Result: Junior Peter Buckley Cadence RR

Tao Geoghegan Hart has won the first round of the Junior Peter Buckley National Series event in Wales today

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Tao Geoghegan Hart soloed to victory in round 1 of the Peter Buckley Junior National Road race series in Wales at the Cadence Road Race. The event was held on the same 14k course as last year, rolling with around a 1k climb at the end of each lap.

It is a good course to race on says last years winner Jon Dibben (Hargroves Cycles) who finished second to his friend Tao in the 2012 edition. Prior to the race, VeloUK expected both these riders to figure in the results and so it proved. “It was an interesting race” said Jon. “A break went early which was pretty much the first attack and then the next four laps, the bunch was cruising with no-one wanting to do anything.”

“I tried a few moves” Jon says “but nothing was getting anywhere as they were all still quite fresh”. With about four laps to go, with the break having been brought back, another five or six riders clipped off the front in a soft move and that was the start of a series of breaks getting away and forming a group of 20 or so at the front of the race.

Dibben, the favourite, was however still stranded in the peloton at this point, heavily marked and despite the odd dig here and there, unable to get clear. “We got to the top of hill with two to go and I was told the time gap was 1.40 which is the lowest it had been so I thought to myself the front group must be seriously pissing around and it might be worth a chase.”

“So I tried a few more attacks and eventually got off the front and made it across to the lead group. I could see them for the last 2k of my chase and they were just riding along without really racing…”

“I got on to them with one to go, and was pretty gassed when Tao made his move up the climb to start the last lap. After I got my breath back, I went after him with about 8k to go and held the gap all the way to the finish where I finished about 20 seconds back. Chris Lawless then clipped off on the final climb to the finish to get third just ahead of the group kick.”

Jon’s next major challenge is the Paris – Roubaix Junior Federation Cup race in two weeks and after fourth last year and his first win in Belgium last week, Jon is looking to follow in the wheelmarks of the Geraint Thomas and Andy Fenn and win the race.

“I felt really good today and where I want to be so we’ll see how we get on in a couple of weeks.” Good luck to Jon next week and the week after. We’ll be watching!

1 Tao Geoghegan Hart Cycling Club Hackney 2ndJun
2 Jonathan Dibben Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s 
3 Chris Lawless Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos 2ndJun
4 Samuel Lowe Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s 1stJun
5 James King Mountivation Development Academy 3rdJun
6 Harry Tanfield Teamwallis CHH Racing Team 1stJun
7 Will Stephenson Primera Specialized 1stJun
8 Jacob Ragan Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos 2ndJun
9 Hugh Carthy Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos 2ndJun
10 Christopher Latham Champion System/Maxgear/Kyklos 1stJun
11 Sebastian Baylis Team South West 2ndJun
12 Tom Armstrong Mountivation Development Academy 2ndJun
13 Jake Kelly Team Microgaming Isle of Man 2ndJun
14 Alex Peters Mosquito Bikes 1stJun
15 George Pym Team South West 2ndJun
16 Joe Kirkham Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s 3rdJun
17 Craig Wallace Granite City RT 3rdJun
18 Jack Edwards P M Racing 2ndJun
19 Rory Townsend Prestige Velo Club 2ndJun
20 Graham Shuttleworth Velocity 44 3rdJun
21 Stuart McCluskey Scotland 2ndJun
22 Daniel Young Glendene CC 2ndJun
23 Kristian Woolf Kings Cliffe Flyers CC 3rdJun
24 Zachery May Cardiff JIF 2ndJun
25 Harry Godding PM Racing 3rdJun
26 Germain Burton Team De ver 2ndJun
27 Dale McCallum Scotland 2ndJun
28 Ashley Procter Sportscover Altura RT 2ndJun
29 Matt Flynn Mountivation Development Academy 2ndJun
30 Ben Lamb Wilier/Live to Ride 3rdJun
31 William Thomas Velocity Race Team 3rdJun
32 Andrew Leigh Velocity Race Team 3rdJun
33 Josh Green Glendene CC 2ndJun
34 Kieran Brady City Cycle 2ndJun
35 Dan Pearson Wilier/Live to Ride 2ndJun
36 Bradley Stokes Pedal Power RT 3rdJun
37 Josh Maynard Eastern Region 2ndJun
38 David Swan Private Member 2ndJun
39 Jack Plummer Cadence Cannondale 2ndJun
40 Joe Moses Sportscover Altura RT 2ndJun
41 James Knox Mountivation Development Academy 3rdJun
42 Luke Parkin Hetton Hawks Cycling Club 3rdJun
43 Richard Walkerdine Wolverhampton Whls 2ndJun
44 William Worrall M & D Kinetica Racing Team Jun
45 Jake Womersley Sportscover Altura RT 2ndJun
46 Olly Wood Sportscover Altura RT 2ndJun
47 Alastair Hepworth Batley Cycling Club 2ndJun
48 Joseph Crolla AW Cycles 3rdJun
49 Adam Lewis Wolverhampton Whls 2ndJun
50 Luke Hattersley Eastern Region 3rdJun
51 Matthew Woods Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s 3rdJun
52 Jack Sadler Mountivation Development Academy 2ndJun
53 Josh Knights Mountivation Development Academy 4thJun
54 James Jobber Eastern Region 2ndJun
55 Henry Hunter Teamwallis CHH Racing Team 3rdJun
56 FelixBarker Eastern Region 0
57 Geraint Manley Cardiff JIF 3rdJun
58 ScottDavies M & D Kinetica Racing Team 0
59 Tom Arnstein Scotland 2ndJun
60 Joshua Hannan Strada-Sport 2ndJun
61 Ashley Clitheroe Teamwallis CHH Racing Team 3rdJun
62 James Newey Cadence Sport 1stJun
63 Callum Ferguson Halesowen A & CC 3rdJun
64 Matthew Hargroves Hargroves Cycles-Specialized-Trant-Next-Elliott’s 3rdJun
65 Matt Godden Gloucester City CC 3rdJun
66 George Rowlands Mid Shropshire Whls 3rdJun
67 Owen James M & D Kinetica Racing Team 2ndJun
68 Ashley Martin Team South West 2ndJun
69 Ross Green Scotland 3rdJun
70 Daniel Marshall Bristol Cycling Development Squad 2ndJun
71 Frazier Carr AW Cycles 3rdJun
72 Alex Haddock Team Microgaming Isle of Man 4thJun
73 Connor Swift Bike Box Alan/Whiston Velo 3rdJun
74 William Macke AW Cycles 3rdJun
75 Peter Hitt Mountain Trax RT 3rdJun
76 Tim Ryan Cardiff JIF 3rdJun
77 Jake Alderman Team South West 3rdJun
78 Kye Martin Mid Devon CC 3rdJun
79 Andy Shackel VC St Raphael 3rdJun
80 Harry Strudley AW Cycles 2ndJun
81 Cameron Swarbrick AW Cycles 2ndJun
82 George Edwards Lyme RC 3rdJun
83 Harry Loader VO2 Development Team 0Jun


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