Bay Crits: Another win for teenager Ewan

Australian teenager, 17, Caleb Ewan wins his second round of Bay Crits, Raleigh’s Sulzberger wins the Sprint Competition and Allan Davis seals the series victory for GreenEdge.

A youngster from New South Wales in Australia, Caleb Ewan, won the final round of the Bay Crits defeating world class performers such as Leigh Howard and Allan Davis and putting his name in the frame as a future star on the road. He said afterwards, “I can’t believe it. Hopefully one day I can be like Cavendish” he told the Sun Herald newspaper.

“Today I was more relying on other people’s wheels to get up to the front but that’s how I love racing, it makes it a bit more exciting than just following someone up around everywhere,” Ewan said post-race to Cycling Central website.

“After the first win, I was so excited, I didn’t know if I could back up again but I found myself on good wheels again with the big GreenEDGE lead-out on Alby’s wheel and I ended up coming around him again,” he said. Ewan is coached by Gary Sutton and has been getting tips off Gary’s star sprinter, Chris and after only finishing one of the crits last year, this year won two rounds. A lesson that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

Endura Racing’s Zak Dempster was 13th in the final round and 14th overall saying afterwards on Twitter “A pretty controlled bay crits finished, feeling ready for what’s ahead…” Teammate Dean Windsor finished 13th overall and said  “Bay crits done and dusted. Tried my luck with an early break today but GreenEdge kept it together to protect the yellow. Another great series”. Raleigh’s Bernie Sulzberger was 4th overall. Greg Henderson gave an insight into the speed at the end saying “Last five laps were the fastest I can ever remember doing when GreenEdge lit it up today. Only six guys finished in the same straight.”

Raleigh’s Bernie Sulzberger, 4th on the night, sealed his win in the Sprint Competition witha  little help from his brother Wesley.

GreenEdge Report
Allan Davis of the GreenEdge team, finished third on the final stage of the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic to clinch the series in the Jayco Bay Crits. It was the third podium for Davis in the four days of racing. “The team rode brilliantly today,” said Sports Director Matt White. “We’re happy to have won the series with Allan Davis. There’s room for improvement on the sprint, but I’d rather see us make mistakes here than elsewhere. This was a learning experience, and the little errors we made help us know where we can improve in the future.”

Young Caleb Ewan (NSWIS) managed to best the GreenEDGE duo of Leigh Howard, second on the day, and Davis to earn his second stage victory of the series. “We mistimed the leadout a bit,” admitted White. “There was a split in the field, and only three guys got through that last corner. Caleb got through the last two corners on our train and was just too fast over the top of Leigh Howard in the last few seconds. He’s shown some great form this week. The kid is a big talent for the future.”

With the series win and daily podium finishes, White considers the opening race series a solid start to the season. “It’s a good start to the year,” White said. “We got some work done. No one crashed. No one hurt themselves. They are fitter than they were five days ago. We’re going in the right direction.

Race 4 – Final

1. Caleb Ewan News South Wales Institute of Sport   0:59:45
2. Leigh Howard GreenEdge Cycling
3. Allan Davis Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms
4. Bernie Sulzberger Raleigh  @:04
5. Anthony Giacoppo Bike Bug
6. Chris Sutton Urban Hotels
7. Greg Henderson Degani Bakery Cafe   @:07
8. Robbie McEwen GreenEdge Cycling     @:18
9. Sam Witmitz Budget Forklifts     @28
10. Nathan Haas Bike Bug     @:30
11. Koen de Kort Urban Hotels
12. Mark O’Brien Budget Forklifts    @:31
13. Zak Dempster Endura Racing    @:33
14. Mitch Docker GreenEdge Cycling    @1:06
15. Baden Cooke Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms    @1:29


Sprint 1
1. Bernie Sulzberger Raleigh 3   points
2. Nathan Haas Bike Bug  2
3. Baden Cooke Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms  1

Sprint 2
1. Bernie SulzbergerRaleigh  3   points
2. Wesley Sulzberger GreenEdge Cycling  2
3. Luke Durbridge Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms  1

Sprint 3
1. Bernie Sulzberger Raleigh  3   points
2. Wesley Sulzberger GreenEdge Cycling  2
3. Luke Durbridge Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms  1

1  Allan Davis Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms  29   pts
2  Caleb Ewan NSWIS  28
3  Anthony Giacoppo Bike Bug  23
4  Bernie Sulzberger Raleigh  22
5  Chris Sutton Urban Hotels  19
6  Greg Henderson Degani Bakery Cafe  16
7  Leigh Howard GreenEdge Cycling  13
8  Luke Durbridge Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms  10
9  Nathan Haas Bike Bug  8
10  Koen de Kort Urban Hotels  8
11  Mitch Docker GreenEdge Cycling  8
12  Johnnie Walker Degani Bakery Cafe  8
13  Dean Windsor (Endura Racing)  8
14  Zak Dempster (Endura Racing)  7
15  Steele Von Hoff Bike Bug  7
16  Mark O’Brien Budget Forklifts  6
17  James Mowatt Rapido Cycles / Four Points Geelong  5
18  Robbie McEwen GreenEdge Cycling  3
19  Sam Witmitz Budget Forklifts  2
20  Trent Derecourt John West Cycling  2

1  Bernie Sulzberger Raleigh  21   pts
2  Mitch Docker GreenEdge Cycling  9
3  Nathan Haas Bike Bug  8
4  Anthony Giacoppo Bike Bug  6
5  Luke Durbridge Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms  6
6  Wesley Sulzberger GreenEdge Cycling  5
7  Dean Windsor (Endura Racing) 4
8  Caleb Ewan NSWIS  3
9  Leigh Howard GreenEdge Cycling  3
10  Baden Cooke Mitchelton Wines / Lowe Farms  2
11  Robbie McEwen GreenEdge Cycling  1
12  Mark O’Brien Budget Forklifts  1
13  Zak Dempster  (Endura Racing)  1
14  Johnnie Walker Degani Bakery Cafe  1
15  Trent Derecourt John West Cycling  1

1  Amanda Spratt (Greenedge-AIS)  0:44:50
2  Melissa Hoskins (Greenedge-AIS)  0:00:03
3  Chloe Hosking (Total Rush/Hyster)
4  Rochelle Gilmore (BikeExchange Dream Team)
5  Annette Edmondson (Pitcher Partners)
6  Rebecca Henderson (Suzuki-Trek Women)
7  Jessie Maclean (Greenedge-AIS)  0:00:07
8  Kate Finegan (Spencers Race)
9  Loren Rowney (Total Rush/Hyster)
10  Sue Forsyth (Pitcher Partners)
11  Liza Rachetto (Spencers Race)
12  Rosara Joseph (NZL)  0:00:10
13  Rebecca Wiasak (Suzuki-Trek Women)
14  Shara Gillow (Greenedge-AIS)
15  Grace Sulzberger (Jayco – AIS)  0:00:15
16  Rowena Fry (Jayco – AIS)
17  Sinead Noonan (Jayco – AIS)  0:00:17
18  Tiffany Cromwell (Greenedge-AIS)  0:00:18
19  Kirsty Broun (BikeExchange Dream Team)  0:00:20
20  Gracie Elvin (Jayco – AIS)  0:00:24


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