown, Dream CC
10. Ian Threadgold, Cheltenham & County CC

First Veteran: Steve Brown
First Woman: Jess Stone
First Under 16: David Crebber
First Under 12: Lovis Brooks
First Under 10: David Meyer
First Under 8: Leo Tarrant

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