Report: Tour of the Med – Endura Racing lose the yellow

Race leader in the Tour of the Med, Jon Tiernan-Locke (Endura Racing) lost the yellow jersey to a former teammate in France on today’s cold and windy stage of the Tour of the Med after a flatish parcours saw the race end in a bunch gallop

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It was expected said director sportif Julian Winn“We knew we’d lose the yellow because the whole peloton was practically at ten seconds and there was a ten second bonus for the stage win. Unless Jon won the stage again, it was almost impossible to keep it.”

“The main aim was to get through the stage without losing any time so we’re still in the shake up. The lads rode for the first half until we got to the climbing circuit, and then FDJ helped a bit. It was 60k an hour for the last hour and there was a crash at the finish so we made sure the commissaires knew there was a crash in the last K because that caused some splits in the end and none of us should have lost any time.”

The Garmin rider, Michel Kreder,, who won the stage, said afterwards to Cyclism Actu “for me it’s a really important victory. Last year, I won the second stage of the Circuit de la Sarthe, and a victory early in the season it is a very good thing for me and for the team. At first, the whole team were working for Fernandez, our sprinter. The objective was for me to lead him out but there were a lot of corners and it was very fast. I turned around and could not see my leader so I took advantage of that and it was enough”.

Tough day on the front
With the team in yellow, the job of controlling the pace while an early break went up the road was down to the Endura Racing riders and whilst the likes of Jon Locke, and to a certain extent Russell Downing and Alex Blain, were able to save something for the finale, the rest of the riders gave hundred per cent to control the tempo which their DS says they did well.


The break that went away today wasn’t a danger says Winn. “We let it get way and they just rode it because we knew at the end there was a tailwind and confident it would come back.”



Losing the yellow is in a way actually good for Endura Racing because that job of defending it on the road will now fall upon the shoulders of the other teams giving Endura Racing the freedom to look after Jon Tiernan-Locke and try and ensure he is as close to the GC contenders on Sunday as he needs to be.

“It suits us” says Winn. “We want to get to Sunday and Mont Faron losing no time or as little time as possible.”

While Britain freezes, the temperatures in France have been cold as well but director sportif Julian Winn explained how at 3 degrees, it was good racing weather due to it being dry. More of the same is hoped for on stage 3 where the riders will have a category one climb early on as well as two category three climbs.

Good day for Garmin

Whilst Jon Locke lies in second place on equal time to the race leader from FDJ, the stage win for Garmin was a great result as director sportif Charly Wegelius explained. “Today was a short and very nervous stage of 135km.
The group was made especially nervous by the strong winds, and there were several attempts made to break the race in cross winds. Garmin-Barracuda took control of the race 12km from the line with a very strong collective performance. Four km from the end the Astana team took over, but our riders came back in the last km with an all out effort. Michel Kreder went full gas into the last corners, and opened a gap on his rivals with the help of his teammates who allowed a gap to open that was impossible for the other sprinters to close.”

