Report: Ciclo Uno Spring Criterium Series

The first event in the Ciclos Uno Spring Criterium Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre (Hog Hill) on Sunday 11 March and there were a total of seventy two riders on the start line for the two age related races including a former top pro, Bob Downs.

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Fred Little, Organiser, writes… Fifty seven riders started the first race for Category A/B/C & D (40-59 yrs) run over one hour plus three laps of the lower circuit.

It was not long before there were riders scattered all around the circuit due to the varying levels of ability. Regular Hog Hill and Dunton winner last year Antony Wallis (Private) broke clear after about twenty minutes gaining a lead on the main bunch of twenty seconds which he held for three laps before being pulled back.

After forty minutes, five riders including Antony Wallis broke clear and remained together until the finish when they had a lead of one minute over the chasing bunch. Paul Crook (Beyond Mountain Bikes), a new rider to LVRC events took the honours from Lee Desborough (St Ives) with Antony Wallis (Private) in third place.

In the Category E/F/G & H (60 yrs plus) race there were fifteen starters. The race was also run over one hour plus three laps of the lower circuit. After about thirty minutes, Alan Williams (G.S.Giucci) broke clear gaining a lead of thirty seconds which he held for six laps before sitting up and waiting for the bunch.

The field then stayed together until the finish when earlier escapee Alan Williams won the sprint for first place from Colin Mannakee (Glendene) and Dave Rowe (34th Nomads) in third place.

Categories A/B/C/ & D Overall
1. Paul Crook, Beyond Mountain Bikes A
2. Lee Desborough, St Ives C.C. A
3. Antony Wallis, L.V.R.C. A
4. David Farrow, Eagle R.C. A
5. Chris Baldwin, Eagle R.C. C
6. Nick Faint, Finchley R.T. C
7. Bob Downs, Glendene C.C. D
8. Julian Cunnington, Condor Cycles C
9. Chris Bulley, Shaftesbury C.C. A
10. Andy Ballentine, Easterley R.C. B
11. Spencer Wilson, Personal Bike Fit A
12. Ian Watson, Finchley R.T. A
13. Jason Roger, Gateway Cycling A
14. Martin Docker, V.C.10 C
15. Peter Arden, Victoria C.C. B
16. Andy O’Regan, C.C.Hackney C
17. Simon Hewins, Eagle R.C. C
18. Tony Meader, Eagle R.C. C
19. Os Assem, Finchley R.T. A
20. Steve Wharton, Finchley R.T. C
21. Phill Bull, V.C.Elan D
22. Phil Whitehorn, Crest C.C. D
23. Nick Rossman, Finchley R.T. B
24. Steve Murrell, East London Velo A
25. Damien Foy, Eagle R.C. B

Category ‘A’
1. Paul Crook
2. Lee Desborough
3. Antony Wallis

Category ‘B’
1. Andy Ballentine
2. Peter Arden
3. Nick Rossman

Category ‘C’
1. Chris Baldwin
2. Nick Faint
3. Julian Cunnington

Category ‘D’
1. Bob Downs
2. Phil Bull
3. Phil Whitehorn

Primes: Antony Wallis (2) Dave Farrow (1)

Categories E/F/&/ G Overall
1. Alan Williams, G.S. Giucci E
2. Colin Mannakee, Glendene C.C. F
3. Dave Rowe, 34th Nomads F
4. Dave Smith, G.S. Avanti F
5. Peter Jones, Hillingdon C.C. F
6. Ollie MacPherson, 4T+ E
7. Terry Butcher, Southend Wheelers D*
8. Trevor Mills, Ford C.C. F
9. Phil Stone, Thornton R.C. E
10. Ken Beecham, V.C.Elan F
11. Richard Fraczek, Essex Roads C.C. E
12. Peter Constable, Velo Schils/Interbike E
13. Ken Evans, Ciclos Uno G

Category ‘E’
1. Alan Williams
2. Ollie MacPherson
3. Phil Stone

Category ‘F’
1. Colin Mannakee
2. Dave Rowe
3. Dave Smith

Category ‘G’
1. Ken Evans

Primes: Alan Williams (3) Dave Rowe (2)

* Out of Category

NEXT RACES: The next event in the series will be held on Sunday 25 March starting at 10.00 a.m.



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