Report & Photos: Imperial Winter Series #10

Andy Betts wins the racing at week 10 of the Imperial Winter Series at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in West London on Jan 28.

Photos by Antony Edmonds: Gallery Here

Category 4 race – A biting northerly wind blowing down the finishing straight made it a difficult day to breakaway, however in the 4th cat race, this did not apply as Ben Sumner (Beelines Bicycles) broke clear with 8 km to go and held off a charging main group; a rare feat! He now moves up to 3rd category racing. The WyndyMilla 4th cat random prize is awarded to 29th place Stuart Smith (High Wycombe CC) who can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

The 3rd cat race followed a similar pattern with James Walker (High Wycombe CC) breaking clear but sadly he was swallowed up before the fast finish with Peter Hudson (Durham Uni) holding off Dominic Clegg (Redhill CC) and Ben Wimpory (Sydenham Wheelers). The Maxifuel random prize is awarded to 9th place finisher Rob Sharland (Kingston Wheelers) who receives a Maxifuel rucksack comprising of Viperactive energy fuel, gels and bottles.

Elite/1/2/3 – From the off Andy Betts (Felt Colbornes RT) was clearly determined to dictate the race initially with Jason Edwards (GB MSTina) and then after another 3km with Chris Moores (Norwood Paragon) with Conall Yates (inGear Quickvet RT) and Pete Wager (Felt Colbornes RT) chasing. These all finally came together with Vince Halpern (Handsling Racing) then attacking marked by Steve Legg (Police Sport UK), Ashley Holding (GB MSTina), Edwards and later Rudie Marais (La Fuga/Sigma Sport) and Bill Butterworth (Twickenham CC).

Betts, however, was in scintillating form and opened another gap with Moores the only rider that seemed capable of closing the gap. They distanced themselves from the peloton, with the overall contenders apparently content to watch each other, the gap quickly extended to 55 seconds.

Video (thanks to Simon Whiten)!

With a headwind uphill finish it looked like Betts would attack early but they were together in the last 200m with Betts leading out. In the final 50m Moores went to come round him but did not quite have the strength to pass. Tom Smith (Felt Colbornes RT) led the main bunch in for 3rd place holding off overall leader Jamie Pine (London Dynamo), Halpern and Steve Golla (High Wycombe CC).

The current overall is now Jamie Pine 1590, Steve Golla 1280, Rory Townsend 980 and Pete Wager 800 with just two races left in the series.

Next race: Saturday 4th February 2012 4th Cat & 3rd Cat start @ 13:00 with the E123 @ 14:15



1st        Andy Betts    Felt Colbornes RT
2nd        Chris Moores    Norwood Paragon
3rd        Tom Smith    Felt Colbornes RT
4th        Jamie Pine    London Dynamo
5th        Vincent Halpern    Handsling Racing
6th        Steve Golla    High Wycombe rt
7th        Tony Lock    Elite Cycling
8th        Steve Legg    Police Sport UK
9th        Dominic Gabellini    Rapha Condor
10th        Rory Townsend    Prestige VC
11th        Sean Sumner    St Ives CC
12th        Jerzy Kuzminski    London Phoenix
13th        Joshua Swords    Pedal Heaven RT
14th        Peter Cole    Handslingracing
14th        Matthew Tibbutt    Wightlink
16th        Ashley Holding    GB MSTina
17th        Harry Franklin    Hargroves Cycles
18th        Harry Strudley
19th        Rudie Marais    La Fuga/Sigma Sport
20th        Robin Basford    WyndyMilla
21st        Bill Butterworth    Twickenham CC
22nd        Simon Whiten    Handsling Racing
23rd        Tamina Oliver    Abergavenny rc
24th        Christian Yates    East Grinstead CC
25th        Steven Jackson    Sigma Sport-LaFuga
26th        Cameron Foster    Zappi’s CC
27th        Stephen Cambell    Twickenham CC
28th        Matthew Carden    Team Quest
29th        Pete Wager    Felt-Colbornes RT
30th        Conall Yates    InGear Quickvit RT
31st        Geoff Powell    High Wycombe CC
32nd        Mario Manelfi    Blazing Saddles
33rd        Martin Garratt    London Dynamo
34th        Kieran Dineen    Amersham RCC
35th        Phil Holloway    Southend Wheelers
36th        Jason Edwards    GB MSTina

