Report-Photos-Results: Day 2 Cyclo-Cross Champs

Ipswich (Jan 8): The second day of the British Cyclo-Cross Championships sees the titles decided for the Women, Under 23 Men, Juniors and Elite Men categories and VeloUK is there with live updates and photos.

LINK: RESULTS FROM DAY 1 | PREVIEW: Click here for preview and start list

The second day of the British Cyclo-Cross Championships was an emotional day with Ian Field, Steven James, Hugo Robinson and Helen Wyman winning their titles after four exciting events.

The most emotional event was the final race of the day when Ian Field beat Liam Killeen for the Men’s title. Killeen has more silvers in this event that he would care to remember (4) and he and Field were both in contention with 500 metres to go. Then, as we snappers waited in the finish straight, there were gasps of shock from the big crowd as two corners from the finish, Liam touched wheels and went down . Field though stayed upright and the title was his to lose as he raced to the finish, chased by Killeen.

The Day 2 Big Photo Album — over 200 pictures from the four races

The Giant rider was unable to close the gap in such a short distance and Field crossed the line full of elation and as we waited to talk, the Hargroves Cycles rider could not hold back the tears after he’d won the title he has wanted since he was 14. In third was Jody Crawforth making it a 1-3 for Hargroves Cycles.

Whilst one of the favourites, with Field not having raced his rivals in Europe or in a National Trophy, it was anybody’s guess as to whether his form would be enough to see off the local challenge. The answer to that was yes as he became part of a very elite selection that was soon leading the race after Lee Williams had got the best of the starts. As Williams faded, six riders went clear, defending champion Paul Oldham, Jody Crawforth, Ian Field, Liam Killeen, Tom Last and David Fletcher.

The final race of day 2 gets going as the Elite me battle for the title so many wanted badly…

First to go from the group was Tom Last who then spent the whole race on his own chasing the five out front. Behind Last, was Nick Craig who had been hoping for a mud bath but instead for a course quite dry and fast. Also chasing in the top were former top mountain bikers turned roadies, Simon Richardson and Will Bjergfelt. There was also another who was being cheered long and loud, Roger Hammond who was racing his last cross event.

Back at the front, the five; Killeen, Field, Oldham, Fletcher and Crawforth, were glued together for three quarters of the race before finally the elastic holding them together broke as Killeen and Field broke clear. Oldham for a while was dropped from the chasers Crawforth and Fletcher but he battled back and even went on the offensive.

So it became three chasing two but the gap to the leaders never looked in any danger of being closed down and it came down to the final rush for the line where Killeen’s hope of the title went sliding from under him and Field was left to realise a dream come true as his operation British Championship delivered the champion’s jersey to him.

Half a lap after the start and Liam Killeen lead the lined out field through the finish area.

Tom Last made the first selection but then lost ground only to hold his place (6th) in a solo chase for three quarters of the race.

Liam Killeen powering along, trying to break the riders behind him which are Jody Crawforth, Ian Field, David Fletcher and Paul Oldham.

Ian Field crosses the line with Killeen chasing in the background after a dramatic finish to the race.

Podium: L-R: Jody Crawforth (3rd), Ian Field (1st) and Liam Killeen (2nd)

A good weekend for the Hargroves Cycles team who won the team award and saw three of their riders winning British titles…


This race with three title chases in the one event, saw Helen Wyman again dominate the event despite world class opposition. Before the race, it was expected, hoped for even, that we would see a challenge to Wyman’s dominance which is akin to that of Nicole Cooke on the road until beaten a few years ago in the British championship when she was outnumbered by the team of Cervelo and has been for the last two years.

The Women’s Championship gets started with eventual champion on the right.

Wyman’s domiance though is simply down to the fact she is such a world class cyclo-cross rider. Annie Last, herself such a world class mountain bike rider at world level, was expected to be a contender but being gridded mid field did not help her chances and a fall robbed Gabby Day of a chance of staying with the medal contenders.

The race began with three riders going clear, Harris, Wyman, and Day with Last chasing hard. Before Annie caught the leading trio, Wyman had clipped off and Last first caught Day and then Harris. That was as close as Last, riding in the Milka-Brentjens Mountain Bike RT colours for the first time, got to Wyman.

Very quickly a group of three leaders (Nikki Harris, Gabby Day and Helen Wyman) went clear with Annie Last, gridded badly for a rider who won the final round of the National trophy, chasing. By the time she caught these riders, Wyman was already long gone.

With Harris who had spent the week before ill in bed, attacking Last at every opportunity, the fight for the silver was between these two riders but as had so often in the championships this weekend, something unexpected happened and this time it was Last pulling her foot in the sprint.