Stage 2 Result

1      Michel Kreder     Team Garmin – Barracuda     03:10:40
2      Guillaume Boivin     Spidertech Powered By C10       @same time
3      Yauheni Hutarovich     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
4      Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi     Movistar Team       @same time
5      Raymond Kreder     Team Garmin – Barracuda       @same time
6      Danilo Napolitano     Acqua & Sapone       @same time
7      Koldo Fernández De Larrea     Team Garmin – Barracuda       @same time
8      Jacopo Guarnieri     Astana Pro Team       @same time
9      Filippo Fortin     Team Type 1 – SANOFI       @same time
10      Benjamin Giraud     La Pomme Marseille       @same time
11      Stéphane Poulhies     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
12      Arnoud Van Groen – Willems Veranda’s       @same time
13      Romain Feillu     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
14      Sébastien Chavanel     Europcar       @same time
15      Sébastien Hinault     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
16      Romain Hardy     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
17      Luke Roberts     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
18      Angel Ruiz Madrazo     Movistar Team       @same time
19      Russell Downing     Endura Racing       @same time
20      Jimmy Casper     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
21      Kristof Goddaert     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
22      Guillaume Blot     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
23      Daniel Martin     Team Garmin – Barracuda       @same time
24      Tomas Vaitkus     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
25      Alexandre Pichot     Europcar       @same time
26      Florent Barle     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
27      Clément Koretzky     La Pomme Marseille       @same time
28      James Vanlandschoot – Willems Veranda’s       @same time
29      Francesco Gavazzi     Astana Pro Team       @same time
30      Maxim Iglinskiy     Astana Pro Team       @same time
31      Rafael Valls Ferri     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
32      Leonardo Fabio Duque     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
33      Pierre Rolland     Europcar       @same time
34      Daniel Navarro Garcia     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
35      Valentin Iglinskiy     Astana Pro Team       @same time
36      Florian Vachon     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
37      Sébastien Turgot     Europcar       @same time
38      Ignatas Konovalovas     Movistar Team       @same time
39      Rony Martias     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
40      Nicki Sørensen     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
41      Jonathan Patrick Mccarty     Spidertech Powered By C10       @same time
42      Fabrice Jeandesboz     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
43      Marcello Pavarin     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
44      Christophe Le Mevel     Team Garmin – Barracuda       @same time
45      Jonathan Tiernan-lock     Endura Racing       @same time
46      Vladimir Miholjevic     Acqua & Sapone       @same time
47      Caleb Fairly     Spidertech Powered By C10       @same time
48      Fabio Taborre     Acqua & Sapone       @same time
49      Alexandre Blain     Endura Racing       @same time
50      Rinaldo Nocentini     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
51      Benjamin Gonzalez Noval     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
52      Julien El Fares     Team Type 1 – SANOFI       @same time
53      Stefano Garzelli     Acqua & Sapone       @same time
54      Johan Le Bon     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
55      Jean-christophe Peraud     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
56      Mathieu Delaroziere     La Pomme Marseille       @same time
57      Romain Zingle     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
58      Aldo Ino Ilesic     Team Type 1 – SANOFI       @same time
59      Yoann Bagot     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
60      Andrey Amador Bakkazakova     Movistar Team       @same time
61      David Tanner     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
62      Wesley Sulzberger     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
63      Jesús Lopez Herrada     Movistar Team       @same time
64      Rémy Di Gregorio     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
65      René Mandri     Endura Racing       @same time
66      Thibaut Pinot     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
67      Arnaud Labbe     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
68      Jussi Veikkanen     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
69      Jérémy Roy     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
70      Thomas Peterson     Team Garmin – Barracuda       @same time
71      Rafal Majka     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
72      Francesco Ginanni     Acqua & Sapone       @same time
73      David Lopez Garcia     Movistar Team       @same time
74      Lucas Euser     Spidertech Powered By C10       @same time
75      Romain Lemarchand     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
76      Benoit Vaugrenard     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
77      Martijn Verschoor     Team Type 1 – SANOFI       @same time
78      Sergey Renev     Astana Pro Team       @same time
79      Mathieu Halleguen     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
80      Evert Verbist – Willems Veranda’s       @same time
81      Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas     Movistar Team       @same time
82      Peter Stetina     Team Garmin – Barracuda       @same time
83      Rémi Pauriol     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
84      David Moncoutié     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
85      Stefan Denifl     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
86      Romain Bardet     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
87      Mickael Buffaz     Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne       @same time
88      Massimo Codol     Acqua & Sapone       @same time
89      Chris Anker Sorensen     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
90      Scott Thwaites     Endura Racing       @same time
91      Vincent Jerome     Europcar       @same time
92      Alex Howes     Team Garmin – Barracuda       @same time
93      Egor Silin     Astana Pro Team       @same time
94      Grégoire Tarride     La Pomme Marseille       @same time
95      Martin Mortensen     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
96      Kenny Elissonde     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
97      Mads Christensen     Team Saxo Bank       @same time
98      Arnaud Courteille     Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat       @same time
99      Yohan Cauquil     La Pomme Marseille       @same time
100      Pierre Luc Perichon     La Pomme Marseille       @same time
101      Rob Partridge     Endura Racing       @same time
102      Sebastien Duret     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
103      Maxime Mederel     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
104      Enrique Sanz Unzue     Movistar Team       @same time
105      Bjorn Selander     Spidertech Powered By C10       @same time
106      Brett Lancaster     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
107      Staf Scheirlinckx – Willems Veranda’s       @same time
108      Kevin Van Impe     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
109      Etienne Tortelier     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
110      Eric Berthou     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
111      Assan Bazayev     Astana Pro Team       @same time
112      Leif Hoste – Willems Veranda’s       @same time
113      Thomas Voeckler     Europcar       @same time
114      Manuel Belletti     Ag2R – La Mondiale       @same time
115      Jérôme Cousin     Europcar       @same time
116      Jean-lou Paiani     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
117      Travis Meyer     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
118      Michael Albasini     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
119      Julien Antomarchi     Team Type 1 – SANOFI       @same time
120      Kiel Reijnen     Team Type 1 – SANOFI       @same time
121      Angelo Tulik     Europcar     00:47
122      Borut Bozic     Astana Pro Team     00:54
123      Wouter Mol     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
124      Jens Keukeleire     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
125      Ian Bibby     Endura Racing     01:56
126      Simon Clarke     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
127      David Boily     Spidertech Powered By C10     04:03
128      Will Routley     Spidertech Powered By C10       @same time
129      Florian Guillou     Bretagne Schuller       @same time
130      Thomas Vaubourzeix     La Pomme Marseille       @same time
131      Andy Cappelle – Willems Veranda’s     05:07
132      Sjef De Wilde – Willems Veranda’s       @same time
133      Matthew Wilson     GreenEdge Cycling Team       @same time
134      Tomasz Marczynski     Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team       @same time
135      Paul Poux     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
136      Steven Caethoven – Willems Veranda’s       @same time
137      Joey Rosskopf     Team Type 1 – SANOFI       @same time
138      Keven Lacombe     Spidertech Powered By C10       @same time
139      Laurent Mangel     Saur – Sojasun       @same time
140      Ian Wilkinson     Endura Racing       @same time
DNS      Yannick Martinez     La Pomme Marseille

