Give Us Five: GWR Team talk winter training

After an icy ride around the Wiltshire countryside the GWR Team under 23 riders, talk winter training.

VeloUK: Have you started your winter training and if so, how long did you spend off the bike post season and how many hours a week would you spend now training?
Brock Duncumb Rogers: I had about a month off and I’m now building it back up, so at the moment 14-16 hours a week.
Jess Wieckowski: I had about two months off and am doing close to 15 hours a week.
ChrisWilkinson: My season ended pretty early and I had a month off. In November, I was doing about 15 hours a week and in December, am pushing it up to about 20 hours.
RupertDenny: I had four weeks off but am now back up to 15-20 hours a week.

VeloUK: What is a typical weekday ride for you (how long and what intensity) and what sort of rides do you do on a weekend (how long and what intensity)?
Brock: During the week, I meet up with a mate in the morning and we do 3-4 hours, weekends ride in small groups up to 5 hours.
Jess: Quite varied as I’m a full time student. Mostly turbo during the week with quite high long efforts and long steady rides on the weekend.
Chris: Monday and Friday are rest days, 3-4 hours Tuesday-Thursday. On the weekend I like one of the days to be hilly and put in some medium intensity efforts.
Rupert: I normally do three 60 mile plus rides, two track sessions and a 1-2 hour ride.

VeloUK: Do you ride Xmas day or New Years day?
Brock: I haven’t in the past but I plan to do so this year.
Jess: Not Xmas but I will do on New Years day.
Chris: I’ll ride Christmas as I will have been working the week before. As for New Years day, it depends on what happens the night before!
Rupert: Xmas can wait – I’m training.

VeloUK: Do you intend to go to a training camp abroad and if so, what would be a typical training camp there in terms of the time spent training and the type of training rides they would be?
Brock: Have not get any specific plans yet, but the team are planning one in the new year.
Jess: Yes, will be going for about two weeks, and doing 5+ hour rides.
Chris: Hopefully I’ll go for a couple of weeks in the New Year and will be doing long rides with some specific efforts.
Rupert: I’ll be going on a training camp and plan to do five hour plus rides and efforts on the climbs.

VeloUK: Finally, what will be your first races for 2012?
Brock: Severn Bridge RR
Jess: Eddie Soens
Chris: Eddie Soens
Rupert: Severn Bridge RR

More photos of the training ride on the GWR Team Facebook page:

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