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Endura’s new outstanding road cycling wear of the Equipe collection – developed with the Endura Racing Team – provides head‐to‐toe pro‐level outfits for an enjoyable Fall/ Winter cycling season Since its foundation in 1992, Endura’s products have always been developed upon a platform of thorough design focussed on functionality and performance and proven through extensive testing.

With the Endura Equipe range, the same philosophy applies but has been taken to an even higher level with an uncompromising focus on high‐end road cycling to cater both for racers as well as sportive and endurance riders.

The Equipe cycling clothing is specifically aimed at riders at the ambitious end of the cycling spectrum, who are racing or who have set goals for endurance events such as the more challenging etapes or sportives and who are training hard to achieve these goals.

It is for more challenging situations that the extra development process extended testing time and higher specification of construction and materials can make the difference. That difference can be a few tenths of a second in a race or, at the end of a challenging sportive, a smile instead of a grimace.

The range itself is extensively developed and tested by the Endura Racing Continental Licensed Professional Cycle Team (www.enduraracing.com). The team are instrumental in not only testing the product but also suggesting new options and there are ongoing team meetings to follow up on individual riders’ personal input on all of the product tested.

All issued team kit is individually numbered and its use logged by riders so that Endura can check what distances and conditions each item has been used in as part of the ongoing development process. Alexander Wetterhall, along with the other Endura Racing riders, gives the Product Development team at Endura invaluable feedback on the Endura Equipe range:

“When you have been riding several seasons, you get a lot of experience of many different brands, how something should feel and what is good and what is not. I started as a bike rider in the end of 1997, then MTB and just for fun, now 14 years later as a roadie I still enjoy the time in the saddle very much and with a lot of effort I’ve made it my living – living the dream! And to have this experience and to use it for developing and improving Endura’s kit feels very right for me.”

“They are taking in feedback from all the riders in the team, every month and we are telling them to make small adjustments to make the time at the bike more comfy for us and for the rest of the bike riders out there. The latest in testing is now fabrics for the coming Endura Equipe jerseys and at the same time I’m testing out a new skinsuit. I’m giving feedback to get these into production in Scotland for the team (to start with!). Some other guys in the team are testing a new pair of Endura bib shorts, so a lot is going on here and there’s plenty of things to do.”

For the current Fall/ Winter 2011 season, the Equipe range contains everything on any ambitious cyclist’s wish list for serious training in the cold season, from a range of innovative jackets, state‐of‐the‐art jerseys and highend bibshorts to thermal winter legwear and accessories to keep high‐performance cyclists warm from head to toe through the cold season.

New pieces of the Equipe collection include the compact 3 layer waterproof breathable Exo Shell Jacket, the award‐winning windproof Compact Shell Jacket, top‐of‐the‐line Über Bibshorts and Thermolite® insulating biblongs to wicking T hermo Skullcap, Thermo Arm, Knee & Legwarmers, innovative zipless Superstretch Overshoes, and luxurious Cashmere Socks.

Link: The 2012 Endura Racing Team

Further Equipe items to keep you warm and protected from the elements through autumn, winter and spring:

Endura Equipe

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