Results: Manchester Premier League Final

Adam Duggelby of Sporstscover is in a commanding lead as the first half of the 2012 Manchester track League came to a close last night. 

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Racing resumes on October 2nd and with many of the riders now in full road racing mode they will have plenty of racing to occupy them. With the first of the Junior series this weekend in Wales watch out for in form Juniors Ryan Mullen, Harry Tanfield, Chris Latham and first year juniors Luc Hall, Chris Lawless and Jake Ragan, all group 2 riders in this tough league.


Group 1 40 lap scratch
1.Charlie Tanfield Velo 29
2.Martin Lonie Dooley Cycles
3. Levi Moody Pedal Sport
4. Andy Donaldson Ferryhill Whs

Group 2 40 lap scratch
1. Ryan Mullen Planet X
2. Adam Duggelby Sportscover
3. Chris Lawless Champion Systems
4. Alistair Rutherford

Group 1 40 lap points
1. Jack Waller Team Wallis 10
2.Charlie Tanfield 8
3. Andy Donaldson Ferryhill whs 7
4. Will Thomas 5

Group 2 40 lap points
1. Adam Duggelby Sportscover 12
2. Ryan Mullen Planet X 10
3. Sam Boast Hope Factory racing 6
4. Luc Hall Champion Systems 5

Group 1 Devil
1.Mat Gibson Warrington RC
2. Joe Evans TVC
3. Christian Braybrooke Velocity

Group 2 Devil
1. Adam Duggelby Sportscover
2. Chris Lawless Champion Systems
3. Alistair Rutherford

Group 1 10m scratch
1. Martin Lonie Dooley Cycles
2. Andy Donaldson Ferryhill whs
3. Christian Braybrooke Velocity
4 Charlie Tanfield Velo 29

Group 2 10m scratch
1. Adam Duggelby Sportscover
2. Chris Lawless Champion Systems
3. Ryan Mullen Planet X
4 Paul Whatmore Sheperd Cycles


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