Results: Cornish Series Race 1

1-2-3 for Primal Europe led by Peter Haworth in races in the South West at RAF Portreath

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1. Peter Haworth, Primal Europe /Rutrainingtoday cc
2. James Williams, Primal Europe /Rutrainingtoday cc
3. Adam Bright, Primal Europe /Rutrainingtoday cc
4. Mark Dolan, Mid-Devon CC
5. James Smith, Primal Europe /Rutrainingtoday cc
6. Blake Pond, North Devon Wheelers
7. Darren Manser, One and all Cycling
8. Mark Barlow, Newquay Velo
9. Scott Tomkinson, Newquay Velo
10. Matt Dowler, University of Exeter CC

3/4 category
1. Jake Alderman, One and All Cycling
2. James Porter
3. Chris Palfreyman, Exeter CC
4. Nick Avery, Mid-Devon CC
5. Ian Houvenaghel, One and All Cycling
6. Theo Brumhead, University of Exeter CC
7. John Nye, Exeter CC
8. Jason Wheel, Rutrainingtoday cc
9. Martin Lenney, Mountain Trax RT
10. Oliver Mytton, Oxford City RC

4th category
1. Tim McEvoy, Newquay Velo
2. Darren Stanley, Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
3. David Henderson, Mid-Devon CC
4. Roy Parker, Newquay Velo
5. Benjamin Hoy, Exeter Wheelers
6. Richard Goulden, Penzance Wheelers
7. Charles Gaswell, Rutrainingtoday cc
8. Tom Jeffcote, RN&RM CA
9. Chris Glazier, Yogi Cycling
10. Pete Ryan, Newquay Velo


Under 16
1. Ricky Parsons, One and All Cycling
2. Tom Bayliss, Mid-Devon CC
3. Stan Thompson, One and All Cycling

Under 14
1. Samuel Armstrong, Taw Velo
2. Harvey Clarke, Mid-Devon CC
3. Jasmine Gray, Mid-Devon CC

Under 12
1. Toby Peters, One and All Cycling
2. Oliver Runeck, One and All Cycling
3. Ruben Ward, One and All Cycling

Under 10
1. Meredith Smith, Primal Europe /Rutrainingtoday cc
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