Report: Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League

Ace RT’s Rick Lister won the latest round of the Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League held at  Bardney near Lincoln. Diane Lee was the first woman.

Martin Cullen writes … The Lincs league season finally took place at Abbey farm on another windy day in deepest Lincolnshire. Straight from the off, Rick Lister and Mark Cotton powered away from the field leaving Jon Wells in a battle for third with Jordan Gell.

A win for Rick Lister in the Lincolnshire League

The battle up front raged on and Lister seemed to have the legs on friend and rival Cotton. A muddy section just before the finish, saw most of the field bar the top two either fall off or pull feet out in a vain attempt at stopping getting muddy.

Through this area, Lister never put a foot wrong but Cotton seemed to just struggle as it ended and his rear wheel often slipped. All these slips caused gaps between them but the effort Cotton put in must of taken its toll, as on the final lap Lister appeared solo for the win, Cotton for all his pain had to run the last few yards as he rolled his from tub in his efforts to catch the flying Lister.

Rick ploughs through the mud and on to victory.

Others were not as fortunate in the boggy mud and many came a croppy and left the race a lot muddier than when they started.

1. Rick Lister, Ace Racing Team
2. Mark Cotton, Bycka Sport Racing @ 0:47
3. Jon Wells, VC Lincoln
4. Jordan Gell, VC Lincoln Junior
5. Adam Ellis, Spalding CC  Vet
6. Duncan Walmsley, Zepnat RT Vet
7. Graham Clark, Time RT 3rd Vet
8. Mark Botteley, Bourne Wheelers
9. David Perry, Gabby Day Cyclesport RT

1 lap
10. Mark Preston, VC Lincoln
11. Martin McGregor, VC Lincoln
12. Andrew Barnard, Gabby Day Cyclesport RT
13. Bart Kieres, Bourne Wheelers
14. Mervyn Dudley, Sherwood Pines
15. Henry Heyes, Skegness Wheelers
16. Phil Malt, VC Lincoln  Vet
17. Gavin Waite, Hornsea  Vet
18. Jon Clarke, Lincoln Wheelers Vet
19. Diane Lee, Zepnat Racing  Woman
20. George Hackney, Lincoln Wheelers
21. Shane Norton, Spalding CC Vet
22. Doug Malcolm, RAF CC Vet
23. Paul Clarke, Lincoln Wheelers
24. Stephen Collins, Bourne Wheelers Vet

@ 2 laps
25. Sean East, Witham Wheelers Vet
26. Craig Turner, Sherwood Pines 50+
27. Clayton Maltby, VC Lincoln
28. Simon Santry, Spalding CC Vet
29. Karl Brown, 50+
30. Graham McAndrew, Spalding CC Vet
31. Nik Appleyard, Lincsquad
32. Andy Stewart
33. Terry Biesty Scunthorpe Ply 60+
34. Barry Robinson 50+
35. Samantha Thoy VC Lincoln Woman
36. M Wait CRC Hull

@ 3 Laps
37. Steve Potter Lindsey Roads 50+
38. Raymond Quench N/A

1. Tim James Bourne Wheelers U14
2. Sam Bentley Spalding CC
3. Sian Botteley Bourne Wheelers Girl
4. Jake Peel Spalding CC
5. Ben Wait Lincsquad U14
6. Elliot Dudley Sherwood Pines U14
7. Alex Poole Heanor Clarion U14
8. Max Williamson Lincsquad U14
9. Maddie Gammons Bourne Wheelers U14 Girl
10. Aaron Bateman Bourne Wheelers U14
11. James Armstrong VC Lincoln U14

@ 1 lap
12. Tilly Wilkes VC Lincoln  Girl at 1 lap
13. Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad  U14
14. Daniel Burton Bourne Wheelers U14
15. Louise Beedham Lincsquad U14 Girl
16. Joseph Collins Bourne Wheelers U14

Under 12
1. Matt Ellis Spalding CC
2. Kerrigan Robb Witham Wheelers
3. Robert McAndrew Spalding CC

@ 1 lap
4. Bradley Sprogis VC Lincoln
5. Jake Norton Spalding CC
6. Max Poole Lincsquad
7. Abigail Armstrong VC Lincoln  Girl

@ 2 laps
8. Alex Armstrong VC Lincoln
9. Daniel Turner VC Lincoln
10. James Broughton VC Lincoln

@ 3 Laps
11. Alex Gammons Bourne Wheelers
12. George Waite Hornsea

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