Report: Imperial Winter Series (Rd 1)

Report and full results from the first round in the Imperial WInter Series at Hillingdon in West London

Race 1 Saturday 3rd December 2011

Lucy Collins writes … This time last year the race was cancelled because of snow and ice but this time around, although breezy, it was dry, sunny and 10°c – a perfect winter start. It was heartening to see the number of entries for both 3rd and 4th cat races, 48 and 46 respectively. Thirty three started the E123 race and it would be good to see more.

The standard of riding in both the earlier races was first class, in spite of many riders in the 4th race racing for the first time and this bodes well for the series. There also was far more aggression shown in all races and in the 3rd cat race a group of 6 detached themselves from the main group with the wind playing a part in splitting the group and many going off the back. Both finishes were contested cleanly without incident and both winners were very worthy.

The 4th cat race resulted in a clear win with a long sprint by Nick Baker (Zappi’s Cycling Club) by 2 seconds from Mark Longstaff (Colchester Rovers) in 2nd with 3rd taken by James Local (London Dynamo/ Prologue) by half a wheel from Karl Moseley (Stourbridge Velo). The WyndyMilla 4th cat. random prize is awarded to 19th place finisher Adam Capes (London Dynamo/Prologue), he can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

The 3rd cat race was won by Joe Holloway (VC10), 2nd place was Jacek Reder and 3rd was Tim Benham (Wyndy Milla). The other 3 riders in the original split were Andy Lack (Kingston Wheelers), Robert LeMaster (London Dynamo/Prologue) and Steven Cottington (Cadence RT). The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 24th place finisher James Walker (High Wycombe CC); he receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottle.

In the E123 race it was good to see longstanding supporters of the series return to the start line again, notably Bill Butterworth (back with Twickenham CC), Steve Golla (returning to High Wycombe CC), Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers), brothers Ben and Chris Moores (Norwood Paragon), Rudie Marais (Archer RC), Vince Halpern (now Handsling Racing), Jo Skelton (Look Mum No Hands!) and Matthew Carden (Team Quest) to mention a few, along with Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel) who again is sponsoring the series and many newcomers making up a class entry. Notable absentees were Lewis Atkins, Jake Martin and the Sigma Sport Team.

The racing, as hoped for, was fast and furious from the start with many attacks and the wind in the back straight proving to be the determining factor. The race blew apart after only 15km and from the split two riders moved away ahead of the main group; Steve Golla having a day off from Cyclo Cross (and obviously in good form) and Conall Yates (InGear Quickvit RT). They rode together for 8km before being joined by Jamie Pine (London Dynamo/Prologue) last year’s overall 3rd cat winner, with a furious chase to bridge to gap to the leading two. The three shared the work well and although there were attempts to bridge from the peloton their lead held steadily at 55 secs. Three other riders did manage to pull from the main bunch as the group slowed – Peter Cole (Handsling Racing), Adam Brittain (High Wycombe CC) and Matthew Carden (Team Quest – recovering from an earlier mechanical) – and they too rode well together. Henry Furniss broke free also and made a frantic effort to get to the chasing trio but in the end rode in on his own to settle for a well-deserved 7th place.

In the run into the finish Conall Yates dropped off and left a very fast finishing Jamie Pine to hold off the strength of Steve Golla in a furious sprint for the line, it was an outstanding effort by all three but especially by Jamie. The same goes for 4th place with fast finisher Peter Cole having to give best to Adam Brittain in another very rapid sprint with Matt Carden hanging on for 6th place. All in all, a fascinating race worthy of the Elite category.

Some first race nerves (particularly amongst the Organisers!) but on the whole a great start; we are very much looking forward to Race 2.

