Report: Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League Round 13

Solo win for Lee Shunburne at round 13 of the Notts & Derby Cyclo-cross League at Draycott House Farm

Ray Stuart writes … Round 13 of NDCXL, organised by Long Eaton CC, took place at a new venue for the League – Draycott House Farm, near Derby. More used to equestrian events, the going proved hard with many riders commenting that it was “uphill all the way”. Despite 2 days of rain, the pit crews had an easy time as the mud did not “pick up” easily. The riders, however, had to battle against strong head and sidewinds.

The abscence of non-league riders meant that this was a race deciding final league positions and after 1 lap a strong group of 6 leading league contenders was established. A few more laps and 3 riders broke free and dominated the first 3 positions. Winner Lee Shunburne, Matlock CC, 2nd Andrew Naylor, Ashfield RC, 3rd Andrew Stuart, TFN TRiClub.

Final League positions are still “down to the wire” for the final event at Darley Moor on Sat 4th Feb, organised by today’s 2nd place rider Andrew Naylor of Ashfield RC.

Slideshow from Ray


Under 9
1. Ben Chilton, DMRC
2. Alex Colston Shields, Lichfield
3. Matthew Luscombe, DMRC
4. Josh Giddings, Heanor Clarion
5. Libby Smith, Matlock CC (first girl)
6. Lucas Wolf-Pudney, 4life
7. Lance Ash, Nott Clarion
8.Sam Hall, Lyme RC
9. Elizabeth webster, Matlock CC (2nd Girl)
10.Stani Chmiel, Notts Clarion

Under 12
1. Oliver Snodden, Sherwood Pines
2. George Swindell, Matlock CC
3. Kerrigan Robb, Witham WHl
4. John Webster, Matlock CC
5. Tom Dussek, 4life
6. Tim Elsmore, Matlock CC
7. Xavier Salendo, 4Life
8. Reuben Orr, Matlock CC
9. Popy WIldman, Notts Clarion (first girl)
10. Josh Seales, DMRC

1. Tom Weeds, DMRC
2. Oliver Maywell, VC Rutland
3. Authur Green, Matlock
4. Will Perett, Heanor Clarion
5. Oliver ? Notts Clarion (first 14)
6. Callum McBrarey, Notts Clarion
7. Oliver Noux, DMRC
8. Sean Hookway, Sherwood Pines (U14)
9. Josh Snodden, Melton Olympic
10. Sarah Lomas, Matlock (first girl)

1. Lee Shunburne Matlock CC 6 laps in 51:29
2. Andy Naylor, Ashfield RC @ 15sec
3. Andrew Stuart, TFN Tri Club @ 58sec
4. Pete Middleton, Zepnet (Vet 45)
5. Rob Parkin, Buzzcyclesforme
6. Rob Wimble, Zepnet
7. Sean Bestwick, Zepnet, Vet 45
8. Matt Crouch, DMRC Vet 40
9. Pete Harris, Vet 50
10. Geoff Giddings, Vet 45 Zepnet
11. Gareth Whithall, Claycross
12. C Tang, Buzzcyclesforme
13. Chris Green, Matlock CC, Vet 45
14. Mick Perrin, Ashfield Vet 50
15. Richard Fairhowe, Kenilworth wheelers
16. Chris Bradley, Zepnet
17. Phil Topness DVATC
18. Dave Ash, Notts Clarion Vet 40
19. Stephen Booth, Zepnet  Vet 45
20. Lewis Tarnai Wilson Ashfield U23
Vet 60: Mick McDermott, Heanor Clarion
Junior: Keira Marthy, Buzzcyclesforme (Jun)

1. Dianne Lee, zepnet
2. Keira Marthy, Buzzcyclesforme (Jun)
3. Christine Howard, Matlock

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