Result: Cottingham Coureurs Cross/Lincolnshire League 12

Win for Mark Cotton on a cold, wetr and windy day at the Winterton Showground in Scunthorpe. Louise Day was first woman.

It was a solo win for Mark Cotton. He went away early with Jon Wells, before Wells dropped back and was joined by Laurence Frost, Thomas Stewart and Gareth Hewitt and those four had a race long battle for second place.

Photos by Martin Cullen



1.  Mark Cotton  Bycka Sport Racing
2.  Lawrence Frost  Ashfield RC
3.  Thomas Stewart  Doncaster Whls CC
4.  Gareth Hewitt  RST Racing Team
5.  Jonathon Wells  VC Lincoln
6.  Robert Howden
7.  Peter Cocker  Witham Wheelers Cycling Club     Junior
8.  Richard Hamblin  Sleaford Whls CC/Chandlers Mitsubishi/Solo Club
9.  Adam Ellis  Spalding CC     Vet 40-49
10.  Peter Fielding-Smith  Richardsons RT/Cube     Vet 40-49
11.  Darryl Hewson  Alford Whls
12.  Martin Kennedy  VC Lincoln
13.  Jordan Gell  VC Lincoln     Junior
14.  Aaron Tuplin  Alford Whls     Junior
15.  Mark Preston  VC Lincoln
16.  Bartlomiej Kieres  Bourne Whls CC
17.  David Beachill  Huddersfield RC
18.  Stephen Potter  Lindsey Road CC     Veteran
19.  Samuel Mullenger  Yello Velo CC
20.  Andrew Moore  Lincoln Wheelers CC
21.  Daniel Watts  Royal Air Force CC
22.  Shane Norton  Spalding CC     Vet 40-49
23.  Paul Sleaford  Norton Wheelers     Vet 50+
24.  Philip Heyes
25.  Jimmy Armstrong  VC Lincoln
26.  Henry Heyes
27.  Louise Day  Gabby Day Cyclesport Racing Team     Veteran
28.  Paul Clarke  Lincoln Wheelers CC
29.  Jonathan Clarke  Lincoln Wheelers CC     Vet 40-49
30.  Martin Gammidge
31.  Przemek Jasnikowski
32.  George Hackney  Lincoln Wheelers CC
33.  Timothy Beachill  Huddersfield RC     Vet 50+
34.  Paul Drop  Velo Club Beverley
35.  Jody Bett  VC Lincoln
36.  Andrew Fraser  VC Lincoln     Vet 40-49
37.  Andrew Lawson
38. Helen MacGregor  VC Lincoln     Veteran
39.  S. Hunt
40.  Paul Bonnett
41.  Ian Fensom  Spalding CC     Vet 50+
42.  Simon Santry
43.  Simon Cocker  Witham Wheelers Cycling Club     Vet 50+
44.  Karl Brown      Veteran
45.  Gary Bentley  Spalding CC     Vet 50+
46.  Nicholas Appleyard  Lincsquad (Lincolnshire Quadrathlon Club)
47.  John Bateman  Vegetarian C & AC
48.  Andy Stewart
49. Jodie Brumhead  Cottingham Coureurs RT
50.  Terry Beisty  Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC

First Woman: Louise Day, Gabby Day Cyclesport RT
First Junior: Peter Cocker
First Veteran: Adam Ellis

1. Jake Peel, Spalding CC
2. Sam Bentley, Spalding CC
3. Campbell Pollock, Bourne Wheelers
4. Max Williamson, Lincsquad
5. James Armstrong, VC Lincoln
6. Reece Moradakhan, Spalding CC
First Girl: Louise Beedham
First Under 14: Max Williamson

Under 12
1. Matthew Ellis, Spalding CC
2. Jake Norton, Spalding CC
3. Kerrigan Robb, Witham Wheelers

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