Race 2 of 12 Saturday 10th December
4th & 3rd race start 13:00
E/1/2/3 race start 14:15

Photos: Guy Swarbrick (


1st        Jamie Pine    London Dynamo
2nd        Steve Golla    High Wycombe
3rd        Conall Yates    InGear Quickvit RT
4th        Adam Brittain    High Wycombe CC
5th        Peter Coll    Handslingracing
6th        Matthew Carden    Team Quest
7th        Henry Furniss    WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel
8th        Rory Townsend    Prestige VC
9th        Vincent Halpern    Handsling Racing
10th        Pete Wager    Felt-Colbornes RT
11th        Rudie Marais    Archer RC
12th        James Norris    High Wycombe CC
13th        Phil Holloway    Southend Wheelers
14th        William Macke
15th        Jerzy Kuzminski    London Phoenix
16th        Chris Moores    Norwood Paragon
17th        Maximilian Stedman    Palmer Park Velo
18th        Henry Latimer    Zappi’s CC
19th        Ben Moores    Norwood Paragon
20th        James Leach    Twickenham CC
21st        Stuart Harvey    Ultimate Fitness
22nd        Ralph De Kanter    Norwood Paragon CC
23rd        Bill Butterworth    Twickenham CC
24th        Geoff Powell    High Wycombe CC

3rd Cat race
1st        Joe Holloway    VC10
2nd        Jacek Reder    private member
3rd        Tim Benham    Wyndy Milla
4th        Andy Lack    Kingston Wheelers
5th        Robert LeMaster    London Dynamo/Prologue
6th        Steven Cottington    Cadence RT
7th        Samuel Gilzean    Welwyn Wheelers
8th        Andy Mckay    Zappi
9th        Mark Northover    CC Giro
10th        Ajelo Christides
11th        Peter Hudson    Durham University – AURA Cycles
12th        Rob Griffiths    London Phoenix
13th        Richard Jerome    Willesden CC
14th        Rune Sanbeck Nilsson    London Dynamo
15th        Mark Lawn    Inverse Racing/Cyclaim
16th        Nick White    East London Velo
17th        Vaughan Luff    Team De ver
18th        Dominic Clegg    Redhill CC
19th        James Di Rico    High Wycombe CC
20th        Jeremy Brougham    London Dynamo
21st        Adam Elderfield    Team Quest
22nd        Brian Stokes    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
23rd        Aaron Tayler    Swindon RC
24th        James Walker    High Wycombe CC
25th        Karla Boddy    High Wycombe CC
26th        Darren Waters    Team De ver
27th        Lubomir Belak    Team Welwyn
28th        Christian Yates    East Grinstead CC
29th        Andrew Harvey    Kingston Wheelers
30th        Michael Widera    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
31st        Rich Cooper    Willesden CC
32nd        Ben Hurford    Hemel Hempstead CC
33rd        Taimur Tanwir    London Dynamo/Prologue
34th        Craig Mclean    London Dynamo
35th        Jake Norman    WyndyMilla
36th        Neil Heffernan    Inverse Racing/Cyclaim
37th        Alex Tollo    Private Member
38th        Mark O’Brien    Archer RC
39th        Simon Parton    Kingston Wheelers
40th        Martin Porter    Thames Velo
41st        Simon Hawkesworth    Private member
42nd        Nick Franzini    London Dynamo
43rd        Liam Bremer    London Phoenix CC
44th        Callum Oliver    Rapha Condor CC
45th        James Curry    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
46th        Andy Angwin    London Phoenix

4th Cat race
1st        Nick Baker    Zappi’s Cycling Club
2nd        Mark Longstaff    Colchester Rovers
3rd        James Local    London Dynamo/Prologue
4th        Karl Moseley    Stourbridge Velo
5th        John-Paul Brophy
6th        Duncan Schwier    Twickenham CC
7th        Charles Batho    Dulwich Paragon CC
8th        Michael Tocknell    London Dynamo/Prologue
9th        Marc Townsend
10th        Ed Everett    Private member
11th        Mike Holborow    Swindon RC
12th        Stephen Morrell    Aylesbury CC
13th        Andrew Macey    Ashford Wheelers
14th        Malcolm Binns    High Wycombe CC
15th        Dave Spragg    Kingston Wheelers
16th        Brett Greenwood    Kingston wheelers
17th        Michael Van Loenen    London Phoenix
18th        Warren Hannington    I-TEAM
19th        Adam Capes    London Dynamo
20th        Andrew Wright    La Fuga/Sigmasport
21st        James Roberts    Amersham
22nd        Jogenes Senorin    Private member

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