Report & Photos: Imperial Winter Series #3

Pete Wager wins the third round of the Imperial Winter series after a long break with James Norris succeeded to stay away from the chasing pack.

Photos from Antony Edmonds (click to view more)

The first ever winner of the Winter Series, Bill Butterworth, still going at 65cough cough, still competitive… coming into good form says race director Doug Collins.

REPORT: Race 3, Imperial Winter Series 17th December 2011

Lucy Collins writes … It was another cold but thankfully dry day with cross winds and only a tail wind at the bottom and top of the circuit.  The racing was preceded by a further briefing by both the race organisers and British Cycling’s Commissaire on race etiquette and a reminder that safety of the riders is paramount at all times.

In the 4th cat. race, Dan Stevens ( was attacking from the start and livened things up, but the main group were very attentive and the wind made it difficult to break away.  The race distance was cut down slightly to allow a free run to the finish line and in the end it was strong man Stevens who was in the early moves who had the power to cross the line ahead of Mark Dempster (Kingston Wheelers) and Duncan Schwier (Twickenham CC), the latter has now achieved sought after 3rd cat status. The WyndyMilla 4th cat random prize is awarded to 31st place finisher Andy Leatherbarrow (Kingston Wheelers CC) so he can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

In the 3rd cat. race, a much more aggressive race was witnessed as they appeared up for dealing with the conditions. Werner Van der Merwe ( and Neil Heffernan (ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT) pulled away from the main field and opened a useful gap but were unable to sustain their advantage. Then almost immediately Mark Lawn (ViVelo-Bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT) moved away and was again joined my Van der Merwe totally focused on staying away for a high placing; they too were caught by the main field.

With 50m to go to the line Dominic Clegg (Redhill CC) seemed to have enough distance for the win but then appeared to stop pedalling and was passed by fast finishers Rob Sharland (Kingston Wheelers), last weeks 4th cat winner and clearly a strong finisher holding off Krisztian Borbely (Cyclelab) with Peter Hudson (Durham University – AURA Cycles) in 4th place. Soon to be married Mark Northover (The Cycle Studio) (at the circuit with partner Sarah a World Triathlon champion), finished strongly in 5th place. The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 19th place finisher Leigh-Roy Macfarlane (Cycleworks) he receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.

The E/1/2/3 race had another class entry with all the overall contenders lining up. It was a fast and aggressive start as usual; Rudie Marias (La Fuga/Sigma Sport) and Bill Butterworth (Twickenham CC) (finding his usual winter good form) were particularly active with overall leader Golla joining in, making it very difficult for those at the tail end of the field. They in turn came back into the main field, the next move off the front involved Jamie Pine (London Dynamo), Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel) and Mark Edwards (Thames Velo) all within 15km of the start. Edwards dropped back leaving Pine and Furniss to soldier on for another few laps.

Other attacks followed with Conall Yates (InGear Quickvit RT), James Norris (High Wycombe CC) and Junior star Rory Townsend (Prestige VC), then Marais and Peter Cole (Handslingracing ) and then Norris on his own and again ever vigilant Pine with Jo Skelton (Look Mum No Hands!) – all these efforts were ultimately nullified.  Then with 10km to go, the one move of the race that stuck came from Elite rider Peter Wager (Felt-Colbornes RT) and James Norris, which went unnoticed by some of the main group! Wager and Norris, aided by his High Wycombe fan club cheering him on, pulled away to a 40 sec. lead but the latter’s earlier efforts started to tell and Wager was clearly doing most of the work.  The only possible upset came with 4km to go when Henry Furniss, as he had done the previous week, launched himself from the main group with a massive effort cheered on by his wife and not so enthusiastic young daughter! He got within 20 seconds and looked almost certain for a 3rd place but such was the speed of the main group he was absorbed with 500m to go with; Jaime Pine took valuable points for 3rd place by leading the main bunch home.

The final sprint for the win was hard fought but after such a fine effort by both riders Wager had the strength to hold off Norris with all the spectators present appreciating their efforts.

Golla was 4th and holds onto his overall top place in the series with Wager and Pine now challenging and all to play for over the Christmas period.

Race 4 – Christmas Eve 24th December – 4th Cat 11:00 – 3rd & Women only 12:00 – E123 13:15
Race 5 – Boxing Day 26th December – 4th Cat 11:00 – 3rd & Women only 12:00 – E123 13:15
Race 6 – New Years Eve 31st December – 4th Cat 11:00 – 3rd & Women only 12:00 – E123 13:15

Peter Wager leads James Norris in their break of 12 kilometres during the Elite race.

