Ciclos Uno LVRC Spring Criterium Series

The second event in the Ciclos Uno Spring Criterium Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 25 March and there were a total of 67 riders on the start line for the two age related races.

NEXT EVENT: The next event (No 3) in the series will be held on Sunday 1st April starting at 10.00 a.m.  Further events will be held on the 8th & 22nd April. The event shown in the LVRC handbook for 15th April has been cancelled. Fred Little, Organiser

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Race Report

The first race for Category A/BC//D (40-59yrs) attracted 51 starters and was run over sixty five minutes and three laps of the lower circuit. After twenty minutes of racing, Phil Holloway (Southend) rode off the front of the main bunch and was soon joined by five other riders and the group stayed away for twenty five minutes before being caught.

In the closing stages, Phil Holloway again broke clear and was joined by Chris Baldwin (Eagle) and the pair stayed away until the finish with Phil Holloway outsprinting Chris Baldwin to take the honours. Patrick Schils (Velo Schils) won the bunch sprint to take third place.

In the Category E,F,G,H (60 yrs plus) race there were 16 starters and it was run over one hour plus three laps of the lower circuit. Half way through the race, Chris Gunter (Virgin Active) broke clear and was never seen again by the remainder of the field. At the finish he had a lead of over one minute. Dave Rowe (34 Nomads) took second place and first year ‘E’ category rider Peter Constable (Velo Schils) was third.


Categories A, B, C & D Overall
1. Phil Holloway Southend Wheelers B
2. Chris Baldwin Eagle R.C. C
3. Patrick Schils Velo Schils/Interbike D
4. Paul Crook Beyond MTB/Drayton A
5. Damien Foy Eagle R.C. B
6. Chris Bulley Shaftesbury C.C. A
7. Mark Daly Colour Tech R.T. A
8. Dominic Gabellini Rapha/Condor B
9. David Farrow Eagle R.C. A
10. Russell Ford Glade C.C. B
11. Andrew Bates Gemini B.C. B
12. Trevor Whittock Lea Valley C.C. C
13. Russ Cook Ford C.C. B
14. Kevin Barker Ciclos Uno A
15. Craig Stevens Ciclos Uno C
16. Spencer Wilson Personal Bikefit A
17. Malcolm Jeffries Colour Tech R.T. A
18. Tony Wilkins Wolsey R.C. D
19. Mark Abela San Fairy Ann C.C. B
20. Chris Edwards Gateway Cycling D
21. Mick Bath API – Metrow C
22. Mark Allen Finchley R.T. A
23. Peter Arden Victoria/Ciclos Uno B
24. Alan Norris Crest C.C. C
25. Martin Ryan Ford C.C. B
26. Simon Hewins Eagle R.C. C
27. Steve Murrell East London Velo A
28. Paul Reardon API – Metrow D
29. Gareth Welch Dulwich Paragon A
30. Frank Rawlins North Road C.C. B
31. Carlito Rendora Eagle R.C. C
32. Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles B
33. Dave Dickie Finchley R.T. D
34. Mark Simmonds Kingsnorth Int. B
35. Richard Parrotte Shaftesbury C.C. B
36. Steve Green Ciclos Uno C
37. Steve Enright V.C. Revolution C
38. Harry Board Glendene C.C. C
39. Matthew Gray The Gregarios B
40. Andy Boyall North Road C.C. C
41. Colin Surrey Finchley R.T. C
42. Cliff Pace Eagle R.C. C
43. Mick Savage Crest C.C. D
44. Chris Milne Gateway Cycling C

Category ‘A’
1. Paul Crook
2. Chris Bulley
3. Mark Daly

Category ‘B’
1. Phil Holloway
2. Damien Foy
3. Dominic Gabellini

Category ‘C’
1. Chris Baldwin
2. Trevor Whittock
3. Craig Stevens

Primes: Mark Daly, Phil Holloway, Matt Gallagher

Category ‘D’
1. Patrick Schils
2. Tony Wilkins
3. Chris Edwards

Categories E,F & G Overall
1. Chris Gunter Team Virgin Active E
2. Dave Rowe 34th Nomads F
3. Peter Constable Velo Schils/Interbike E
4. Peter Jones Hillingdon C.C. F
5. Dave Smith G.S.Avanti F
6. Richard Fraczek Essex Roads C.C. E
7. Barry Jones Cycles Dauphin F
8. Phil Stone Thornton R.C. E
9. Chris Glithero North Roads C.C. E
10. Ollie MacPherson 4T+ E
11. Bob Graves G.S.Avanti E
12. John Mulvaney Old Portlians C.C. E
13. Brian Dacey De Laune C.C. G
14. Ken Evans Ciclos Uno G

Category ‘E’
1. Chris Gunter
2. Peter Constable
3. Richard Fraczek

Category ‘F’
1. Dave Rowe
2. Peter Jones
3. Dave Smith

Category ‘G’
1. Brian Dacey
2. Ken Evans


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