Report/Results: Wolverhampton Wheelers Circuit Races

Excellent day of racing at Stourport today (31st March 2012) with a record 202 riders

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There was an excellent turnout at the Wolverhampton Wheelers first circuit race of the 2012 season. A record number of 202 riders took to the start line of todays event. Early morning drizzle did not faze the young riders and saw an excellent solo ride from under 14 rider Ettienne Georgi, who claimed the prime and 1st place overall.

Kim Baptista held her own and beat her male opposition in the under 12 race to take an impressive 1st place. Great teamwork was displayed by the Wolverhampton Wheelers Under 16 boys – controlling the race from the beginning, to take a 1-2 on the podium. A fine solo effort by Callum Warrilow gaining him first place. Jessie Ansell joined her Wolverhampton teammate to take 1st U16 girl.

The Elite/1/2/3 saw a win from the rapidly improving James Ratcliffe of Freds RT, soloing to victory from Matt Higgins of Node 4 Girodana. Simon Holt of Raleigh-GAC took 3rd place in the bunch sprint. Following on from his daughter, Craig Ansell kept up the winning streak in the 3rd cats race, sprinting away from a break of 5.

Second place went to George Bate of MJS Racing who raced twice, also taking 8th place in the E/1/2/3 race.
Emily Kay, a regular winner in the West Midlands as a youth rider, continued her performance taking first lady in the Women and 4th cat event. Theo Merchant took first place overall in the same event.


Under 8
1. Iolo Dafydd Towy Riders
2. Luke Richardson Redditch R&P
3. Luke Harris Halesowen A&CC
4. James Bullar Brookes Cycles
5. Heledd Hunt Towy Riders
6. Edward Pibworth Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
7. Martin Allen Worcester St John

1. Jack Rootkin-Gray Solihull CC
2. Adam Phillips Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
3. Gutto Dafydd Towy Riders
4. Matthew Basptista Eastlands Velo
5. Elodie Gage Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
6. Edward Woodward Coventry Roads
7. Sam Holwill MSW
8. Leo Clarke Lichfield City CC
9. Alex Thomson Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
10. Will Perry Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
11. Will Farmer Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
12. Christian Loumidis Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

1. Kim Baptista Eastlands Velo
2. Matthew Lewis Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
3. Will Manfield Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
4. Ben Breakwell Solihull CC
5. Ben Healey Halesowen A&CC
6. Pfeiffer Georgi Giant CC
7. Joe Phillips Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
8. Lance Hutchinson VC St Raphael
9. James Alexander Solihull CC
10. Joseph Guy Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
11. Luke Tranter Solihull CC
12. Joseph Lister Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
13. James Upton Solihull CC
14. Emile Alexander Lichfield CC
15. Gabriella Homer Halesowen A&CC
16. Lorna Sharples Halesowen A&CC
17. Seb Bacon Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
18. Sam Jones Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
19. Dan Morris Wolverhampton Wheelers
20. Oliver Kirwin Solihull CC
21. Cameron Macleod Halesowen A&CC
22. Massimo Di Vito Halesowen A&CC
23. Joe Bolton Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
24. Emelia Reynolds Halesowen A&CC
25. Harry Lewis Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

U14 Girls
1. Mererid Hunt Towy Riders
2. Georgia Hilleard Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
3. Alice Lodge Solihull CC
4. Pheobe Martin Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
5. Alice Law Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
6. Connie Hudson Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
7. Katie Clements Solihull CC

U14 Boys
1. Etienne Georgi Giant CC
2. Louis Killworth Welland Valley CC
3. Jake Stewart Solihull CC
4. Owen Line Stourbridge Velo CC
5. Devon Round MSW
6. Will Mitchell Solihull CC
7. Cameron Biddle Halesowen A&CC
8. Dan Bradbury Solihull CC
9. Alex Mortimer MSW
10. Martin Whyatt MSW
11. Gareth Richardson Redditch RP
12. George Cann Halesowen A&CC

U16 Girls
1. Jessie Ansell Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
2. Masie Duckworth BCT
3. Grace Lodge Solihull CC
4. Hope Tranter Solihull CC

U16 Boys
1. Callum Warrilow Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
2. James Ireson Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
3. Joe Holt Team Treadz
4. Nicholas Jones TRCC
5. Jack Smith Wolverhampton Wheelers
6. Jack Smith
7. Ashley Hutchinson VC St Raphael
8. Thomas Lane Stratford CC
9. James Garrett Welland Valley CC
10. Luke Selibas Lichfield CC
11. Martin Bruton Redditch RP
12. Andrew Butler Stratford CC
13. Alex Mitchell Solihull CC
14. Tom Marshall VC Montpelier
15. Ben Manfield Wolverhampton Wheelers CC

1. Emily Kay Scott-Epic
2. Lauren Creamer Abergavenny CC
3. Ciara Horne Bio
4. Emily Nelson Halesowen A&CC
5. Eleanor Jones VC St Raphael
6. Beth Crumpton Scott-Epic
7. Kelly Moore RST Racing Team
8. Hannah Payton Kinesis
9. Alison Holmes Lichfield CC
10. Hayley Edwards Max Gear

4th Cat
1. Theo Merchant Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
2. Matt Callaghan Gloucester City CC
3. Andy Mortimer MSW
4. Chris Cleaves Concord CC
5. Ian Lister Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
6. Gerrard Kennedy Paramount
7. Gary Mackintosh Beacon RCC
8. Mark Perrin Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
9. Steven Smith Cheltenham & County
10. Simon Tarrant Cheltenham & County
11. Wayne Daspher Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
12. Anthony Walsh Halesowen A&CC
13. Greg Dighton Beacon RCC
14. Philip Richardson Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
15. Wayne Jones Towy Riders
16. Pascal Carlotti Cwmcarn Paragon RC

3rd Cat
1. Craig Ansell Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
2. George Bate MJS Racing
3. Ed Laverack Team Treadz
4. Oliver Kyte Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
5. Dean Parkes
6. Deacon Cuttersham VCB
7. Kirk Vickers MSW
8. Mike Greaves Gannet CC
9. Stephen Edwards Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
10. Adam Studzinski MSW
11. Kamil Studzinski MSW

1. James Ratcliffe Freds RT
2. Matt Higgins Node 4 Giordana
3. Simon Holt Raleigh-GAC
4. Dan Harris Halesowen A&CC
5. George Moore Cycle Premier
6. David Starkey Freds RT
7. Adam Lewis Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
8. George Bate MJS Racing
9. Tony Kiss Rapid Performance Coaching
10. Dean Parkes
11. Egon Hansen Lichfield CC
12. Mark Corbett Worcester St Johns
13. Simon Alexander CycleShack-Forme Coaching
14. Adrian Bird Rapid Performance Coaching
15. Adam Holt Team Treadz
16. Paul Derrick Strada Cycles
17. John Hoct Team Treadz
18. Peter Georgi Giant Cycles CC
19. Dave Hutchinson VC St Raphael
20. Will Rudgard Wolverhampton Wheelers CC
21. Jason Streather VC St Raphael
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