Whilst managing to minimise her  losses, Last could not peg the talented Harris back on the line and had to settle for the bronze. The victory though belonged to Wyman and she said because of the roller coaster of emotions in the week before, that the victory was very much as important as her first. Wyman now has two aims for January, one to be healthy and secondly, to be top five at the Worlds.

This was probably Wyman’s most decisive victory, a big gap at the finish but also the beating of such strong contenders who were all world class.

Helen Wyman is cheered home as she celebrates her seventh title

Louise Robinson wins the Vets title from the rider who supplied her bike, Isla Rowntree. Third was Helen MacGregor.

Hannah Payton (centre) defended her title in the Junior women from Bethany Crumpton (right)  and Rebecca Preece (left).

Helen Wyman, (centre) champion again with Annie Last (3rd, left) and Nikki Harris (2nd, right)


The second title for Hargroves Cycles came in the first race of the day when Steve James led from the front to win the title in what ended up being an enthralling race. Before the start, with 22 riders in a race of 50 minutes, such an exciting race was not expected. James has been pretty dominant in the National Trophy and more of the same was expected. How wrong we were.

First race of the day was for Under 23s and what a race it turned out to be!

The race began with James driving it along and soon a small group went clear with the likes of Kenta Gallagher,Grant Ferguson, Ben Sumner and James.  Jack Clarkson then joined them to make five. Chasing was one of the race favourites Luke Gray who had been well back after the first half a lap due to a crash in the race but was fighting his way back along with Andrew Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles).

But as Gray made good ground on the leaders, James and Gallagher, good friends off the bike but fierce rivals on it, went clear of Ferguson with the rest of the group chasing to stay in contention for a medal. While Gray made it up to Ferguson, both Clarkson and Sumner lost ground and seemed to be out of the running for the medals.

Steven James (Hargroves Cycles) leads the strung line of riders after the first half a lap.

The Gold and Silver medals were certainly safe with the leading duo it seemed but which one would win. Both had a dig to try and distance the other and Gallagher was certainly making James work hard to start with him. James though dug deep to give it everything to distance Gallagher and the body language of the Scott rider as he rode through the start area said it all, James had cracked him.

Whilst James rode away, winning by seven seconds, it was sprint for the bronze and Ferguson managed to hold off Gray’s challenge and both promptly collapsed on the ground exhausted by a race that had been more exciting and harder than any national trophy this season.

After a selection formed at the front, eventually only two riders were left, Steven James and Kent Gallagher.

Steven James celebrates another victory for his team and his first cross title.

Steven James of Hargroves Cycles in the stripes of champion along with Kent Gallagher (2nd, right) and Grant Ferguson (3rd, left)


Not only was Hugo Robinson a local riding for the event organiser’s Elmy Cycles, he was also the defending champion and while there was a moment when his title challenge was threatened by Alex Welburn, Robinson rose above it like champions must and dug deep to ride away again and win the race.

Whilst it was a solo win, the lead was only five seconds so the pressure not to make a mistake was immense as Welburn chased him for all he was worth but was unable to get back on the wheel of the Eastern region rider.

Start of the Junior championship.

The race began well for the North Easts Adam Martin and within half a lap Robinson was on the front and forcing a selection to go clear with Martin on his wheel, Moses and then a small gap to Welburn, Armstrong and Harry Franklin (Hargroves Cycles).

Through the woods, Robinson rode clear of Moses with Welburn chasing from Martin, Armstrong and Jake Womersley. Robinson was looking like he has in the national trophy, unbeatable, but Welburn had other ideas and passed Moses on his way to catching Robinson. It was short lived though because after a lap of getting his breath back, Robinson hit back at Welburn and attacked to get enough of a gap that Welburn was unable to close.

From the word go, Hugo Robinson, from the promoting club, led the race.

He did hold the gap though while behind, Moses, Armstrong and Womersley joined forces to fight for bronze. There was nothing in the race and a mistake by any of the contenders would surely have been costly. Robinson though stayed upright and won the second Junior title of his short career with Welburn cheered home in second.

The sprint for third was tight with less than a bike length between all three but Moses down the middle of the road was fastest and took the last medal on offer.

Robinson was chased down by Alex Welburn but after a breather, he gave it everything to get away and managed to hold on to slender lead to win his second Junior title.

In front of a local crowd, Hugo Robinson wins the Junior title with is closest rival in the same straight.

The sprint for the Bronze was close but Joe Moses managed to outsprint Tom Armstrong and Jake Womersley.

Joe Moses, Hugo Robinson and Alex Welburn, the Junior podium.

