Report/Result: Wally Gimber Road Race

Good win for Matt Jones who outsprints fastman Marcel Six to add his name to the role of honour for this British classic

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Team Corley Cycles Press Release – Win for team newcomer Matt Jones

Gordon Wiseman writes …  Team Corley Cycles picked up the most prestigious win of the weekend when new team member, 22 year Matt Jones, won the Wally Gimber Trophy in Kent after 88 miles hard racing that saw the youngster always in the pick of the action.

Based around a nearly 13 mile long, rolling circuit, Jones was part of a 12 man group that forced the main break of the day on the second lap. That group included his team-mate Ashley Cox and three previous winners of what is recognised as one of the country’s top early season classic races.

After opening a gap of around 1 minute 40 seconds chaos brought the race to a standstill when a tractor appeared on the finishing straight. The race convoy slowed and because the leading group of riders passed the lead car, they were all disqualified by the Race Commissiare.

After waiting by the roadside for around 30 minutes, and after some negotiating with the race officials, the leading riders were reinstated and allowed to start the race again with their gap intact.

With just the final lap to go, Jones and another rider made a break, but were pulled back at which point Jones told his team-mate Cox to counter attack. When Cox was himself pulled back Jones used that opportunity to put in a classic attack of his own and this time he was able to establish his race winning move.

Joined by eventual second placed rider Marcel Six and with about 8 miles to go they slipped away to battle out the race win on their own. “We lead from that point onwards” recalled Jones later. “He made me lead out the sprint at the finish and he wouldn’t come past me, just staying on my back wheel so with the chequered flag in sight, I just went again and won the race.

“I really wanted to put in a good ride and the team all felt the same way as well. We rode well as a team and it was really the effort of the other guys that set up me and Ashley for the break on lap two. We needed it as a team and we got the result we wanted”.

It was the top race of the weekend but in fact it was Team Corley’s fifth win in in two weeks. Jones won last weekend at Thruxton and Liam Stones took his first win in Corley colours at the National Bowl at the same time.

Team Corley Cycles junior development squad rider Chris Dredge took his first ever race win at the National Bowl this weekend and there has also been a win for Super Vet Don Parry who was particularly placed with his performance and that of the team’s new bikes that are provided by the American manufacturer Blue.

“The new team bikes this year are just terrific. They’re made from carbon fibre, are very stiff and responsive with an aggressive aerodynamic race design coupled with the new Shimano electronic gears make racing easier and so much fun”.


1. Matt Jones, Corley Cycles
2. Marcel Six, Metaltek-Scott
3. Simon Gaywood,IG-Sigma Sport
4. Steve Lampier,IG-Sigma Sport
5. James Moss, Node4-Giordana
6. Dave McGowan,Team UK Youth
7. Chris Spence, Felt Colbornes RT
8. Stephen Adams, Cycle Premier
9. Ashley Cox,  Corley Cycles
10. Nicholas Hutchings,CS Gruppetto

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