Event News: Full Field for Clayton Velo Handicap

A full field of 80 riders plus reserves kicks off the road season in the North on 26th of February.

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Promoting club, Clayton Velo are organizing this Classic for the 46th time. The handicap format was introduced about 10 years ago and the race has never looked back with full fields and great racing. Race officials have broken with tradition of giving the 4th cats the maximum advantage and have put out front almost 20 juniors, and the chance to keep the Pros and Elite riders at bay with a seven minute advantage.

Don’t expect the young guns to get it all their own way though as the scratch group made up of 20 professioanl riders have made it to the head of the race by three quarter distance in the past and gone on to win. Organiser Peter Boast said “I’d love to see the Juniors hold them off as this race is all about the riders giving it full gas for the 55 mile. The Pros and Elite riders get a real workout if they want to make it to the head of the race and there’s no hiding place in the scratch group”.

Likewise, the Juniors can impress their team managers if they get their act together, with riders from GB’s Olympic Development Programme Plus Champion systems and the newly formed Mountivation team managed by Ex Pro Gary Sadler.  With prime prizes at the end of laps two and four, they should at least battle it out for some early prize money. The third group away is pretty formidable too with several under 23 riders from the big teams and a mix of very experienced Elites and category 1 riders.

The race starts at 10am from Eddisford Bridge, Clithroe and covers a hard and grippy four mile lap 13 times. Last year’s ‘dead heat’ winners Dean Downing and Tom Murray both return and Malcolm Elliott manages the newly formed Node4 Giordana team. Add to the mix Tom Barras, Kristian House, Matt Cronshaw, and Dave Clarke to name a few, the race is bound to ignite towards the end.

It should be very interesting as the race unfolds in the shadow of the famous bewitched Pendle hill. It’s almost 400 years since the Pendle witches passed this way on their way to the gallows at Lancaster; Aussies Richard Lang and Ben Grenda plus South African Chris Jennings, all in the sinister black of Rapha may need a spell or two up their sleeves, or at least extra layers for their first race on British soil.

Riders race on with the snow covered Pendle Hill in the background …


Scratch Group 4  Pro/Elite At 7 Mins

69    Tom Barras    Metaltek Scott
70    Matt Cronshaw    Node4 Giordana
71    Peter Williams    Node4 Giordana
72    James Sampson    Node4 Giordana
73    Kieren Frend    Node4 Giordana
74    David Clarke    Node4 Giordana
75    Richard Hepworth    Cyclepremier
76    Dillon Byrne    Vanillabikes.com
77    Alistair Rutherford    Vanillabikes.com
78    Conan Mayman    Bglobal
79    Robert Smail    Team Wallis
80    Robbie Hassan    Herbalife Leisure lakes
81    Richard Bott    Herbalife Leisure lakes
82    Andy Coupe    Herbalife Leisure lakes
83    Andrew Hawden    Herbalife Leisure lakes
85    Richard Lang    Rapha Condor Sharp
86    Chris Jennings    Rapha Condor Sharp
87    Richard Handley    Rapha Condor Sharp
88    Mike Cumming    Rapha Condor Sharp
89    Kristian House    Rapha Condor Sharp
90    Ben Grenda    Rapha Condor Sharp
91    Dean Downing    Rapha Condor Sharp
92    Tom Murray    Sigm Sport

Group 3     Cat 1/2/E.u23    At 5 Mins
44    L Grivell-Mellor    Rapha Condor Sharp
45    Oliver Rossi    Rapha Condor Sharp
46    Felix English    Rapha Condor Sharp
47    Ben Greenwood    Vanillabikes.com   1
48    Jack Pullar     Vanillabikes.com   1
49    Sam Jackson    Vanillabikes.com   1
50    Harry Grey      Vanillabikes.com   1
51    Ash Finn    Vanillabikes.com   1
52    J. Pearson Res 10     Vanillabikes.com   1
53    Mat Pilkington    Team Bglobal  1
54    Shane O’Neil    Team Bglobal  1
55    Stephen Leigh    Team Bglobal  1
56    Chris Sherriffs    Team Bglobal  1
57    Ben Dean    Team Bglobal  1
58    Jack Waller Res 11    Team Wallis  2
59    Cal Nicholson    Team Wallis  1
60    Steve Abbott    Team Wallis  1
61    John Crellin    Team Wallis  1
62    F Pilkington Res 12    Nickson RT  2
63    Declan Byrne    Cyclepremier RT  1
64    Ben Kellett    VS Cycles  2
65    Sam Boast    Hope Factory Racing 2
66    David McGowan    UK Youth  1
67    Matt Robinson    All Terrain  1
68    Martin woffindin    C.S. Pendle  2

Group 2     Cat 4/3/2    At 2 Mins

19    Craig Maude Res 4    Rock Racking 3V
20    Lee Carter    Ribble Valley CRC  3
21    Roy Pearson    Ribble Valley CRC  3
22    John Clegg    RIbble Valley CRC  4V
23    Adam Blackley    Pendle Forest CC  4
24    Jason Wilshire    Lancashire RC  2
25    John Bamford Res 5    Lancashire RC  3V
26    Thomas Walsh    Lancashire RC  3
27    Darran Acton    Lancashire RC  4V
28    Nick Heap Res 6    Bury Clarion  4V
29    Carl Pawson    CS Pendle  3
30    Neil Higgins    Preston CC  3V
31    Nathan Harrison    Buxton CC  2
32    James Claydon     Nickson Cycles 2 u23
33    James Warren Res 7    Nickson Cycles  3
34    Chris Southworth    Leigh Premier RC  3
35    Chris Danby    Preston CC  3V
36    Sam Dobson    Lune RCC  3V
37    Steve Gibson    Peak RC  2V
38    Graham Payne    Whitfield RT  V2
39    Matt Limacher Res 8    Champion Systems  2
40    Jed Hartley    Horwich CC  V2
41    Hamish Graham    Asfra RT  3u23
42    Michael Knight    Hope Factory RT3u23
43    Luke Boulton    Team Wallis 2u23
44    Ady Lawrence    Team Bglobal  2V
45    J Warrington Res 9    Rock Racing  2

Group 1    Juniors (age 16 -18)
1    Stuart McCluskey    Leslie bikes J2
2    William Thomas    Velocity RT J3
3    Andrew Leigh    Velocity RT J3
4    Luc Hall  Reserve 1    Champion Systems J2
5    Chris Laython    Champion Systems J2
6    Hugh Carthy    Champion Systems J2
7    Jacob Ragan    Champion Systems J2
8    Chris Lawless    Champion Systems J2
9    Henrey Hunter    Team Wallis J3
10    Ash Clitheroe    Team Wallis J3
12    Jordan Rigby Res 2    Team Wallis J4
13    Jack Sadler    Mountivation DA J2
14    Matt Flynn    Mountivation DA J2
15    Josh Knights    Mountivation DA J3
16    James King     Mountivation DA J2
17    Tom mArmstrong    Mountivation J2
18    James Knox Res 3    Mountivation J3

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