Rachel Armitage – London Dynamo – won the four stage Tour ta’ Malta by consistent stage racing placings.

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Jon Miles reports… Rachel was 2nd in the opening time trial along the Coast Road beaten by Eliena Eggl of Germany by two seconds. Rachel then followed this at the difficult St Martins circuit with 4th place.

The St Pauls bypass race the following day saw Rachel in 3rd place again with Clare Leaver guesting for GB Cycles winning the stage. Stage 4 was another win for German rider Eliena with defending champion Iona Sewell in 2nd place.

The event was an excellent early season stage race and this years edition saw the biggest field for the women’s race and for such a small Federation as Malta, the race as always, was interesting and well organised.

1 Rachel Armitage London Dynamo Team Ladies 3 03:58:
2 Iona Sewell G.B. Cycles Ladies 3:59:09
3 Eliena Eggl Bike Aid Germany Ladies 3:59:18
4 Diane Lee Mule Bar Girls Ladies 4:01:36
5 Emily Bagnall Wyndy Milla Team Ladies 4:02:23
6 Sarah Brook Mule Bar Girls Ladies 4:02:52
7 Staphania Magri G.B. Cycles Ladies 4:04:10
8 ilja Visser Noord-Holland Ladies 4:04:52
9 Clare Leaver G.B. Cycles Ladies 4:07:58
10 Tanya Hunt Wyndy Milla Team Ladies 4:09:15
11 Riejanne Markus Noord-Holland Ladies 4:10:08
12 Karen Poole Squadra Donne Ladies 4:11:59
13 Danica Bonello SpiteriTeam Greens Ladies 4:12:32
14 Lisette Landsman Noord-Holland Ladies 4:12:53
15 Rachel Pizybyiski Wyndy Milla Team Ladies 4:13:05
16 Julie Granshaw Wyndy Milla Team Ladies 4:13:15
17 Jane McInnes London Dynamo Team Ladies 4:13:40
18 Eva Buurmann Noord-Holland Ladies 4:13:44
19 Mari Claire Aquilina Team Greens Ladies 4:14:36
20 Gail Aspden Squadra Donne Ladies 4:19:09
21 Michelle Vella Wood Birkirkara St. Joseph S.C . 4:22:44
22 Anna Korbacz London Dynamo Team Ladies 4:26:47
23 Vikki Filsell Wyndy Milla Team Ladies 4:27:32
24 Monica Da Polenza Wyndy Milla Team Ladies 4:28:15
25 Catherine Hills Wyndy Milla Team Ladies 4:31:03
26 Francesca Caruso ASD Mr Bianco Ladies 4:31:38
27 Tracy Dresch Squadra Donne Ladies 4:32:14
28 Tessa Puch London Dynamo Team Ladies 4:32:38
29 Marissa Al Noord-Holland Ladies 4:33:24
30 Donatelli Camilleri Agones C.C. Ladies 4:33:26
31 Phoebe Sneddon Mule Bar Girls Ladies 4:33:34
32 Wiesia Kuczaj Mule Bar Girls Ladies 4:33:59
33 Saskia Hook Squadra Donne Ladies 4:36:10
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