3rd Cats
1st        Peter Hudson    Durham University – AURA Cycles
2nd        Dominic Clegg    Redhill CC
3rd        Ben Wimpory    Sydenham Wheelers
4th        Dan Mitchell    Redhill CC
5th        Daniel Tamplin    aylesbury cycling club
6th        Jake Norman    WyndyMilla
7th        Rune Sanbeck Nilsson    London Dynamo
8th        Angelo Christides    unattached
9th        Rob Sharland    Kingston Wheelers
10th        Ed Rose    progression/bikelux
11th        Leigh-Roy Macfarlane    Cycleworks
12th        Luke Souter    Banbury Star CC
13th        Fabio Amati    unattached
14th        Ralph Keeler    Cambridge CC
15th        Ryan Visser    Redhill cc
16th        Werner Van Der Merwe
17th        Alex Toghill    Twickenham CC
18th        Tim Benham    WyndyMilla
19th        Colin Hodges    Welwyn Wheelers
20th        Phil Dempsey    Aprire Bicycles
21st        Stephen Morrell    Aylesbury CC
22nd        Edmond Irwin    london fire brigade CC
23rd        Will Lane    VC Meudon
24th        George Fox    45 Road Club
25th        Adam Buckland
26th        Gavin Francis    London Dynamo
27th        James Walker    High Wycombe CC
28th        Taimur Tanwir    London Dynamo/Prologue
29th        Ethan Lee    Solihull CC
30th        Rich Cooper    Willesden CC
31st        Greg Barber    Charlotteville CC
32nd        Brian Blease    Dulwich Paragon
33rd        Keria McVitty    Kings Cliffe Flyers
34th        David Walls    unattached
35th        Przemyslaw Radomski    Gregarious Superclub Ciclista
36th        Richard Rose    Bikelux Progression
37th        Lubomir Belak    Welwyn Wheelers
38th        Andrew Stronge    unattached
39th        Martin Porter    Thames Velo
40th        Mark O’Brien    Archer RC
41st        Jason Gardiner    Kingston Wheelers
42nd        George Withers
43rd        Emily Barnes    Condor Cycles
44th        Stuart Williams    Reading CC
45th        Wayne Thomas    GS Henley
46th        James Curry    ViVelo-bikes/Inverse CyClaim RT
47th        Simon Parton    Kingston Wheelers
48th        Dave McMullen    GWR Team/Swindon Cycles
49th        Dennis Wright    London Fire Brigade
50th        Peter Hitt    Mountain Trax RT
51st        Chris Campbell    London Dynamo
52nd        Noah Banner    Kingston Wheelers cc

4th Category

1st        Ben Sumner    Beelines Bicycles
2nd        Russell Jones    Team Matador
3rd        Adam Capes    London Dynamo
4th        James Roberts    Amersham
5th        Shaun Williams    San Fairy Ann CC
6th        George Lancaster    unattached
7th        Luke Dixon    unattached
8th        Luke Farren    Brighton Mitre
9th        Kevin Argent    unattached
10th        Gordon McCulloch    Welwyn Wheelers
11th        Gary Brind    Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
12th        Jonathan Rogers    Kingston Wheelers CC
13th        Peter Mollison    Kingston Wheelers
14th        Andy Colsell    high wycombe cc
15th        Mark Grigg    Unattached
16th        Jordan Oneill    unattached
17th        Graeme York    Twickenham CC
18th        Joel Draper    Brighton Mitre CC
19th        Tim Clark    unattached
20th        Nicholas Griffiths    Kingston Wheelers
21st        Andrew Snook    Kingston Wheelers
22nd        Brett Greenwood    Kingston wheelers
23rd        Richard Carrington    London Dynamo
24th        Jon Train    GS Gazzetta
25th        Stan Akinnibi    unattached
26th        Jonathan Whybrow    Reading CC
27th        Jamie Ford    Southdown Velo
28th        Mark Oliver    Rapha Condor CC
29th        Stuart Smith    High Wycombe
30th        Tim Osborne    High Wycombe CC
31st        Ray Wilson    London Dynamo
32nd        Justin Costley    Cycling Club Hackney
33rd        Guy Elyahou    London Phoenix CC
34th        Keith Butler    BEC CC
35th        Stephen Rush    Twickenham CC
36th        Paul Batchelor    Charlotteville CC
37th        Joel Lewis    Kettering CC
38th        Jorge Da Silva Gonçalves    Willesden
39th        Daniel Hills    Imperial College Cycling Club
40th        Andrew Macey    Ashford Wheelers
41st        Phil Sowton    Wyndymilla
42nd        Alan Nixon    Amersham RCC
43rd        Andrew Clare    London Dynamo
44th        Andrew Wright    La Fuga/Sigmasport
45th        Alex Murray    London Dynamo
46th        Sean Parr    Welwyn Wheelers
47th        Jorge Alberzoni    London Dynamo
48th        Paul Morrissey    High Wycombe CC

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