Overall after two stages

1   Yauheni Hutarovich  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat  06:31:33
2   Jonathan Tiernan-lock  Endura Racing    @same time
3   Michel Kreder  Team Garmin – Barracuda    @same time
4   Guillaume Boivin  Spidertech Powered By C10  00:04
5   Sébastien Chavanel  Europcar  00:06
6   Raymond Kreder  Team Garmin – Barracuda  00:10
7   Koldo Fernández De Larrea  Team Garmin – Barracuda    @same time
8   Jacopo Guarnieri  Astana Pro Team    @same time
9   Romain Hardy  Bretagne Schuller    @same time
10   Benjamin Giraud  La Pomme Marseille    @same time
11   Luke Roberts  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
12   Maxim Iglinskiy  Astana Pro Team    @same time
13   Francisco José Ventoso Alberdi  Movistar Team    @same time
14   Russell Downing  Endura Racing    @same time
15   Sébastien Hinault  Ag2R – La Mondiale    @same time
16   Sébastien Turgot  Europcar    @same time
17   Angel Ruiz Madrazo  Movistar Team    @same time
18   Stéphane Poulhies  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
19   Rafael Valls Ferri  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team    @same time
20   Leonardo Fabio Duque  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
21   Danilo Napolitano  Acqua & Sapone    @same time
22   Francesco Gavazzi  Astana Pro Team    @same time
23   Florian Vachon  Bretagne Schuller    @same time
24   Rony Martias  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
25   Clément Koretzky  La Pomme Marseille    @same time
26   James Vanlandschoot – Willems Veranda’s    @same time
27   Fabio Taborre  Acqua & Sapone    @same time
28   Fabrice Jeandesboz  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
29   Arnoud Van Groen – Willems Veranda’s    @same time
30   Guillaume Blot  Bretagne Schuller    @same time
31   Florent Barle  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
32   Daniel Navarro Garcia  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
33   Ignatas Konovalovas  Movistar Team    @same time
34   Rinaldo Nocentini  Ag2R – La Mondiale    @same time
35   Alexandre Blain  Endura Racing    @same time
36   Francesco Ginanni  Acqua & Sapone    @same time
37   Andrey Amador Bakkazakova  Movistar Team    @same time
38   Johan Le Bon  Bretagne Schuller    @same time
39   Jean-christophe Peraud  Ag2R – La Mondiale    @same time
40   David Tanner  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
41   Nicki Sørensen  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
42   Julien El Fares  Team Type 1 – SANOFI    @same time
43   Christophe Le Mevel  Team Garmin – Barracuda    @same time
44   Stefano Garzelli  Acqua & Sapone    @same time
45   Valentin Iglinskiy  Astana Pro Team    @same time
46   Evert Verbist – Willems Veranda’s    @same time
47   Marcello Pavarin  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team    @same time
48   Pierre Rolland  Europcar    @same time
49   Caleb Fairly  Spidertech Powered By C10    @same time
50   Romain Bardet  Ag2R – La Mondiale    @same time
51   Romain Zingle  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
52   David Lopez Garcia  Movistar Team    @same time
53   Yoann Bagot  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
54   Mathieu Halleguen  Bretagne Schuller    @same time
55   Tomas Vaitkus  GreenEdge Cycling Team    @same time
56   René Mandri  Endura Racing    @same time
57   Benjamin Gonzalez Noval  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
58   Lucas Euser  Spidertech Powered By C10    @same time
59   Arnaud Labbe  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
60   Vladimir Miholjevic  Acqua & Sapone    @same time
61   Daniel Martin  Team Garmin – Barracuda    @same time
62   Alexandre Pichot  Europcar    @same time
63   Jonathan Patrick Mccarty  Spidertech Powered By C10    @same time
64   Romain Lemarchand  Ag2R – La Mondiale    @same time
65   Wesley Sulzberger  GreenEdge Cycling Team    @same time
66   Mathieu Delaroziere  La Pomme Marseille    @same time
67   Alex Howes  Team Garmin – Barracuda    @same time
68   Jesús Lopez Herrada  Movistar Team    @same time
69   Romain Feillu  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team    @same time
70   Sergey Renev  Astana Pro Team    @same time
