Team News: – Why we sponsor a team?

Why do companies and individuals sponsor cycle racing teams is an age old question?

The team car … look out for it at a race near you!

It’s a question the individuals concerned certainly ask themselves when the team they are putting money into isn’t performing well. For some, it’s for commercial reasons, as a way to advertise and in the long run make more money. For others, it’s an ego boost, to be part of a winning team. And for others it’s a way of putting something back into a sport that they love.

For, sponsoring doesn’t just mean supplying our cyclists the best bikes & equipment. It means running the team, organising the race schedule, driving the team car and being in the feed zone passing up bottles amongst other things. So why do we do this?

The simple answer is we’re competitive.

We live for cycling and want to be the best online store we can be. We might be new, but we are different to the other stores so we want people to try us. We strive to offer the best value with quality & service. The team is the same; we want it do the best it possibly can. We might be the new kids on the block and we respect the other teams, but we don’t fear them.

We supply the riders the best equipment and support to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities. And we sell the best equipment in the store to allow you the customer to do the same. It’s our ethos. ‘Shop with us, Win with us’

See you on the road in 2012 although we might be in the team car, so you will have to shout when you say hi!!

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