Track Results: Manchester Track League – Premier Division

With a hat trick of wins for the second week running Adam Duggelby (Sportscover RT) has started his 2012 campaign off with his new team in some style.

The Tuesday night Premier Track League saw some great racing from both groups last night with the Premier Division the place to be at the moment. With an influx of newly promoted young riders, racing in the group 1 competition is hotting up. Fabian Close (Velosity 3inone) with a hat trick of wins in the first week found points a little harder to come by as the organisers promoted him yet again to group 2, but third in the Devil was a good pointer to the riders potential.


40 Lap scratch group 1
1. Michael Rawson, Champion systems
2. Paul Johnson, Wheel Guru
3. Harry Crew, Derby Mercury

40 lap scratch group 2
1. Adam Duggleby, Sportscover RT
2. Tom Murray, Sigma Sport
3. Jake Ragan, Champion Systems
4. Ryan Mullen, Planet X

1. Gabs Cullaigh 15
2. Scott Burns 8
3. Jimmy Rutherford, Champion Systems 7
4. Alistair Thomas, sportcity 5

50 lap point group 2
1. Adam Dugglby, Sportscover RT 16
2. Ryan Mullen, Planet X 10
3. Jake Ragan, Champion Systems 8
4. Tom Murray, Sigma Sport 6

Group 1 Devil
1.Paul Johnson, Wheel Guru
2.Ged Hartley, Horwich cc
3. Christian Braybrook, Velocity 3inone

Group 2 Devil
1. Jack Kirk
2. Adam Duggleby, Sportscover
3. Fabian Close, Velcity 3in one

Group 1 10 mile scratch
1. Paul Johnson, Wheel Guru
2. Julian Pearson, Team Wallis
3. Gabs Cullaigh
3. Charlie Tanfield, Velo 29

Group 2 20 km scratch
1. Adam Duggelby, Sportscover RT
2. Adam Yates, Champion Systems
3.Tom Murray, Sigma Sport
4. Ryan Mullen, Planet X

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