Results: Imperial Winter Series 2011/2012

Latest results from Race 8 on January 14 at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in West London

A very cold fine day, with no wind and potentially perfect racing conditions.

Although initially animated by George Fox (45 RC) and Joel Lewis (Kettering CC) it came down to a large group heading for the finish line with Matthew Bone (I Team) crossing the line front of Stephen Ralston (London Dynamo) and Fox. The WyndyMilla 4th cat random prize is awarded to 23rd place Andrew Clare (London Dynamo) who can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

The 3rd cat race was slightly more aggressive with several riders forcing the pace; a number of incidents potentially changed the outcome of the finish especially the last 5 km which was very nervous. The run in produced a clear winner in Peter Hudson (Durham University) from in form Tim Benham (Wyndy Milla), and Angelo Christides with the rest strung out behind. The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 11th place Duncan Rimmer (Morden CRC) who receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.

Fortunately racing rather than crashing has been a consistent feature of the E/1/2/3 race but even they managed to keep the first aiders busy this week!

After missing out last week Steve Golla (High Wycombe RT) was clearly determined and was attacking from the start along with Conall Yates (InGear Quickvit RT) and Pete Wager (Felt-Colbornes RT). Several riders joined them and formed a larger group but it became fragmented with Peter Cole (Handsling Racing), Matthew Carden (Team Quest) and Wager dropping back leaving a more workable group of 8 with newcomer to the series Liam Stones (Team Corley Cycles) in good company with Yates, Golla, Jamie Pine (London Dynamo) and Nick Baker (Zappis), joined by Tom Smith (Felt Colbornes RT), Chris Moores (Norwood Paragon) and Rory Townsend (VC Prestige).

Behind, the main peloton eventually became resigned to the fact the gap was too large although towards the end Wager, Cole, Vince Halpern (Handsling Racing) and Bill Butterworth (Twickenham CC) made determined efforts. With 4 km to go Yates and Townsend attacked, a brilliant move which saw Smith and Moores dig deep to hang on. In the end Pine showed his sprinting speed to hold off a very fast improving Smith from Stones and Golla. Jerone Walters (VC St Raphael) prised himself away from the main group with 3 km to go, perhaps rueing missing the break. Cole led in his team mate Halpern for the main group sprint.

Jamie Pine increases his overall lead to 1270 points with Steve Golla on 1060 and Wager on 800.

Next race
Saturday 21st January 2012 4th Cat & 3rd Cat start @ 13:00 with the E123 @ 14:15

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1st Jamie Pine London Dynamo 1
2nd Tom Smith Felt Colbornes RT E
3rd Liam Stones Team Corley 2
4th Steve Golla High Wycombe RT 2
5th Chris Moores Norwood Paragon 3
6th Rory Townsend Prestige VC 2j
7th Nicholas Baker Zappis 3
8th Conall Yates InGear Quickvit RT 2
9th Jerone Walters VC St Raphael 2
10th Peter Cole Handslingracing 3
11th Vincent Halpern Handsling Racing 1
12th Dominic Gabellini Rapha Condor 2
13th Pete Wager Felt-Colbornes RT 1
14th Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 2
15th James Norris High Wycombe CC 2
16th Samuel Gilzean Welwyn Wheelers 3j
17th Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix 2
18th Tom Kruger 45 Road Club 2
19th Simon Whiten Handsling Racing 3
20th Cameron Foster Zappis 2
21st Bill Butterworth Twickenham CC 3
22nd James Walker High Wycombe RT 3
23rd Christian Yates East Grinstead CC 3
24th Neil Heffernan Inverse Racing/Cyclaim 3
25th James Foster Team Quest 3
26th Ralph De Kanter Norwood Paragon CC 3
27th Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles 3
28th Robert Enslin Handsling Racing 3
29th Pete Smith Team Jewson/M.I Racing 2
30th Matthew Carden Team Quest 3
31st Martin Garratt London Dynamo 2
32nd Tony Lock Elite Cycling 2
33rd Stephen Cambell Twickenham CC 2
34th Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC 3
35th Andrew Daniels unattached 3

