Report-Results: Ciclos Uno Spring Criterium Series

April 8th: The fourth event in the Ciclos Uno Spring Criterium Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 8th April and there was a total of 43 riders on the start line for the two age related races.

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The first race for Category A/B/C/D (40-59yrs) attracted 29 riders and was run over one hour plus five laps. This was a much smaller field than usual and was probably due to the earlier wet weather. Although the rain held off during the race, the circuit was very wet and it resulted in many punctures and retirements.

Four riders escaped from the bunch halfway through the race and despite a further group of three riders making a serious attempt to catch them they stayed clear until the finish. Paul Crook (West Drayton) took the honours from Ian Watson (Finchley) and Chris Baldwin (Eagle). This is Paul Crook’s second win in this series and is now the Category ‘A’ leader.

In the Category E/F/G//H (60yrs plus) race there were 14 starters but this was reduced to ten finishers with only eight riders contesting the finishing sprint. Alan Williams (G.S.Giucci) took the honours from Chris Gunter (Virgin) and Ollie McPherson (4T+ Velo)


Categories A,B,C&D Overall
1st Paul Crook West Drayton MBC/Beyond A
2nd Ian Watson Finchley R.T. A
3rd Chris Baldwin Eagle R.T. D
4th Mick Bath API-Metrow C
5th Matt Gallagher Crest C.C./Brixton A
6th David Farrow Eagle R.C. A
7th Chris Bully Shaftesbury C.C. A
8th Simon Williams Hillingdon C.C. B
9th Steve Barnsley G.S.Vecchi D
10th Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
11th Bob Downs Glendene C.C. D
12th Craig Stevens Ciclos Uno C
13th Carlito Rendora Eagle R.C. C
14th Dave Dickie Finchley R.T. D
15th Graham Pearl Southend Wheelers C @ 1 lap
16th Paul Bird Glendene C.C. D @ 1 lap
17th Steve Murrell East London Velo A @ 1 lap
18th Andy Boyall North Road C.C. C @ 1 lap
Primes: Matt Gallagher (2), Robin Parker, Paul Crook

Category ‘A’
1 Paul Crook
2 Ian Watson
3 Matt Gallagher

Category ‘B’
1st Simon Williams
2nd Martin Meades

Category ‘C’
1st Mick Bath
2nd Craig Stevens
3rd Carlito Rendora

Category ‘D’
1st Chris Baldwin
2nd Steve Barnsley
3rd Bob Downs

Categories E,F,G & H Overall
1 Alan Williams G.S.Giucci E
2 Chris Gunter Virgin Active E
3 Ollie McPherson 4T+ Velo Club E
4 Tony Woodcock Kingsnorth Int. G
5 Peter Jones Hillingdon C.C. F
6 Dave Woods C.C.Luton E
7 Colin Mannakee Glendene C.C. F
8 Vernon Thomas V.C.Elan F
9 Ken Evans Ciclos Uno G @ 1 lap
10 Kevin Higgins High Wicombe C.C. OOC @ 1 lap

Primes: Terry Devine (2), Alan Williams (2)

Category ‘E’
1st Alan Williams
2nd Chris Gunter
3rd Ollie McPherson

Category ‘F’
1st Peter Jones
2nd Colin Mannakee
3rd Vernon Thomas

Category ‘G’
1st Tony Woodcock
2nd Ken Evans

The next and final event in the series will be held on Sunday 22 April starting at 10.00 a.m.
The event scheduled for 15 April has been cancelled.

Fred Little, Organiser


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