Result: Ludgershall Winter Series (Final round)

Wins for Toby Eichler, Matthew Franklin and Matt Hargroves of Hargroves Cycles at the final round of the Ludgershall winter series

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes


1st Toby Eichler Wilier/Live2ride
2nd David Saunders NFTO
3rd Jamie Streather VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts /Hewitt Cycles
4th Phillip Reynolds Peter Hansford Racing
5th Tom Neale Sam Sycling
6th Chris Snook BanjoCycles
7th Paul Carson Performance Cycles RT
8th Jordan Wade VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts /Hewitt Cycles
9th Declan Higgins Twickenham CC
10th Garaint Manley Cardiff JIF
11th Alex Harding Andover Wheelers
12th Geoff Ripley Bristol RC
13th Dave Dalton Fareham Wheelers
14th Rob Turner NFTO
15th David Young Fareham Wheelers
16th Stuart Thompson Andover Wheelers

1st Hannah Drewett Team Endurance
2nd Hannah Manley For Voired

3rds & Juniors
1st Matthew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / specialized
2nd Andy Shackel VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts /Hewitt Cycles
3rd Garaint Manley Cardiff JIF
4th Stuart McCombie Loughborough Students CC
5th Leigh-Roy MacFarlane
6th Jordan Wade VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts /Hewitt Cycles
7th Michael Greaves Gannett CC
8th Peter Medhurst University of Exeter Cycling Club
9th Chris Mattocks Army Cycling Union
10th Simon Barnes Chippenham Wheelers
11th Matthew Hargreaves Bath CC
12th Christopher Fletcher Team Axiom
13th Mike Lancaster VC Meudon
14th Duncan Lancashire Behind The Bikeshed
15th Paul Jones VC Bristol
16th Dave Lee Epic Cycles RC
17th Timothy Ryan Cardiff JIF
18th Andy McKay Zappi Cycling Club
19th David Medhurst Cardiff Ajax
20th Steve Cottington Cadence RT
21st Pete Phillips Bath CC
22nd James Atherton VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts /Hewitt Cycles
23rd Iain Cade Cadence RT
24th Andrew Gough VC St Raphael / Waite Contracts /Hewitt Cycles
25th Matt Lee NFTO
26th Chris Hutchings BC PM – South

4ths and Junior 4ths
1st Matthew Franklin Bristol RC
2nd Gary Cannon Bath CC
3rd kieran Holdstock Worcester St Johns
4th Gordon Park NFTO
5th Benjamin Hall Bristol RC
6th Tim Wintour NFTO
7th Kevin Argent BC PM
8th Philip Wadge BCPM
9th Trevor Boyd Army Cycling Union
10th Ben Rickaby Sotonia CC
11th Gerald McDermott Gannett CC
12th John Wood NFTO
13th Noah Godman Severn RC
14th Michael Holborow Swindon RC
15th Robert Clowes BCPM
16th Ben Gritton offcamber
17th Jonathan Hodgson BC PM
18th Mick Ballatyne BC PM
19th Felix Young Bath University
20th Patrick Lockyer Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Colli
21st Tim Flynn BC PM
22nd Kevin Young North Wilts RC
23rd Nathan Risbey BC PM
24th Nicholas Cooper Andover Wheelers
25th Alistair Berry offcamber
26th Adrian Slack Andover Wheelers
27th Jeremy Crossley Army Cycling Union
28th Martin Merryweather Swallowfield Velo Club

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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