Photo Album from Guy Swarbrick

More pics from Guy …



1st        Pete Wager    Felt-Colbornes RT
2nd        James Norris    High Wycombe CC
3rd        Jamie Pine    London Dynamo
4th        Steve Golla    High Wycombe
5th        Peter Cole    Handslingracing
6th        Jo Skelton    Look Mum No Hands!
7th        Michael Cowland    St Ives CC
8th        Jerzy Kuzminski    London Phoenix
9th        Rory Townsend    Prestige VC
10th        Chris Moores    Norwood Paragon
11th        Matthew Carden    Team Quest
12th        Harry Strudley
13th        Steve Legg    Police Sport UK
14th        Vincent Halpern    Handsling Racing
15th        Phil Holloway    Southend Wheelers
16th        Andrew Brown    VC Peloton
17th        ed rose    progression/bikelux
18th        Ralph de Kanter    Norwood Paragon CC
19th        Gavin Spiers    Vivelo-Bikes/Inverse Cycaim RT
20th        Nicholas Baker    Zappis
21st        Robin Basford    WyndyMilla
22nd        Ben Moores    Norwood Paragon
23rd        bill butterworth    Twickenham CC
24th        Conall Yates    InGear Quickvit RT
25th        Taimur Tanwir    London Dynamo/Prologue
26th        Henry Latimer    Zappi
27th        Rudie Marais    La Fuga/Sigma Sport
28th        pete smith    Team Jewson/M.I Racing
29th        Adam Brittain    High Wycombe CC
30th        Liam Bremer    London Phoenix CC
31st        Mario Manelfi    Blazing Saddles
32nd        Simon Whiten    Handsling Racing
33rd        Henry Furniss    WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel
34th        Ben Knowles    London Phoenix
35th        Tom Bowering    WyndyMilla
36th        Geoff Powell    High Wycombe CC
37th        Paul Bennett    unattached

3rd cat race 3 Imperial Winter Series 2011/2012
Place            Club

1st        Rob Sharland    Kingston Wheelers
2nd        Krisztian Borbely    Cyclelab
3rd        Dominic Clegg    Redhill CC
4th        Peter Hudson    Durham University – AURA Cycles
5th        Mark Northover    THE CYCLE STUDIO
6th        Ajelo Ghristides    unattached
7th        Tom Smith    CC Hackney
8th        Phil Adams    Cycle Club Ashwell
9th        Alex Toghill    Twickenham CC
10th        Werner van der Merwe
11th        Michael Widera    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
12th        Ralph Keeler    Cambridge CC
13th        Richard Stanton    Arbis LLP – Roy Pink Cycles RT
14th        Nick White    East London Velo
15th        Ian Wrightson    Charlotteville CC
16th        Alex Jump    Dulwich Paragon
17th        Richard Jerome    Willesden CC
18th        Duncan Rimmer    Morden CRC
19th        Leigh-Roy Macfarlane    Cycleworks
20th        Steven Cottington    Cadence RT
21st        Dave McMullen    GWR Team
22nd        Karla Boddy    High Wycombe CC
23rd        clem halpin    Twickenham CC
24th        Neil Heffernan    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
25th        Ryan Visser    Redhill cc
26th        Andy Mckay    Zappi
27th        Richard Rose    Bikelux Progression
28th        Charles Sanders    Cadence RT
29th        Vaughan Luff    Team De Ver / Neovite
30th        Adam Buckland
31st        Mark O’Brien    Archer RC
32nd        Brian Stokes    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
33rd        Ian Mckeown    London Dynamo
34th        Rune Sanbeck Nilsson    London Dynamo
35th        Grant Grant    .private
36th        Simon Parton    Kingston Wheelers
37th        Chris Campbell    London Dynamo
38th        jake norman    WyndyMilla
39th        James Curry    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
40th        Martin Porter    Thames Velo

4th cat race 3 Imperial Winter Series 2011/2012
Place            Club

3rd        Duncan Schwier    Twickenham CC
4th        Stephen Morrell    Aylesbury CC
5th        Jason Gardiner    Kingston Wheelers
6th        Charles Batho    Dulwich Paragon CC
7th        Ben Wimpory    Sydenham Wheelers
8th        Gavin Francis    London Dynamo
9th        Dave Spragg    Kingston Wheelers
10th        Andrew Macey    Ashford Wheelers
11th        Huw Jones    unattached
12th        Andrew Kennard    unattached
13th        Karl Moseley    stourbridge velo
14th        Andrew Wright    La Fuga/Sigmasport
15th        Michael Tocknell    London Dynamo
16th        Phil Wege    Inverse Racing
17th        Marcel  Louw    unattached
18th        Phil Sowton    Wyndymilla
19th        Deniz Erkan    unattached
20th        Peter Mollison    Kingston Wheelers
21st        Paul Donaldson    private
22nd        Stuart Smith    High Wycombe CC
23rd        Brett Greenwood    Kingston wheelers
24th        Matthew Franklin    Bristol Road Club
25th        Paul Banner    kingston wheelers
26th        George Aston    Welwyn Wheelers
27th        Michael Clancy    Dulwich Paragon
28th        James Roberts    Amersham RCC
29th        Tim Osborne    High Wycombe CC
30th        Andrew Gibson    Kingston wheelers cc
31st        Andy Leatherbarrow    Kingston Wheelers CC
32nd        Jon Train    None
33rd        Doug Bruce    Oxford University CC
34th        David Morgan    Charlotteville CC
35th        David Taylor    La Fuga/Sigmasport
36th        Jogenes Senorin    unattached
37th        George Lancaster    unattached

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