Results & Photo Report: National Trophy (Shrewsbury)

Live pictures and updates from the final round of the National Trophy in Shrewsbury organised by Dave Mellor (Cycles)

LINK: National Trophy Final Overall Tables

The final round of the Shrewsbury National Trophy saw ice and mud challenge the best cyclo-cross riders in the country and once again, the champion’s shone through in trying conditions. The day began with the Veterans and they had ice to contend with. The hour before racing saw rider after rider looking at the steep off camber section (Dave Mellor Cycles Hellish Alley) scratching their heads as to what was the best line. Again and again they tried it out but that didn’t stop that section, and others on the course, catching out riders all day with crashes and rear mechs being ripped off a constant during the racing.

The BIG Photo Album from the day’s racing

As the ice melted, the ground became muddy and whilst not as muddy as Bradford, the conditions were just as slippery and any video from ‘Dave Mellor Cycles Hellish Alley’ will sure to be popular. Whilst there were some riders missing, some competing in Europe at the World Cup or preparing for the Worlds at a training camp, and others at the Masters Worlds in America (Vic Barnett and John Ginley Gold, Mick Ives Silver and Phil Roach 4th), the racing at Shrewsbury was exciting and close.

There was individual brilliance of course, Killeen, Atkins, Robinson to name but three of many who won their races solo but behind the lone winners there were also some ding dong battles which kept the small crowd cheering the riders on before the mayor of Shrewsbury presented the awards. The season isn’t over with regional rounds still to be held and the Worlds of course but the racing baton is changing hands as the road season approaches as does the mountain bike one for the riders in the cross series.

Our thanks to the organisers for their help and that of Jim Court and his team for the results.

Richard Dawson Photo Album

Photo Report

Liam Killeen was in a race of his own today. After winning the West Midlands Champs on this course last year, Liam was awesome physically and technically on the challenging course.

Jody Crawforth leads the race with Steve James on his wheel and Andy Hargroves on his.. all Hargroves Cycles. Paul Oldham meanwhile is on the right and Jack Clarkson on the left.

Drama! Paul Oldham gets pulled into the fence as something catches it as Jody Crawforth leads Nick Craig and then Paul. Craig joined Crawforth and Oldham and then Craig proceeded to attack Crawforth with Oldham being distanced. The series winner and former British champion though came back and caught Craig on the final lap and almost caught Crawforth. Fantastic race lead from start to finish by Killeen.

Not the best of pictures but worth showing because Steven James (Hargroves Cycles), after two rear mechs were ripped from their joint in the mud, can still find the energy for a dance as he crosses the line, winner of the National Trophy for 2011/2012 to go with his National Championship.

This podium tells the story of the series, Oldham (left) and Crawforth, right, were inseparable during the whole series while Killeen rode three ‘cross races and won two and a crash perhaps robbed him of the other and he was second – class.

The girls podium and a good race for the RST Clothing/Trigon Bikes team of Abby-Mae Parkinson who won the race wearing the champions jersey with Grace Garner (right) in third. Sarah Lomas (in blue) was second and won the series  while Jessica Wilkinson from Birkenhead on the Wirral was third in the series.

Darren Atkins leads British Champ Jim Bryan away in the Over 40’s race. Atkins raced away on his own while Bryan had a mid race battle with Noel Clough until drawing clear in the closing stages.

Mick Rowson got the best start in the Over 50’s but eventual winner Mick Bell is there ready to take the lead.

Organiser Dave Mellor, former Great Britain manager for the Women’s and Paracycling teams, was busy all day keeping the fences intact. As you can see from the banner for his bike shop he loves Shropshire!

Plenty of time for Darren Atkins to celebrate the win in the Vets 40 plus.

Mick Bell celebrates a win in the Vets 50 plus. While Steven Davies gave him a good race for the win, Mick was never going to give up the victory after winning the British champs last weekend.

