Report: Chalky White Memorial Open 10

This Saturday saw the running of the Chalky White Memorial TT on the P128 course just to the west of Southampton.

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The morning was very sunny and there wasn’t any wind on the course and there to enjoy the great conditions was a large entry of over fifty riders assembled in the HQ in Copythorne.

At the start of a very quick morning’s time trial, Barbara Braithwaite, one of the founder members of Sotonia and ‘Chalky’s’ very good friend, was on hand to watch the time trial in the name of her touring partner.

Report and photo:

The winner of the event was Adam Topham from High Wycombe in a course record time of 20 minutes 50 seconds beating last year’s winner Harry Bulstrode (Contra la Montre) by 25 seconds. Harry was also quicker than his time last year. James Gilfillan (Contra la Montre) was third and also beating last year’s record time.

The Ladies prize went to Mariana Bleasdale (Guernsey Velo Club) over on the main land for a weekend’s racing along with a team for support they will be racing at Thruxton tomorrow.

Men’s Scratch Race
1st Adam Topham High Wycombe 20mins 50secs
2nd Harry Bulstrode Contra La Montre 21mins 15secs
3rd James Gilfillan Contra La Montre 21mins 35secs

Ladies Scratch Race
1st Marina Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club 25mins 54secs
2nd Clare Newman Crabwood CC 25mins 57secs

1st Ray Hughes & Miss Wendy Palis Clarence Wheelers 22min 08secs
Team Prize went to Contra La Montre

Tony ‘Chalky ‘White
The event was a memorial event for the memory of founder member Tony ‘Chalky’ White who died of cancer in 1994. Chalky was a past competitor in time trials, cycling many miles while on active duty with the RAF to events and then home to his base in Wiltshire again.

Chalky was born in Southampton and worked for the local boat builders Vosper Thorneycroft as a mechanic before joining the RAF in 1947 working on such planes as the famous Spitfire. He was posted to Egypt where he continued his love of cycling setting up the “Buckshee Wheelers” for service personal stationed in Egypt, Israel, & Libyan area, before returning to England at the end of his service in 1957 and joining the civil service.

Along with Barbara Braithwaite, he was an active and enthusiastic member and served as club secretary and Treasurer, and organised many time trials along with his time keeping duties.

Sadly Tony developed cancer and died in 1994, at his funeral 150 members and friends and a guard of honour from the Spitfire Society paid their last respects to his memory.


1 Ray Hughes & Miss Wendy Pails Clarence Wheelers 00:22:08
2 Nick Wisby & John Radford Sotonia 00:25:42

1 Adam Topham High Wycombe 00:20:50
2 Harry Bulstrode Contra la Montre 00:21:15
3 James Gilfillan Contra la Montre 00:21:35
4 Andy Bryson Contre la Montre 00:21:48
5 Julian Jenkinson Contra la Montre 00:21:56
6 Simon Berogna VC St Raphael 00:22:00
7 Bryce Dyer VC St Raphael 00:22:01
8 Dave Pickering Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 00:22:01
9 Raymond Hughes Clarence Wheelers 00:22:14
10 Aran Stanton VC St Raphael 00:22:36
11 Ray Claridge GA Cycles 00:22:41
12 Gary Allan GA Cycles 00:22:47
13 Colin Yeates Sotonia 00:23:10
14 Alex Clayton Southampton University RC 00:23:11
15 Danny Alderton Guernsey Velo Club 00:23:22
16 Gawain Young Sotonia 00:23:24
17 Cliff Rowe Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 00:23:28
18 Darren Lewis Poole Whs 00:23:33
19 Jerry Bromyard Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 00:23:51
20 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 00:23:58
21 Richard Blake GA Cycles 00:24:06
22 Phillip Evans Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 00:24:53
23 William Simmons Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 00:24:58
24 Phillip Connell Sotonia 00:24:59
25 Jon Dudley Sotonia 00:25:32
26 David England Crabwood CC 00:25:45
27 Drew Hosie A3crg 00:25:45
28 Allan Miller Caesarean CC 00:25:46
29 William Reed Tri Team Wessex 00:25:51
30 Marina Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club 00:25:54
31 Clare Newman Crabwood CC 00:25:57
32 Martin Ward Sotonia 00:26:19
33 Edward Knowlton Sotonia 00:26:32
34 Nick Tattersall NFCC 00:26:46
35 Simon Wheeler Crabwood CC 00:26:53
36 Wendy Knowlton Sotonia 00:27:09
37 Colin Crocker Sotonia 00:27:33
38 Charlotte Le Lievre Guernsey Velo Club 00:27:43
39 Simon Craig-Mcfeely A3crg 00:27:46
40 Alan Sharpen Sotonia 00:27:58
41 Louise Burman VC St Raphael 00:28:29
42 Norman Harvey Sotonia 00:29:11
43 Bob Joliffe NFCC 00:29:45
44 Martin Balk NFCC 00:29:50
45 Phillip Morris Fareham Wheelers 00:31:46
46 Alan Davy Fareham Wheelers 00:32:37
47 Barrington Day Fareham Wheelers 00:36:52


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