Result: CDNW Road Race League, Round 2

Another victory for Pete Williams in the CDNW league with getting a great result in 2nd & 3rd. The day also saw a victory for Neil Robinson in the 3/4 race at at Saighton

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Sam Jackson (, who was third, writes … “A strong team performance by the team at the saw me and Dillon (Bryne) make it into the winning break of the day at round two of the CDNW road race League at Saighton.

After an hour of fast attacking racing, there was what appeared to be a lull in the peloton leading to a group of ten riders including myself and Dillon going clear. With just over 50km’s of racing still to go, and some of the big teams not represented, it was clear we were going to have to work together to stay away so the group settled into the job with most riders taking their turn to pull on the front.

As the gap yoyo’d, the eventual winner Pete Williams was able to bridge across. With about three laps to go, the pace was lifted as the chase was on from the main peloton and this shed four of the riders from the group leaving seven. It was clear the two Node 4 riders were the ones to watch and we decided I would mark James and Dillon would mark Pete.

When Pete attacked on the back straight of the final lap, with Dillon sprinting to get on his wheel, all I had to do was sit back and follow any attacks from the other riders which never really materialised leaving the five of us sprinting it out for 3rd which I was pleased to take.

Categories: 3/4 

1 Neil Robinson LUNE RCC
2 William Thomas Velocity Race Team
3 Duncan Mclaren Stockport Clarion
4 Steve Clarke Wheelbase
5 Henry Hunter Team Wallis CHH
6 Chris Quin Macclesfield Wheelers
7 Matt Love Unaffiliated
8 Stephen Smith Vita Cycle Team
9 Jason Livesey Dirtwheels cycles
10 John Guy high on bikes rt
11 Michael Lund GB Fire Service
12 Joshua Ferguson Team wheelguru
13 David Kent St. Helens
14 Tom Dalton Bill nickson cycles
15 Simon Deeley High on Bikes
16 James Chamberlain Cyclesport International
17 Chris Anderson biketreks racing team
18 DENNIS LANG clayton velo
19 Simon Wilkes liverpool century
20 Andy Leigh Velocity RT
21 Col Hodgson st helens crc
22 Joshua Townson Southport CC
23 Nicolas Bertrand Biketreks Racing Team
24 Mike Rothwell Manchester Wheelers
25 Paul Woodrow St helens crc
26 Rick Flynn GMP Racing
27 philip knupfer manchester wheelers
28 Spencer Coltman southport cc
29 Sam Bennett Dirt Wheels
30 Christian Ellis wheelguru
31 John Bamford Lancashire Road Club
32 Gary Hartles Warrington
33 Sandy Lockett Biketreks Race Team
34 Ryan Pike High on Bikes RT
35 Anthony Allan Macclesfield Wheelers
36 Peter Ware St Helens CRC
37 Kevin Ainsworth north lancs road club
38 Stephen Duffell southport cc
39 John Clegg ribble valley crc
40 Thomas Rowley Manchester Wheelers
41 Tony Weston Liverpool Century
42 Clive Davis Lune RCC
43 Tom Walsh Lancs RC
44 Andrew Mcleod Lancashire Road Club
45 Darren Reynolds Stockport Clarion
46 Chris Southworth Leigh Premier RC
47 Tony Coughlan Stockport Clarion
48 John Agnew LUNE RCC
49 Russell Brass clayton velo
50 James Warren Bill Nickson Cycles RT
51 Doug Arnold Liverpool Century RC
52 Andy Newby Weaver Valley CC
53 Andrew Wright private member
54 Andrew Adshead Manchester Wheelers

Category Elite/1/2/3
1 Pete Williams NODE4 Giordana Racing
2 Dillon Byrne
3 Samuel Jackson Vanilla Bikes R.T.
5 James Sampson NODE4 Giordana Racing
6 Jack Waller Team Wallis CHH
7 Grahame Sumner wheelbase
8 Graham Briggs* Team Raleigh
9 Matt Cronshaw NODE4 Giordana Racing
10 Matthew Pilkington Team BGlobal
11 Andrew Hawdon Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
12 Ben Dean Team Bglobal
13 Steve Abbott Teamwallis CHH cycling team
14 Richard Handley Rapha
15 Sam Boast Team Hope Factory Racing
16 Alistair Rutherford
17 Ryan Mullen Planet X
18 Robert Smail Team Wallis CHH
19 Daniel Drake Lancashire RC
20 Hamish Graham ASFRA Racing Team
21 Chris Sherriffs Team Bglobal
22 Tom Black Cycle Premier Racing Team
24 John Crellin team wallis-chh
25 Jacob Tipper Team Wallis_CHH
26 Jack Pullar
27 Richard Hepworth Cycle Premier
28 Francis Pilkington Bill Nickson Cycles
29 Calum Nicholson Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
30 Alastair Hepworth Batley CC/Hargreaves Cycles
31 Luke Ryan Team Toachim
32 Dan Whelan Onimpex Bioracer RT
33 Richard Bott Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
34 Daniel Warwick teamwallis CHH racing team
35 James Gullen METALTEK SCOTT
36 Simon Wilson Metaltek Scott
37 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle
38 David Giles Matrix Fitness – Prendas
39 Jonathan Cregeen Biketreks RT
40 John Dodgin Biketreks Racing Team
41 Harry Grey
42 Jack Cutsforth Team Herbal Life-Leisure Lakes
43 Lewis Craven Wheelbase
44 Kit Gilham Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
45 David Lowe Newcastle 2001 RC
46 Muke Fugaccia Liverpool Century
47 Stuart Reed wheelbase
49 Lee Brotzman Wills Wheels
50 Russell Falder Cycle Premier Racing Team
51 James Dunlop Biketreks RT
52 Karl Freeman team wheel wheel guru
53 Andy Coupe Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
54 Michael Ashurst Maxgear
55 Michael Rawson Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos
56 Jordan Matthews Hetton Hawks

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