The Junior race was awesome with Joe Moses, Alex Welburn, Tom Armstrong, Matt Hargroves and Harry Franklin all getting in the mix for the lead until Moses drew clear and just managed to hold off Welburn.

British Champion Louise Robinson won on her own after a masterful race

Two riders who continued their winning run in the 2011/2012 Cyclo-Cross season, Jack Ravenscroft (left, Under 16 Boys) and Dan Tullett (Under 14 boys).

Two British champions winning their races, RST Clothing/Trigon Bikes rider Abby Mae Parkinson the under 16 girls and Charlotte Broughton the Under 14’s.

RESULTS — LINK: National Trophy Final Overall Tables

Elite Men
1  Liam Killeen Giant Factory Off Road Team     0 0
2  Jody Crawforth Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec     0 40
3  Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing     0 42
4  Nick Craig Team Scott UK     0 44
5  Daniel Booth Hope Factory Racing     2 17
6  Grant Ferguson Boardman Elite Under 23    2 21
7  Lewis Craven     2 29
8  Dave Collins Hope Factory Racing     2 42
9  Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing Under 23    3 53
10  Andrew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec Under 23    4 22
11  William Bjergfelt Wilier/Live to Ride     4 41
12  Lee Westwood Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching Under 23    4 49
13  Simon Richardson Team IG – Sigma Sport     4 49
14  Steven James Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec Under 23    5 18
15  Matthew Barrett Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching     5 38
16  Mark Cotton Bycka Sport Racing/Gipiemme/Art to Love     5 55
17  Taylor Johnstone Team de Ver Under 23    5 58
18  Simon Maudsley Crosstrax     6 34
19  Crispin Doyle Swindon RC     6 41
20  Andrew Naylor Ashfield RC     7 5
21  Darren Barclay Arctic – Premier RT     7 9
22  Sylvain Garde Addiscombe CC     7 38
23  Robert Watson Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic Under 23    7 54
24  Dieter Droger Team Cystic Fibrosis     8 5
25  Bruce Dalton Individual Member Under 23    8 29
26  Ben Spurrier Rapha Condor CC     8 58
27  Hayden Wood Individual Member     10 2
28  Jonathan Limebear Batley CC/Hargreaves     at 1 lap
29  Andrew Tamplin Wrekinsport CC     at 1 lap
30  Neil Hayward     at 1 lap
31  Paul Sheers Vicious Velo     at 1 lap
32  Robert Wimble RT/Kuota/GSG     at 1 lap
33  Colin Miller Coventry RC/     at 1 lap
34  Daniel Harris Halesowen A & CC Under 23    at 1 lap
35  Andrew Nichols PCA Ciclos Uno/Squeezy/Isaac     at 1 lap
36  Andrew Parry Bynea CC     at 1 lap
37  Scott O’Neill-Gwilliams Stourbridge Velo     at 1 lap

Under 23
1. Grant Ferguson
2. Jack Clarkson
3. Andrew Hargroves

1 Louise Robinson (Stourbridge CC)
2 Isla Rowntree (Stourbridge CC)
3 Amy Roberts (For Viored)
4 Delia Beddis (Vicious Velo)
5 Hannah Payton (Kinesis Morvelo Project)
6. Bethany Crumpton, Halesowen
7. Hannha Payton, Kinesis
8. Imogen Buick, Moda
9. Claire Beamonth, Condor Cycles
10. Sarah Naylor, Ashfield
11. Emily Barnes, Rapha Condor CC
12. Leona Kadir, Lu Fuga Sigma
13. Nikola Butler, Inverse

1. Joe Moses (Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic)
2. Alex Welburn (Cycleshack-Forme Coaching)
3. Tom Armstrong (Wheelbase)
4. Matt Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles)
5. Harry Franklin (Hargroves Cycles)
6. Edward McParland, GT Racing
7. Jake Womersley, Sportscover
8. Nicholas Barnes, Zepnet
9. Adam King, Cardiff Jif
10. George Thompson, Sleaford Wheelers
11. James Nixon, MTB Marathon
12. Joe Atkins, Coventry RC
13. Matthew Woods, Hargroves Cycles
14. Adam Lewis, Wolverhampton Wheelers
15. James Garrett, Rugby Velo