LIVE PHOTOS: Photos as the events unfold will be in the slideshow below

Senior Men
1 Ian Field Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec 1 h 2 m 8 s
2 Liam Killeen Giant Factory Off Road Team @ 0 m 3 s
3 Jody Crawforth Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec @ 0 m 17 s
4 Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing @ 0 m 20 s
5 David Fletcher Boardman Elite @ 0 m 45 s
6 Tom Last Team IG/Sigma Sport @ 1 m 57 s
7 Nick Craig Team Scott UK @ 2 m 20 s
8 Simon Richardson Team IG/Sigma Sport @ 2 m 40 s
9 William Bjergfelt Individual Member @ 2 m 44 s
10 Lee Williams Team Wiggle @ 3 m 17 s
11 Crispin Doyle Swindon RC @ 3 m 26 s
12 Roger Hammond Individual Member @ 4 m 15 s
13 Stuart Bowers Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec @ 4 m 26 s
14 Matthew Barrett Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching @ 4 m 30 s
15 Stephen Adams Team IG/Sigma Sport @ 4 m 33 s
16 Chris Metcalfe Charge Bikes @ 4 m 44 s
17 Darren Atkins Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI @ 4 m 44 s
18 Tony Fawcett @ 4 m 44 s
19 Dave Collins Hope Factory Racing @ 4 m 49 s
20 Daniel Booth Hope Factory Racing @ 5 m 4 s
21 Jamie Newall Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Alpha RT @ 5 m 12 s
22 Michael Cotty @ 5 m 13 s
23 Darren Barclay Arctic – Premier RT @ 5 m 29 s
24 Dieter Droger Team Cystic Fibrosis @ 5 m 39 s
25 Lewis Craven @ 5 m 45 s
26 Daniel Lewis RAF CC @ 6 m 19 s
27 Simon Maudsley Crosstrax @ 6 m 20 s
28 David Lines Endura-Pedalpower Development Team @ 6 m 45 s
29 Andrew Naylor Ashfield RC @ 6 m 52 s
30 Noel Clough @ 7 m 2 s
31 Scott Chalmers Dream CC/Zero @ 7 m 12 s
32 Keith Murray Hope Factory Racing @ 7 m 25 s
33 Gareth Whittall Clay Cross RT @ 7 m 36 s
34 Andrew Waterman Vicious Velo @ 7 m 49 s
35 James Thompson Hope Factory Racing @ 7 m 53 s
36 Ross Tricker X RT – Elmy Cycles @ 7 m 58 s
37 Matthew Denby RT/Kuota/GSG @ 8 m 3 s
38 Paul Robertson @ 8 m 17 s
39 Tim Guy Iceni Velo @ 8 m 29 s
40 Steven Clarke @ 8 m 58 s
41 Jonathan Limebear Batley CC/Hargreaves @ 1 lap
42 Malcolm Lewis MTS Cycle Sport/Inkland/Elvet RT @ 1 lap
43 Paul Sheers Vicious Velo @ 1 lap
44 Gareth Barnes Walkers CC @ 1 lap
45 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers @ 1 lap
46 Jonathan Watson Charge Bikes @ 1 lap
47 James Dalton Evans Cycles RT @ 1 lap
48 James Gelsthorpe Bourne Wheelers CC @ 1 lap
49 Ben Spurrier Rapha Condor CC @ 1 lap
50 Jules Birks VC Londres @ 1 lap
51 Philip Glowinski VC Londres @ 1 lap
52 David Rees Dulwich Paragon CC @ 1 lap
53 Colin Miller Coventry RC/ @ 1 lap
54 Benjamin Lewis Finsbury Park CC @ 1 lap
55 Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers @ 1 lap
56 Stuart Nisbet Crawley Wheelers @ 1 lap
57 George Thomas Crawley Wheelers @ 1 lap
58 Nigel Langridge Crawley Wheelers @ 1 lap
59 Gregory Needham @ 1 lap