3rd cat race
1st Peter Hudson Durham University – AURA Cycles 3
2nd Tim Benham WyndyMilla 3
3rd Angelo Christides unattached 4
4th Ashley Dennis Prestige Velo Club 3
5th Daniel Tamplin aylesbury cycling club 3
6th Werner Van Der Merwe 3
7th Ben Wimpory Sydenham Wheelers 3
8th Rob Sharland Kingston Wheelers 3
9th Jason Gardiner Kingston Wheelers 3
10th Richard Moss GS Henley 3
11th Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC 3
12th Ed Rose progression/bikelux 2
13th Joe Clark High Wycombe CC 3
14th Phil Dempsey Aprire Bicycles 3
15th Brian Blease Dulwich Paragon 3
16th Jordan Wade Poole Wheelers 3
17th Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 3
18th Charles Batho Dulwich Paragon CC 3
19th Noah Banner Kingston Wheelers cc 3j
20th Marc Townsend 3
21st Daniel Stevens 3
22nd Andrew Stronge unattached 3
23rd Vaughan Luff Team De Ver / Neovite 3
24th Rune Sanbeck Nilsson London Dynamo 3
25th Stephen Morrell Aylesbury CC 3
26th Fabio Amati unattached 3
27th Andy Mckay Zappi 3
28th Charles Sanders Cadence RT 3
29th Lubomir Belak Welwyn Wheelers 3
30th Taimur Tanwir London Dynamo/Prologue 3
31st Chris Campbell London Dynamo 3
32nd Przemyslaw Radomski Gregarious Superclub Ciclista 3
33rd Micheal Ward VC Montpellier 3
34th Jacek Reder unattached 3
35th Mark Northover CC Giro 3
36th Mark Lawn Inverse Racing/Cyclaim 3
37th Jake Norman WyndyMilla A + disp
38th Alex Tollo unattached 3
39th Adam Buckland 3
40th Nick Franzini London Dynamo 3
41st Mark O’brien Archer RC 3
42nd Jono Adams London Dynamos 3
43rd Cliff Steele brixton cycles 3

4th cat race
1st Matthew Bone I-Team 4
2nd Stephen Ralston London Dynamo/Prologue 4
3rd George Fox 45 Road Club 4
4th John-Paul Brophy 4
5th Adam Capes London Dynamo 4
6th Creighton Varney High Wycombe Cycling Club 4
7th Russell Jones Team Matador 4
8th Mark Oliver Rapha Condor 4
9th Andrew Wright La Fuga/Sigmasport 4
10th Andrew Macey Ashford Wheelers 4
11th Tim Osborne High Wycombe CC 4
12th Jogenes Senorin unattached 4
13th Jon Coulson Sydenham Wheelers 4
14th Brett Greenwood Kingston wheelers 4
15th George Lancaster unattached 4
16th David Morgan Charlotteville CC 4
17th Jordan Oneill unattached 4
18th Jonathan Whybrow Reading CC 4
19th Darryl Green Vivelo Bikes – Inverse RT/Cyclaim 4
20th Jon Train unattached 4
21st Daniel Skinner Twickenham CC 4
22nd Nicholas Griffiths Kingston Wheelers 4
23rd Andrew Clare London Dynamo 4
24th Mo Mansoori Twickenham CC 4
25th George Aston Welwyn Wheelers 4j
26th Andrew Deans london dynamo 4
27th Paul Morrissey High Wycombe CC 4
28th Paul Banner kingston wheelers 4
29th Andy Leatherbarrow Kingston Wheelers CC 4
30th Adrian Crothall GS Avanti 4
31st Stuart Smith High Wycombe 4
32nd Phil Sowton Wyndymilla 4
33rd Michael Vance Dulwich Paragon 4
34th Michael Clancy Dulwich Paragon 4
35th James Green catford cc 4
36th Stanley Akinnibi unattached 4
37th Virasamy Thippadu unattached 4
38th Austin Reynolds Hounslow and District Wheellers 4

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