Photo Report & Result: 47th Perfs Pedal

Team UK Youth came to the Perfs Pedal to win and dominate and that is exactly what they did with Chris Opie winning the race ahead of Node4’s Marcin Bialoblocki and Endura Racing’s Jonny McEvoy.

Organiser Mick Waite presents the winners cheque to Chris Opie who is expecting to become a father in the next few days — that is some way to celebrate.

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On a weekend when a lot of races were cancelled, one survived after a lot of hard work by the organiser’s team to clear ice from the circuit — the 47th Perfs Pedal. In short, it was a bunch kick – almost. It certainly would have been had Doug Dewey not got ‘bored’ watching UK Youth dominate the lead out and Doug attacked on the final climb.

That split the peloton and from that, Chris Opie was so much faster than anyone else and he added his name to a long list of star names.

Afterwards, VeloUK spoke to Chris who said “We had a good team talk last night about different scenarios that might work out and we stuck to the plan really well. James Stewart did his lone effort and then we kept it together for the last lap which was really good for me. We worked together so well.”

The sprint is my strength but Yanto made a good move in the last 100 metres before the final corner as the two Endura riders (Erick Rowsell and Jonny McEvoy) were coming up the outside. Because of how well we’re riding together, that made winning easier. I didn’t know anything about the split because I was too scared to look behind. But I guess it was because Doug Dewey made a really good effort a few ks before the finish and the pace really went up when he did that”.

“It was slippery. If you put the hammer down, you could slip the back wheel quite easy, especially the tight corner by the roundabout but everybody was sensible. I enjoyed the course because it is nice and rolling. The hill could have been harder but it’s an enjoyable course.”

“It’s the perfect start to the year and we’re expecting our baby in three days time so that makes it an even better start.”

Jonny McEvoy (Endura Racing) “Erick and I have come here straight from the Challenge Majorca and the training camp there and it was good to get going with the UK racing. It was real hard with all the UK Youth and also Node 4 in there.”

“In the sprint, Erick did a good job for me but I didn’t have a lot to give after the last corner and struggling a bit. The conditions were fine and a bit dangerous with some crashes but that is part of racing. UK Youth rode well to be fair to them and Chris Opie did go some out of that last corner. If UK Youth had some one up the road, and it happened a lot of times, then it was down to us to try and bring them back.”

The Endura Equipe kit was perfect today. It was minus 2 when I arrived so I’ve used a couple of base layers, thermal long sleeve jersey and a gilet as well as the warmest gloves Endura make. The overshoes have been great too in the cold weather keeping my feet warm”.

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The Perfs Pedal Photo Album


Photo Report

You could say UK Youth had strength in numbers as well as just strong riders period with the likes of Opie, Backstedt, Barker and so many more. 

First time past the camera a mile or so after the start and its all easy peasy …

After a full lap, Yanto Barker is giving it full gas as he tries to escape the bunch.

Doug Dewey from Ingear/TrainSharp who has made big gains in his training (coached by Trainsharp) during the winter leads the chase after Barker with Erick Rowsell (Endura Racing) helping the chase and then UK Youth marking everything.

Former winner, James Stewart of UK Youth on his solo move a lap later.

The chase led by Erick Rowsell of Endura Racing.

Bell lap and Yanto Barker is dancing on the pedals again at the start of a long leadout for Chris Opie.

After an attack by Doug Dewey at the foot of the climb, which took a small group clear, Yanto Barker lead Chris Opie out and Opie was celebrating 50 metres from the line whilst the rest scraped for the minor placings.

1 Chris OPIE Team UK Youth
2 Marcin BIALOBLOCKI Node4 Giordana
3 Jonathan McEVOY Endura Racing
4 David McGOWAN Team UK Youth
5 Erick ROWSELL Endura Racing
6 Jon DIBBEN Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s
7 Freddy JOHANSSON Team UK Youth
8 Ben SIMMONS Team Wiggle
9 Yanto BARKER Team UK Youth
10 Douglas DEWEY Terra Footwear- Bicycle Line
11 David CLARKE Node4 Giordana
12 Colin PARRY Wilier/ Live2ride
13 Russell FALDER Cycle Premier Racing Team
14 Pete WAGER Felt Colbornes RT
15 Chris McNAMARA Pedal Heaven RT / Colbornes / Tiger / Roadwheel /No 10
16 Jason WHITE Metaltek-Scott
17 Anthony MOYE Cycling Team
18 James CARTRIDGE Cadence Cannondale RT
19 Mark BAINES Spirit Racing Team / Hands On /ACL
20 Nicolas HUTCHINGS CS Grupetto
21 Ben STOCKDALE Metaltek-Scott
22 Conor RYAN Performance Cycles CMI
23 Cornall YATES In Gear -Quick VIT
24 Harry BULSTRODE Peter Hansford Racing
25 Harold EVANS VO2 Development Team /ACS Design/Progressive Cycle
26 Jamie PINE London Dynamo
27 Al MURISON Performance Cycles CMI
28 Francis CADE VO2 Development Team /ACS Design/Progressive Cycle
29 Toby EICHLER Wilier/ Live2ride/Vitalbiotics Wellman
30 Ben ANSTIE Cadence Cannondale RT
31 Tom STOCKDALE Primal Europe/RU Training today
32 Simon BROOKS VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
33 Paul PICKUP Pedal Heaven RT / Colbornes / Tiger / Roadwheel /No 10
34 Scot EASTER Felt Colbornes RT
35 Robert ORR Cycling Team
36 Gruff LEWIS Team UK Youth
37 Magnus BACKSTEDT Team UK Youth
38 James STEWART Team UK Youth
39 Team UK Youth
40 Josh YETMAN Team Tor 2000 / Whitelake / Scorpion CS /Kalas /Peloton Racer / Overt Locke
41 Nicholas BAKER Zappi’s Cycling Club
42 Greg MANSELL Team UK Youth
43 Henry FURNISS Wyndamilla / UK Youth
44 Rowan HORNER VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
45 James GRAY VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts / Hewitt Cycles
46 Graham CHILDS Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s
47 Jake MARTIN Cycle Premier Racing Team
48 Matthew THEOBALDS CS Grupetto
49 Chris SNOOK Banjo Cycles
50 Paul DRAKE Cycleworks UK Ltd
51 Stoyko BUSSAROV Wyndamilla / UK Youth
52 Scott TOMKINSON Newquay Velo
53 Jack PLUMMER Cadence Cannondale RT






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