1 Helen Wyman Kona / FSA Factory Team 43 m 45 s
2 Nikki Harris Telenet Fidea Cycling Team @ 1 m 2 s
3 Annie Last Milka-Brentjens Mountain Bike RT @ 1 m 2 s
4 Gabriella Day The Chainstay – Renner @ 2 m 14 s
5 Louise Robinson (v) Stourbridge CC @ 3 m 11 s
6 Isla Rowntree (v) Stourbridge CC @ 3 m 49 s
7 Hannah Payton (j) The Kinesis Morvelo Project @ 4 m 37 s
8 Delia Beddis Vicious Velo @ 4 m 44 s
9 Diane Lee RT/Kuota/GSG @ 4 m 55 s
10 Bethany Crumpton (J) Halesowen A & CC @ 5 m 18 s
11 Rebecca Preece (J) Red Rose Olympic CC @ 6 m 16 s
12 Leona Kadir La Fuga – Sigma Sport @ 6 m 18 s
13 Sarah Naylor Ashfield RC @ 6 m 40 s
14 Emily Barnes (J) Rapha Condor CC @ 6 m 52 s
15 Imogen Buick (J) Moda-Diablo Racing @ 6 m 52 s
16 Anna Buick University of Manchester CC @ 6 m 56 s
17 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor CC @ 7 m 29 s
18 Keira McVitty (J) @ 7 m 55 s
19 Nikola Butler Inverse RT/ @ 7 m 55 s
20 Joanne McRae Look Mum No Hands ! @ 7 m 58 s
21 Nicola Hamilton Look Mum No Hands ! @ 8 m 13 s
22 Helen Clayton Lichfield City CC @ 8 m 30 s
23 Jessica Stone Malvern Cyclesport @ 8 m 34 s
24 Helen MacGregor (V) VC Lincoln/Pygott& Crone/B&O/SPS @ 9 m 7 s
25 Elizabeth Clayton (V) Lichfield City CC @ 9 m 23 s
26 Verity Appleyard @ 9 m 45 s
27 Emma Johnson X RT/Elmy Cycles @ 9 m 52 s
28 Phoebe Sneddon Mulebar Girl @ 9 m 52 s
29 Sarah Woods (V) Wight Mountain @ 10 m 4 s
30 Louise Mahe Mulebar Girl @ 1 lap
31 Lynn Bland (V) Norton Wheelers @ 1 lap
32 Rebecca Keogh Solihull CC @ 1 lap
33 Louise Rickard (V) X RT/Elmy Cycles @ 1 lap

Junior Women

1 Hannah Payton (j) The Kinesis Morvelo Project
2 Bethany Crumpton (J) Halesowen A & CC
3 Rebecca Preece (J) Red Rose Olympic CC

Veteran Women
1 Louise Robinson (v) Stourbridge CC
2 Isla Rowntree (v) Stourbridge CC
3 Helen MacGregor (V) VC Lincoln/Pygott& Crone/B&O/SPS

Junior Men
1 Hugo Robinson X RT/Elmy Cycles 41 m 20 s
2 Alex Welburn Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching @ 0 m 5 s
3 Joseph Moses Paul Milnes/Bradford Olympic RC @ 0 m 13 s
4 Tom Armstrong @ 0 m 13 s
5 Jake Womersley Sportscover Altura RT @ 0 m 13 s
6 Adam Martin Cestria Cycles RT @ 1 m 17 s
7 George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC @ 1 m 19 s
8 Nicholas Barnes RT/Kuota/GSG @ 1 m 36 s
9 William Worrall Towy Racing CC @ 1 m 36 s
10 Matthew Woods Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec @ 1 m 38 s
11 Matthew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec @ 1 m 52 s
12 Jack Humphreys @ 1 m 59 s
13 Edward McParland GT Racing UK @ 2 m 35 s
14 Matthew Thompson Cardiff JIF/Cyclopaedia @ 2 m 42 s
15 Iain Paton Square Wheel Cycles @ 2 m 44 s
16 Joseph Fox Rapha Condor CC @ 2 m 57 s
17 James Jobber Colchester Rovers CC @ 3 m 5 s
18 Harry Franklin Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec @ 3 m 10 s
19 Michael Thompson TEF / Richardsons RT @ 3 m 10 s
20 Jacob James Halesowen A & CC @ 3 m 52 s
21 Edwyn Oliver-Evans @ 4 m 50 s
22 Chris McGovern Sutton CC /De Ver Cycles @ 5 m 0 s
23 Aaron Westgarth Kings Cliffe Flyers CC @ 5 m 7 s
24 Jordan Gell VC Lincoln/Pigott& Chrone/B&O/SPS @ 5 m 8 s
25 Joe Atkins Coventry RC/ @ 5 m 30 s
26 Patrick Cook Ipswich BC @ 7 m 10 s
27 James Garrett Rugby Velo @ 1 lap

Under-23 Men
1 Steven James Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec 48 m 33 s
2 Kenta Gallagher Team Scott UK @ 0 m 7 s
3 Grant Ferguson Boardman Elite @ 0 m 17 s
4 Luke Gray Baboco Cycling Team @ 0 m 17 s
5 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing @ 0 m 33 s
6 Ben Sumner Beeline Bicycles RT @ 1 m 11 s
7 Lee Westwood Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching @ 1 m 46 s
8 Andrew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec @ 1 m 48 s
9 Taylor Johnstone Team de Ver @ 2 m 49 s
10 Matthew Gee @ 3 m 18 s
11 Daniel Arblaster GVC Edmond de Rothschild @ 3 m 34 s
12 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle @ 3 m 34 s
13 David Nichols Van Eyck Sport @ 4 m 29 s
14 Bruce Dalton Individual Member @ 4 m 33 s
15 Robert Watson Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic @ 5 m 16 s
16 Lewis Tamai-Wilson Ashfield RC @ 1 lap
17 Jeremy Hicks Rugby Velo @ 1 lap

LINK: RESULTS FROM DAY 1 | PREVIEW: Click here for preview and start list

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