Report: Redhill CC Sporting Time Trial

There was Gusts, Guts and Gusto at the Redhill Sporting Time Trial on Sunday (Open TT Course GS/478)

Held on roads near Dorking in the South East, the day saw riders battling tough headwinds but still posting strong times. Scratch winner on the day was Steve Berry of Team Swift who recorded a 42 minute 4 second ride. Steve was also first in the Vets vs Standard competition with +5m 24s. First lady home was Teresa Goddard of Kingston Wheelers with a near two minute margin over second place with a time of 52 minutes 54 seconds.

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Redhill CC’s top riders were Charl Jordaan with a good early season 45 minute 20 seconds and Michelle Arthurs who took 3rd in the women’s scratch with 56 minutes 22 seconds. The busy field saw 57 riders start out from Westcott and put in gutsy finishes through gritted teeth next to Red Chili on the A25 northbound. Second and third spots for the men went to Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT- 42m24s) and Conall Yates (Conall Yates – In Gear Quick Vit Trainsharp RT – 42m 44s).

In this report on the club website, they thank all the RCC marshals who turned out to help on a nippy morning to be stationary at the roadside and particularly to RCC President Jon Eglinton who was at the roadside at 9.15am on his 70th birthday helping out. Many happy returns from all the riders and marshals – and everyone at RCC – for your unwavering service to the local time trial and cycling scene over many years, Jon!
Winning team was Kingston Wheelers took the top team spot with just 36 seconds separating them and the Addiscombe (2h 19m 0s and 2h 19m 36s).

Redhill CC Website

In Brief

Scratch Competition
1st Steve Berry – Team Swift 42m 04s
2nd Tejvan Pettinger – Sri Chinmoy CT 42m 24s
3rd Conall Yates – In Gear Quick Vit Trainsharp RT 42m 44s

Veterans on Standard
1st Steve Berry – Team Swift +5m24s
2nd Richard Prebble – Node4-Giordana RT + 4m 01s
3rd Steve Irwin – Kingston Wheelers + 4m 43s

1st Teresa Goddard – Kingston Wheelers 52m 54s
2nd Amy Forshaw – Hemel Hempstead 54m 55s
3rd Michelle Arthurs – Redhill CC 56m 22s

1st Kingston Wheelers 139m 00s
2nd Addiscombe CC 139m 36s
3rd Redhill CC 141m 29s

The next Redhill promoted open event is Saturday, 9th June on course GS/189. If you fancy a mid summer break from dual carriageways, put it in your diary now!

Full Resut
1 Steve Berry Team Swift 00:42:04 V42
2 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy CT 00:42:24 S
3 Conall Yates In-Gear QuickVit Trainsharp RT 00:42:44 S
4 Rupert Burbidge In-Gear QuickVit Trainsharp RT 00:43:35 S
5 Steve Irwin Kingston Wheelers 00:43:36 V41
6 Richard Prebble Node4-Giordana RT 00:43:44 V44
7 Chris Birch East Street 00:43:51 S
8 George Brent Addiscombe CC 00:43:51 S
9 Charl Jordaan Redhill CC 00:45:20 S
10 Phil Ember Kingston Wheelers 00:45:59 S
11 Roger Smith Club Southdown Bikes 00:46:04 S
12 Niall Digby La Fuga – Sigma Sport 00:46:07 V42
13 Nick Malins 4T+ Velo Club 00:46:45 V43
14 Keith Lea Addiscombe CC 00:46:47 V41
15 Jonny Bradbourne Redhill CC 00:47:33 S
16 Christian Yates East Grinstead CC 00:47:42 V49
17 Geoff Smith Eastbourne Rovers CC 00:48:23 V61
18 Maurice Brennan Redhill CC 00:48:36 S
19 Duncan Murdoch Norwood Paragon 00:48:37 V48
20 Jamie Hill Redhill CC 00:48:52 S
21 Galeb Aqel Addiscombe CC 00:48:58 S
22 Damian Poulter Hounslow and District Wheelers 00:49:09 S
23 Jim Ley Kingston Wheelers 00:49:25 S
24 Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers 00:49:29 V42
25 Andy Leatherbarrow Kingston Wheelers 00:49:30 S
26 Damian Breen Kingston Wheelers 00:49:51 S
27 Mohammad Leghari Addiscombe CC 00:49:56 S
28 Ray Sullivan Redhill CC 00:49:58 V45
29 Stephen Emmerson Epsom CC 00:50:00 S
30 David Churchill Club BigfootCC 00:50:07 V52
31 Richard Vaudin Redmon CC 00:50:09 V45
32 Chris Baines Buxton CC 00:50:26 S
33 Chris Stone Redhill CC 00:50:32 V56
34 Dave Warne Old Portlians CC 00:50:48 V56
35 Brian Hennessy Redhill CC 00:52:37 V45
36 Dan Pateman Kingston Wheelers 00:52:45 S
37 Teresa Goddard Kingston Wheelers 00:52:54 WV47
38 Reade Martin Harfield Blazing Saddles 00:52:59 V54
39 Nigel Stevens VTTA 00:53:41 V53
40 Ian Bashford Old Portlians CC 00:53:55 V56
41 Bruce Dunbar Redhill CC 00:54:08 V47
42 Amy Forshaw Hemel Hempstead 00:54:55 W
43 Paul Clarkson Kingston Wheelers 00:55:13 V47
44 Paul Banner Kingston Wheelers 00:55:26 V49
45 Paul King Old Portlians CC 00:55:42 V49
46 Andrew Green Old Portlians CC 00:55:58 V45
47 Michelle Arthurs Redhill CC 00:56:22 W
48 Stuart Payne Central Sussex CC 00:56:29 V49
49 David Eccles Redmon CC 00:56:36 V64
50 David Haggart De Laune C 00:56:50 V51
51 Gavin Garrett Redhill CC 00:56:55 V62
52 John Gargan Addiscombe CC 00:57:24 S
53 Jon Frost Redmon CC 00:58:27 V44
54 Stephen Chester Kingston Wheelers 00:58:47 S
55 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre 01:00:14 V63
56 David French Weybridge Wheelers 01:00:15 S
57 Chris Brewer Redmon CC 01:17:03 V51


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