Veterans 40Plus
1  Darren Atkins Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI
2  James Bryan RT/Kuota/GSG
3  Noel Clough
4  Chris Young
5  Peter Middleton RT/Kuota/GSG
6  Greg Simcock Team Scott UK
7  Chris Taylor Pedalsport CC
8  Matthew Denby RT/Kuota/GSG
9  Dan Cook Planet X
10  Michael Simpson GS Henley
11  Dave Haygarth Planet X
12  Jonathan Watson Charge Bikes
13  Duncan Walmsley RT/Kuota/GSG
14  Kevin Knox Vicious Velo
15  Michael Groves Stevens UK/Hargroves Cycles
16  John Shaw Dutch & Wolf Ltd.
17  David Perry Gabby Day Cyclesport RT
18  Graham Clark Time RT
19  Jonathan Marshall RT/Kuota/GSG
20  Mike Young Pedalsport CC
21  Stephen Booth Matlock CC/Chubb/Farmers/Wards/Fearns
22  Lee Edmonds Welland Valley CC
23  Chris Green Matlock CC/Chubb/Farmers/Wards/Fearns
24  Mike Welburn Lichfield City CC
25  Peter Hutchinson Corinium CC
26  Gary Strickland Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching
27  Gary Howard Individual Member
28  David Garrett Rugby Velo
29  David Hobbs Corinium CC
30  David Watts Here Come The Belgians
31  Nicholas Bates Belper BC
32  Alan Dorrington Planet X
33  Simon Whitham
34  Nigel Langridge Crawley Wheelers
35  Garry Townsend Rugby Velo
36  Gareth Cann Halesowen A & CC
37  Matthew Rootkin-Gray Solihull CC
38  Adrian Kilworth Welland Valley CC
39  Neville Gunn Solihull CC
40  Neil Simpson London Phoenix CC
41  Charles Warren Individual Member
42  Ian Morris Wolverhampton Wheelers/Williams

1  Mick Bell London Fire Brigade CC    0 0
2  Steven Davies Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI    0 13
3  Mick Davies Pedal Power Loughborough    2 3
4  Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT    2 38
5  Mick Rowson RVO Racing    3 5
6  Ian Wright Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching    3 10
7  John Rice Beacon Roads CC    3 12
8  Tim Stowe Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI    4 0
9  Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers    4 11
10  Malcolm Cross Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec    4 35
11  Kevin Payton Stourbridge CC    5 52
12  Robert Burns Wolverhampton Whs/Williams    6 51
13  Dave McMullen GWR Team/Swindon Cycles/High 5    7 24
14  Mervyn Dudley Sherwood Pines Cycles/Co-op Motors    7 40
15  Paul Dalton Matlock CC/Chubb/Farmers/Wards/Fearns    7 46
16  Chris Watts Matlock CC/Chubb/Farmers/Wards/Fearns    7 59
17  Andrew Jones Wolverhampton Whs/Williams    8 42
18  Martin Stephens Mid Shropshire Wheelers    10 46
19  Gary Rowing-Parker Solihull CC    10 58
20  Greg Elson Rugby Velo    at 1 lap
21  Michael Webb Royal Sutton CC    at 1 lap
22  Stuart Walters Kettering CC    at 1 lap


