Rider Report: Tameside Circuit Races


Alice Miller of the ‘Look Mum No Hands’ team reports on the Women’s racing at the cycle circuit at Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester

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Alice writes … Today’s race started in a more relaxed manner with 23 girls on the start line. With a full turn out from Maxgear, I expected the race to be controlled primarily by this lady’s team and that was the case. However, a very early break of two riders from Dirt Wheels (Rachael Bamford and Brit Tate) got away and stayed away for the remainder of the race.

For some reason, I found the first thirty minutes or so murderous. I was really near to getting dropped so many times but managed to hang on and eventually I got more settled. Either the pace had fallen or I was just positioning myself better but I started to be able to cope with it better and get some recovery time on the straights and the swoop-y corner.

This week I felt the race was much more ordered. Maybe there were more experienced riders out numbering us less experienced riders which helped keep everyone relaxed as there was less unpredictable cornering or maneuvers. With Maxgear controlling the front of the main race, the race preceded smoothly. As far as I could tell there were no crashes although unfortunately Nicola Soden (Maxgear) broke her crank during the race.

As I said last week, this week my plan was to really focus on staying with (and in) the bunch as much as possible. This worked out well and by the final few laps I felt brave enough to move up the bunch and get within the front five or so riders. This gave me a great chance to experience the final laps right at the cutting edge of the action.

It got pretty fast – we were leaning a lot more in the corners now and I miscalculated at one point, dragging my inside pedal on the ground, but luckily it was okay. Coming out of the wider bend, into the final wiggle and finishing straight, the sprint really started. I wasn’t quite in the right gear but managed to remain right near the front of the bunch, sprinting against Rachel Armitage from London Dynamo for fifth place. She just pipped me!

With the lovely weather and great selection of girls riding, today was great – plus I got my first points!


Women Only Race
1. Racheal Bamford, Dirtwheels Cycles 48:34:00
2. Brit Tate, Dirtwheels Cycles @ 5sec
3. Melissa Bury, Champion Systems/Maxgear @ 22sec
4. Vicky Annis, VC Bradford
5. Rachel Armitage, London Dynamo
6. Alice Miller, Look Mum No Hands
7. Frances White, Champion Systems/Maxgear
8. Liz Waterhouse, University of Manchester
9. Nikola Butler, Vivelo-Bikes/Inverse Cyclaim RT
10. Hayley Edwards, Champion Systems/Maxgear
11. Nicky Shaw, Dinnington RC
12. Eve Dixon, Champion Systems/Maxgear
13. Lisa Daly, Sportscity Velo
14. Rebecca Heath, VC St Raphael
15. Catherine Wiggins, Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
16. Phoebe Snedden, Mulebar Girl
17. Vanessa Whitfield, Saddleworth Clarion
18. Claire Rutherford, Vivelo-Bikes/Inverse Cyclaim RT at 1 lap
19. Victoria Hood, Team Swift at 3 laps
20. Jenny Brown, Rochdale Triathlon Club
21. Clara Sandelind, University of Sheffield at 4 laps
22. Danielle Ramsey, Private Member

4th Category Men’s Race
1. Robert Lockhart, Cyclesport International RT 51:56:00
2. Philip Turton, Yorkshire RC
3. Luke Dabbs, University of Manchester CC
4. Keiren Murphy, Army Cycling Union
5. Andrew Webster, High Peak Cycles RT
6. David Morris, Harrogate Nova CC
7. Colin Hodgson, St Helens CRC/D. Sparrow Plumbing
8. Jonathon Caldwell, Private Member
9. Roberto Conte, Private Member
10. Jonathan Woodhouse, Wakefield CC
11. Joe Bennett, Warrington RC
12. David Beachill, Huddersfield RC
13. Daniel Chaffer, Chorlton Velo
14. Neil O’Brien, Manchester Triathlon Club
15. Richard Crabtree, Pedalsport Cycling Club
16. Philip Garton-Pope, Liverpool Century CC
17. Andrew McLeod, Lancashire RC
18. Andrew Adshead, Manchester Wheelers Club at 1 lap
19. Jerome Jacob, University of Sheffield CC at 2 laps
20. Anthony Eaton, Manchester Wheelers Club
21. Mark Brewer, Private Member
22. Joe Hinchcliffe, BBM Revolution Cycling Club
23. Basil Adamo, Sheffrec CC
24. Anthony Weston, Liverpool Century CC at 3 laps
25. Paul Gordon, Private Member at 6 laps



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