71   Thomas Peterson  Team Garmin – Barracuda    @same time
72   Rémy Di Gregorio  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
73   Jens Keukeleire  GreenEdge Cycling Team    @same time
74   Rémi Pauriol  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat    @same time
75   Thibaut Pinot  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat    @same time
76   Egor Silin  Astana Pro Team    @same time
77   Scott Thwaites  Endura Racing    @same time
78   Jussi Veikkanen  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat    @same time
79   Rafal Majka  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
80   David Moncoutié  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
81   Vincent Jerome  Europcar    @same time
82   Peter Stetina  Team Garmin – Barracuda    @same time
83   Sebastien Duret  Bretagne Schuller    @same time
84   Stefan Denifl  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team    @same time
85   Yohan Cauquil  La Pomme Marseille    @same time
86   Jérémy Roy  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat    @same time
87   Maxime Mederel  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
88   Martijn Verschoor  Team Type 1 – SANOFI    @same time
89   Mickael Buffaz  Cofidis – Le Credit En Ligne    @same time
90   Chris Anker Sorensen  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
91   Benoit Vaugrenard  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat    @same time
92   Simon Clarke  GreenEdge Cycling Team    @same time
93   Pierre Luc Perichon  La Pomme Marseille    @same time
94   Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas  Movistar Team    @same time
95   Enrique Sanz Unzue  Movistar Team    @same time
96   Rob Partridge  Endura Racing    @same time
97   Wouter Mol  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team    @same time
98   Staf Scheirlinckx – Willems Veranda’s    @same time
99   Mads Christensen  Team Saxo Bank    @same time
100   Jérôme Cousin  Europcar    @same time
101   Jean-lou Paiani  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
102   Grégoire Tarride  La Pomme Marseille    @same time
103   Assan Bazayev  Astana Pro Team    @same time
104   Martin Mortensen  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team    @same time
105   Etienne Tortelier  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
106   Kenny Elissonde  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat    @same time
107   Bjorn Selander  Spidertech Powered By C10    @same time
108   Thomas Voeckler  Europcar    @same time
109   Michael Albasini  GreenEdge Cycling Team    @same time
110   Leif Hoste – Willems Veranda’s    @same time
111   Kiel Reijnen  Team Type 1 – SANOFI    @same time
112   Kevin Van Impe  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team    @same time
113   Eric Berthou  Bretagne Schuller    @same time
114   Travis Meyer  GreenEdge Cycling Team    @same time
115   Angelo Tulik  Europcar  00:57
116   Borut Bozic  Astana Pro Team  01:04
117   Kristof Goddaert  Ag2R – La Mondiale    @same time
118   Filippo Fortin  Team Type 1 – SANOFI  01:32
119   Arnaud Courteille  Equipe Cycliste FDJ – BigMat  01:37
120   Brett Lancaster  GreenEdge Cycling Team  01:51
121   Jimmy Casper  Ag2R – La Mondiale  04:01
122   Massimo Codol  Acqua & Sapone    @same time
123   Julien Antomarchi  Team Type 1 – SANOFI    @same time
124   Will Routley  Spidertech Powered By C10  04:13
125   Tomasz Marczynski  Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team  05:17
126   Paul Poux  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
127   Laurent Mangel  Saur – Sojasun    @same time
128   Joey Rosskopf  Team Type 1 – SANOFI    @same time
129   Matthew Wilson  GreenEdge Cycling Team    @same time
130   Ian Bibby  Endura Racing  05:57
131   Sjef De Wilde – Willems Veranda’s  06:11
132   Aldo Ino Ilesic  Team Type 1 – SANOFI  06:14
133   Keven Lacombe  Spidertech Powered By C10  06:58
134   Thomas Vaubourzeix  La Pomme Marseille  07:06
135   Florian Guillou  Bretagne Schuller  08:04
136   Manuel Belletti  Ag2R – La Mondiale  08:56
137   Andy Cappelle – Willems Veranda’s  09:08
138   Steven Caethoven – Willems Veranda’s    @same time
139   Ian Wilkinson  Endura Racing    @same time
140   David Boily  Spidertech Powered By C10  10:17