1  Jack Ravenscroft Solihull CC    0 0
2  Billy Harding Paul Milnes RT/ Bradford Olympic    0 37
3  Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Rhos on Sea CC    0 40
4  James Shaw Heanor Clarion CC    0 42
5  Tomas Franklin Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec    1 2
6  Oliver Maxwell VC Rutland/Rutland    1 33
7  Ben Chapman Prestige Velo Club    1 33
8  Daniel Fox Solihull CC    2 0
9  Arthur Green Matlock CC/Chubb/Farmers/Wards/Fearns    2 10
10  Theo Doncaster CC Ashwell    2 33
11  Jack King Langdale Lightweights RT    2 54
12  Harvey Lowe Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec    3 6
13  Alex Braybrooke Velocity Race Team    3 49
14  Christopher Barnes Seacroft Wheelers    4 1
15  Thomas Butler VC Deal/Activ/Hammond/Rowland/Nico    4 1
16  Robert Armstrong Bill Nickson Cycles RT    5 4
17  Anthony Neave Stourbridge CC    5 18
18  Christian Braybrooke Velocity Race Team    5 40
19  William Perrett Heanor Clarion CC    6 2
20  Jimmy Kershaw Mid Shropshire Wheelers    6 4
21  Preslav Dimitrov Stratford CC    6 14
22  Tom Weeds Derby Mercury RC    6 40
23  Cameron Woolsey CC Ashwell    6 41
24  Sebastian Marsh Paul Milnes RT/ Bradford Olympic    6 42
25  Joshua Nelson Halesowen A & CC    8 20
26  George Baker Kings Cliffe Flyers CC    9 23
27  Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC    9 59
28  Alex Gordon Solihull CC    at 1 lap
29  Hefin Evans Towy Riders    at 1 lap
30  Sean Noon Edinburgh RC/The    at 1 lap
31  Benjamin Manfield Wolverhampton Wheelers/Williams    at 1 lap

1  Abby-Mae Parkinson RST Racing Team – Trigon    0 0
2  Sarah Lomas Matlock CC/Chubb/Farmers/Wards/Fearns    0 2
3  Grace Garner RST Racing Team – Trigon    1 5
4  Rosie Crumpton Halesowen A & CC    4 19
5  Jessica Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC    4 32
6  Amira Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers    4 46
7  Manon Lloyd Towy Riders    6 43
8  Francesca Morgans-Slader Lee Valley Youth CC    at  1 lap


1  Daniel Tulett Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Spec
2  Anthony Anderson Kingston Wheelers CC
3  David Barnes Condor Cycles
4  Tim James Bourne Wheelers CC
5  William Gascoyne Matlock CC/Chubb/Farmers/Wards
6  Oliver Peckover Nottingham Clarion CC
7  Thomas Mein MTS Cyclesport/Inkland/Elvet RT
8  Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers
9  Tomos Owens Mid Shropshire Wheelers
10  Joshua Waters Plan B Racing
11  Harry Yates Lichfield City CC
12  Louis Killworth Welland Valley CC
13 Teifion Best Abergavenny RC/Lane/Govilon/Gateway
14  Scott Hookway Sherwood Pines Cycles/Co-op Motors
15  Conall Brown Hemel Hempstead CC
16  Joshua Gunn Solihull CC
17 Bailey Wilmot Derby Mercury RC
18 Elliot Dudley Sherwood Pines Cycles/Co-op Motors
19 Joseph Feiven Halesowen A & CC
20 Joe Williams Holme Valley Wheelers
21 Alex Taylor Mid Shropshire Wheelers
22 Simeon Young Pedalsport CC
23 Martin Whyatt Mid Shropshire Wheelers
24 George Cann Halesowen A & CC
25 Jake Stewart Solihull CC

1  Charlotte Broughton Leicestershire RC    0 0
2  Jessica Roberts Towy Riders    3 42
3  Ria Mobbs Welland Valley CC    5 55
4  Henrietta Colbourne Beacon Wheelers    5 55
5  Emma Brady Team Scott Contessa    6 16
6  Jessica Willett Heanor Clarion CC    7 4
7  Emily Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT    at 1 lap
8  Chloe Ralph Redditch Road and Path CC    at 1 lap
9  Tanwen Jones Towy Riders    at 1 lap
10  Georgia Toner Welland Valley CC    at 1 lap
11  Eve Lyons Nottingham Clarion CC    at 1 lap


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